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Where Did My Education Get Me?

by Emrae 3 years ago in career
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Education, degree, jobs, unemployment

Five months into the year a lot has happened in such a short time. Let us start on the postgraduate life experience. What has been the most significant change you ask? Nothing, absolutely nothing but not all is what it seems as the world is big and wide yet small to the naked eye.

It has been a very interesting year after having graduated from university. All the worries of rushing around deadlines and making sure the dissertation is not left to the very, very last minute. It is no wonder students live on coffee and I was not immune to the beverage.

In the second year of my studies, a friend introduced me to a frappuccino for the first time. Yes, that's right, I was always a Starbucks virgin. But that all changed the day I ordered my first ever caramel frap!

The taste of caramel, the softly whipped cream, and the coffee base, just made my day. And that was the one thing I needed every time I went in for lectures. All I needed was my laptop, my notes, and my Frap.

How I made it to the third year I do not know. University is an experience different to every individual. For me, I have to say it was one of the best and life-changing moments I have experienced so far. I only wish I knew how limited the time was back then. I would have fooled around more without so much of a worry on just lecture after lecture. After all, there's more to life than what you find within your books.

University is where I met one of my best friends whom I cherish more and more each day. I have made such wonderful connections. and yet after having studied a four-year degree, stepping into the real world of work I am now being questioned on the validity of my degree.

I did not think to ever find myself in this state, however, due to a few changes in the department of education, the validity of the degree comes into question. Let me start by telling you where this all started.

Graduation ceremony

After graduating from university, I decided to change jobs. I wanted the flexibility of my time so I joined agency work. I then got quite bored of that prospect and looked for permanent work as I now wanted to settle down.

After having applied to quite a few jobs and actually attending interviews and trial days, I awaited the final decisions. Some came with really good positive vibes. However, there was one that changed my life. Nope, this is not me being dramatic, this is the real deal.

There I was lying in bed on what seemed like a lazy quiet day which turned out to be a mission, to say the least. The first phone call I received whilst still in bed was only to say, "The interview went great! They absolutely loved you.” Now this news just made my day or so I thought. The agent, let’s make him John, went on to say, “You did well, there's a slight problem. We as a company can no longer represent you or recommend you as your degree shows us it does not meet our needs for an able candidate of employment in this sector. I’m afraid it is not fully relevant or valid.”

I’m sorry what?! I literally froze. What just happened? I was ready to hear anything but that. I mean interviews are either a yes or a no or a maybe if you train here or do this extra, but nothing. Literally nothing. No alternative way to get into the position. No "oh I'll help get you to someone that can advise you." Nothing of the sort.

After digesting that lovely, first thing in the morning negativity, I had so many questions.

I'm sorry what? What do you mean? I have a degree, I have over 7 years of experience within the sector—what does that say? Have I wasted money on a degree only to be told 4 years down the line "oops! something has changed and we can't employ you anymore."

How can that be? I have done everything in my power to always be in a good position career-wise. I have always worked extra hard in everything I do to make sure employers like my profile.

This set me back, way back. What did they mean? I contacted everyone I could think of, everyone and anyone that would listen. I did not know what I was supposed to be doing. I am now out of a job. Left with a useless degree. Left with all these unanswered questions. Yet no one was able to give me a direct answer.

I have asked so many people what my next step should be and I was told to complain to the university. What exactly would they do? I mean it’s not like they can get me a job.

I was devastated to say the least. I thank the Lord I am able to live with my family and look for something else whilst waiting to find out from the agencies of my current sector of work. But looks like I just have to start from scratch all over again.

I am keeping myself in a positive mindset. I am doing my canvas prints which I love, whilst also working on my half unfinished novel my tutor encouraged me to finish.

So I guess this is me telling the world to back off on kicking me when I’m down. Because believe me this is not a pretty state to be in.

Anyway this has been a lovely rant, I do hope you all take note and make sure your journeys are not being misled by anyone, be it an academic or not.

Take care, there is definitely more to come. On here and on my personal blog.

Anniika x

A glimpse of old amateur creativity I displayed a while back

Artwork by me, photographed by me


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