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What does "The Godfather" teach us?

Never get angry, never threaten, and be reasonable.

By 肖湾Published 2 years ago 4 min read
What does "The Godfather" teach us?
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The Godfather novels 1 and 2 were finished some time ago, and 3 is said to have nothing to do with the Corleone family, so I put it down for a while to read the others. The Godfather is the bible of men, but more accurately the bible of all people. The old godfather Vito can be said to be discerning, know people well and know how to keep a low profile. He is able to stretch and help people. First of all, in terms of vision, at the beginning Vito was just an ordinary Italian immigrant, because the customs negligence reluctantly changed his surname Corleone. This also shows that the United States does not take these immigrants seriously. The immigrant area has a hooligan, name forgotten, claiming to have relations with the gang JC, disobedience is death. Immigrants left their homes, no one to rely on are afraid to cause trouble. Only Vito could see that this guy was just playing hard to get, dish him out! Vito made a near-perfect plan to assassinate the hoodlum. The only downside is that his son Sonny witnessed it all and also planted the seed in his mind that violence can solve all people. As Vito did a seamless job, it is true that JC and the mob did not care about this hooligan. Plus know people well, we can look at the beginning of the novel to help the Godfather people, the funeral home owner and baker, one to avenge his daughter, one for his son-in-law immigration issues. The old godfather are very enthusiastic to help them. But since the book keeps saying again, friendship is his currency. He helped these people, and naturally, he wanted these people to help him. But in some ways, the old godfather is almost "not want to return". All the baker did was send some homemade cakes for the holidays, and his son-in-law and Mike defused an assassination attempt on Vito by accident. The undertaker has been reluctant to get too involved with the old godfather, fearing that one day the godfather would let him dispose of the body, but all the godfather let him do was to give makeup to the dead Sonny (later Vito was also his responsibility for makeup). The old Godfather's not trying to return, so to speak, is an investment, investment has success, there is also failure, this point the usual look on the line. But the old godfather in no way in order to let others return the favor, let the baker or funeral home owner for him to kill and set fire, which is not nonsense. Their two professions are to the dead makeup and make cakes. Knowing how to keep a low profile can be said to be at the heart of the old godfather. This is not only in his modesty, but also in what he does. The Godfather is the underground emperor, if replaced by ordinary people, such as the Tartaglia family, the most impressive line is that times have changed, we can do whatever we want. It is said that the sky is the boss of the earth, he is properly to the sky. The old godfather why to assassinate the above rogue, because the top will not turn a blind eye to the blatant killing. The same will not turn a blind eye to the behavior of DU trafficking. This is the reason why the old godfather refused the Mexican drug lord. He is the underground emperor, but he is not the real emperor. He has people above him. Can bend and stretch naturally needless to say, in order to Michael can safely return. He deliberately lowered his posture to paralyze the other gangs. The other gangs made a lot of money and thought they had grown. But the old godfather is working on the legalization of the family industry. This is one aspect of his long-term vision. Novel 2, the Sicilians also have a small part of the Godfather's shadow. The Sicilian's Robin Hood-like hero, Turi. Guiliano tries to overthrow the rule of the local gang leader, Croce. But the naive Tuli did not even realize that Croce is only the appearance, behind the scenes is the Prince as the representative of the corrupt powers that be. In other words, the direction was wrong from the beginning, and the failure was obvious. Vito's wife is Tulli's godmother, and Vito wants to help Tulli get out of it. I personally think that the godfather did not lie in this point, but Tulli is bent on the assassination of Crochet, and finally died in the hands of traitors, his so-called protection of his will eventually became Vito used to "exchange feelings" with Crochet's group of bargaining chips. There is no doubt that Tuli is Michael. Or rather, Michael has always aspired to the direction, but the death of Tuli let Michael know how naive he was in the past. So Michael finally became the second Don but the Godfather movie part 3, Michael's ending is very tragic, this honestly I personally do not accept. On the one hand, the original plot, on the other hand is the death of Tuli has told Michael, do not try to change their class status. Just like the Godfather said, people have only one fate in life

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