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Who Would Love To See the Nord Stream Pipeline Destroyed

by Estalontech 2 months ago in social media / history / heroes and villains / economy / criminals / career / business wars / business
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Everybody is Guessing

Photo from Wikimedia common- Nordstream opening ceremony

Poland was sending congratulatory messages to the United States of America, while the CIA issued a warning about a probable event  few weeks before 

On Monday, there were two huge underwater explosions recorded by the Swedish National Seismic Network in the same region of sea as the gas leaks in the Nord Stream pipeline system. Both explosions occurred in the same area of the ocean.

According to the monitoring network, the first explosion occurred on Monday at 2:03 a.m. Swedish time and had a Richter magnitude of 1.9. This was followed by a second explosion that occurred at 7:04 p.m. on the same day.

During the course of the mission, we did not come across any stationary ships that were carrying submersibles.

Explosives detonated with pinpoint accuracy on a pipeline that was 300 feet deep. Keep in mind how helpless the Russians were when their submarine dropped to the same depth as yours. They simply do not possess the necessary level of expertise.

If there had been an intention to put Europe's natural gas supply at risk, the Baltic Pipeline would have been demolished with a larger amount of force. Additionally, this pipeline is located in close proximity to the Nordstream pipelines.

A growing proportion of Germans have demanded that the gas contracts with Russia be reconsidered in recent years. There was a possibility that the demonstrations would become even more intense, taking into account Italy's opposition to the sanctions. Eliminating the pipes as a potential solution seems like the best option available.

The pipelines owned and operated by Nordstream represent a potential danger to the pipeline and energy industries in Ukraine over the long term.

It is clear from the explosion that someone has been persistently refusing to sell Russian natural gas.

The criminal act was not the work of any Germans. Neither the Norwegians nor the Swedes could have easily accomplished this accomplishment if they had been equipped with the required equipment and had the necessary expertise. The number of items on the list decreases over time. This results in a relatively small number of people who share the same opinions.

Anthony Blinken stated that those who sabotaged pipelines had nothing to gain from their actions. During a time of conflict, it makes little sense to do this.

Before the crisis in Ukraine, Biden did comment to removing the pipes from the waterway. Since Vice President Biden has stated that the pipelines will be destroyed in the event that Ukraine is attacked, the current circumstance provides more possible insights as according to Tucker Carlson recently in his show

When it appears that someone attacked a pipeline from underwater (for example, by detonating an explosive on the pipe in order to destroy it), I would assume that the Petrodollar king could be involved. This is especially true if the damage occurred close to the portion of the pipeline that runs through Europe.

In the beginning, Saudi Arabia sold all of its oil in US dollars. Since 1945, this practice has continued. The United States of America seeks to persuade other nations to make purchases from Saudi Arabia (since it helps the USA).

This is not the least expensive choice available in certain countries. In an effort to exert pressure on the United States, sanctions have been placed on both Iran and Venezuela.

European nations hated being forced to pay a price to assist the United States in maintaining its hegemonic position, and as a result, they partnered with Russia to create Nordstream 1 and 2. Which the United States looked down on.

The United States of America needs to provide European nations with an alternative to contributing money to the coffers of Russia.

In 2015, the United States and Iran came to an agreement to loosen some of the limitations on Iran's nuclear program. Iran was able to sell its oil and gas on the worldwide market, primarily to European buyers.

The nuclear agreement with Iran was terminated by Trump (Russia was happy).

Because of this, Europe turned to Russia for cheap oil and continued with the Nordstream pipeline. Iran is an ideological adversary of Saudi Arabia, and in response to Saudi Arabia's protests and threats to withdraw the petrodollar, the United States immediately consented to the Iran nuclear deal and then rejected it (the whole Sunni vs Shia).

The United States of America did not anticipate the reaction to be as severe as it was, but they terminated the deal with Iran when they recognized that it could damage their relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The United States, who are against the construction of Nordstream 2, had planned to construct a pipeline that would go from Syria to Europe. Russia assisted Syria in its endeavor to help Syria (Russia did not want Syria to change, and Syria's opposition to the pipeline is most likely owing to Russia's pledges of armament and other supplies), and Russia aided Syria in its effort to assist Syria.

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