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Where I Currently Stand With AI In My Work

The Problem Of Creativity, Novelty, And Authenticity

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 6 min read
Top Story - October 2023

Everyone has an opinion on AI.

Some people think that AI will change the world and improve it for everyone who uses it.

Others think that it is the bane of existence.

In general, I stand somewhere in the middle.

I see that there are use cases where AI could be beneficial.

I don't think it is as amazing as people are making it out to be, I've said as much multiple times.

The biggest problems I see with AI are that it simply can't do trademark things that humans can and that it seems that AI is its own worst enemy.

Of course, there are also numerous problems where the code of AI is extremely vulnerable to bad actors who purposefully and actively are negatively influencing the code.

With this, there is also a huge backlash from Creatives who do not want their work to be utilized to "train" AI.

If the most creative minds successfully block AI learning from their work, it will be very problematic for AI companies as they will begin to have extremely "limited" data sets to train from.

This will mostly come from "untrained" individuals who don't understand how the technology works, and so will be vulnerable to AI.

That will actually work against AI in the long run, though.

However, this doesn't really touch on my own personal stance and the use of AI in my own work.

Primarily at this point, I am a writer, and that is what would be most impacted by the use of AI.

However, within my writing, I personally don't see AI being of great benefit for a number of reasons.


The first problem I have with AI in my own work is its lack of Creativity.

I have attempted to use it to come up with subjects to write on, but it has really missed the mark every time.

My work goes through a number of seemingly disconnected fields, and AI struggles to understand how these different things tie together.

Many times, I have tried to ask questions about specific scientific fields or attempt to find studies around what I am talking about, only to get things completely unrelated to what I'm looking for.

The finer details of things like Neurocardiology or Neurogastroenterology seem to be an incomprehensible mystery to AI, let alone trying to link these concepts to Leadership.

Unless there is a long-defined history of relationships between topics, AI doesn't do very well at finding Creative avenues of connection.

In what I am working on, Creativity is essential.

Leading teams to higher levels requires extreme Creativity.

AI in my experience just doesn't seem to be capable of doing this.


My next problem is that AI doesn't seem to create anything really profound or interesting.

It is true that AI can find data fairly quickly, but the data it finds is very "vanilla" for lack of a better term top of mind.

Some of you may have read that the reason I left the Forbes Coaches Council was because everything sounded and looked the same.

People were giving all the same sorts of advice and ideas that have been passed around for decades, many of which simply aren't true.

It's extremely easy to "stand out" when all you have to do is be a little bit different.

Well, AI is exactly like that.

Everything it gives is simple, bland, and not unique.

It also doesn't seem to be able to distinguish "good" data from "bad" data, it just goes through "data".

Even with hours of poking and prodding, I find the results to be simplistic and boring.

I have no interest in propagating the same old information that leads to the same results - Failure.

If the goal is to stand out, then AI simply isn't the tool to help.

If you want to push out a lot of useless content that doesn't benefit anyone then you can be my guest and do so.

However, I refuse to do that.


My final problem is that of Authenticity.

I put a lot of strange grammar in my work purposefully.

I like to create specific emphasis on things that I am stressing.

AI doesn't seem to understand what it is I'm trying to do in my writing.

It doesn't understand the stresses and why I put them there.

On top of this, I use some highly technical terms at times that seem to confuse AI about what I'm talking about.

Humans reading can pick it up simply by context, but AI doesn't seem to comprehend it.

With this, utilizing AI in writing feels like using filters on photos.

It looks fake, and everyone can tell.

The world doesn't need more useless fakeness.

I'm personally tired of the "perfection" that so many people seem to be seeking.

The perfect angles, the perfect amount of content, the perfect look.

We're overloaded with "Perfectly" useless things.

We don't become Legendary Leaders with things that are "Perfect", ESPECIALLY when those things are useless!

We become Legendary Leaders through the Chaos, the Raw Reality we live in, and through how seeing the world Differently can change it.

I don't have the time for a "Perfectly Useless" world, and there are too many important things to write about to waste time on worthlessly Inauthentic content.

This is especially true when there are so many Fascinating things to ACTUALLY talk about and discuss that have the potential to really make spectacular differences in the world!

AI In My Work?

The short answer - no.

I don't have any interest in using AI in the work that I do.

I am not going to be utilizing it in any of my writing.

For some people, it may be beneficial, but not for me.

I always want to be writing about Novel things in the world!

I want to Creatively look at the intersections between Legendary Leadership and other aspects of this amazing world we live in!

When you read my work, I want you to KNOW who I am, SEE what I see, and understand a DIFFERENT way of looking at the world!

Changing our Perspective is so incredibly important if we hope to actually Change the course of the Future, and that is the goal of Legendary Leadership!

Actually CHANGING the Future for the better!

In work like this, AI has no place from what I have seen.

Others may use it, and that is well within their rights.

They may output significant amounts of content, and gamify the different algorithms that exist.

Eventually, the algorithms will get wise to what is happening, but that's for those companies to figure out.

As for me and my work, I plan to seek out Creativity, Novelty, and Authenticity in everything that I put out!

I'm human, and some days will be better than others, but that too is part of the process and part of what makes Life so interesting!

However, what we Focus on we will find.

I chose to Focus on Legendary Leadership in all that I do!

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Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

Creator of the 4X Award-Winning Category "Legendary Leadership" | Faith, Family, Freedom, Future | The Legendary Leadership Coach, Speaker, Writer & Podcast Host | For More of Cody Dakota's Work Go To: https://www.TheLeadership.Guide

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  • Abdullahabout a month ago

    Excellent work good artical

  • Kenny Pennabout a month ago

    Interesting article, Cody. I’ve seen some of the same things in AI when it comes to writing, but have seen varying degrees of success in digital art. I stopped using it when I found out how AI is trained, but it’s still an interesting subject to me. Congrats on TS

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Excellent article. Congrats on the TS.

  • Scott Christensonabout a month ago

    Congrats on the TS! Great story. As someone who's worked on AI development myself, behind the scenes I know they are just statistics. If you ask AI to write a story, its going to give you the the most probable (average, dull) "answer" out of millions of samples its been trained on. On the other hand, AI makes an absolute awesome thesaurus, proofreader and suggestion bot on the final drafts of one's story. Food for thought: If one uses a grammar checker, you are already using AI. I do believe 99% of the thought in any story needs to come from a human mind to be inspiring and interesting to other people. When I scroll through the stories in the vocal feed, 2/3 of them are ai generated and stick out like beacons of dull characters, dull plots and dull prose.

  • Lana V Lynxabout a month ago

    Very thoughtful. I can tell that AI is used extensively for marketing and public relations, especially on social media. In my own work, I use it a lot for translation. It got nearly perfect when it translates from any original language into English, but not so much when it translates from English into Russian, for example. I still have to do a lot of editing in the Russian text.

  • Hannah Mooreabout a month ago

    Oh, I'd take perfectly useless if that same lack of underlying passion lead to, you know, world peace and so forth. I think it goes without saying that AI cannot, certainly at this stage, produce novelty - its entirely based on what has already been produced. We, as humans, do that to, but as you point out, I think we are more capable of drawing the less obvious links together and coming up with something that generates growth rather than repetition. I hope we are.

  • Naveedabout a month ago

    Congratulations on achieving top story status!

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