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How do you rate the new satellite SOS distress feature on iPhone 14?

Apple also wants to "stab the sky"? iPhone 14 all series support satellite communications

By 肖湾Published 9 months ago 3 min read
How do you rate the new satellite SOS distress feature on iPhone 14?
Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash

The iPhone 14 series was finally unveiled at 1am on September 8.

At 1:00 a.m. on September 8, Apple's iPhone 14 series, the "main event" in this year's smartphone, finally made its grand debut. Compared to previous years, the biggest difference this year is that Apple canceled the small screen mini entry version, into a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, 6.4-inch iPhone 14 Max, and the same size of the two iPhone 14 Pro high-end flagship. In earlier revelations, it was stated that the iPhone 14 series was expected to support satellite communication capabilities for the first time, and Apple officially confirmed this. But as we all know, just two days ago Huawei released the Mate50 series is also the world's first mass smartphone to support satellite communication, so what is the difference between Apple and it?

Apple officially introduced that the entire iPhone 14 series supports satellite communication emergency help function. It took them two years to create custom components, specific software as a way to connect to specific satellite frequencies, thus helping users to send messages more quickly and accurately and reach emergency agencies. It is worth mentioning that the satellite communication in the iPhone 14 series has four different advantages compared to other manufacturers: first, a more intuitive and accurate user experience. iPhone 14 series uses beamforming, directional antenna arrays to ensure a smooth connection to satellites off-planet, so users must follow graphic prompts in specific software to subtly align with the satellite orientation in order to achieve short text messages sending.

Second, not only can send, but also receive. From the official introduction video, it can be seen that the iPhone 14 series can not only send short text messages, and can also receive responses from emergency call agencies, and confirm the location and other key data, etc.;.

Third, Apple has provided a good short text message template. In order to facilitate users to send core messages more quickly, simply and directly, Apple has joined forces with professionals to provide a series of content templates to help users complete their requests for help through multiple choice questions. Of course, users are also free to edit the content

Fourth, a perfect rescue access mechanism. It is clear that Apple is more thoughtful than the user, facing some can receive text information of the emergency rescue agencies, can directly provide positioning and help; while some can only accept voice help agencies, Apple will provide transfer services to the user seeking help, the fastest way to complete the request for help.

Relying on disruptive hardware, software and infrastructure innovations, the satellite communication emergency help function introduced by Apple on the iPhone 14 series is indeed very practical and convenient, and can greatly help users to achieve distress in the absence of network signal coverage. In addition, it can also be used with Apple's Find My location software to keep your family informed of your location and trajectory. However, the most regrettable thing is that Apple's satellite communication function will be online in November, and currently only supports two countries, the United States and Canada, and temporarily no connection with domestic users.

In terms of functionality alone, it is certainly better to have than not to have.

And Apple's satellite communication details are also very well done, very human, really to that critical situation, the use of the convenience and speed is also an important factor.

But if you simply evaluate this feature, you can only say that it is not on.

People who can't use the phone to scrap may not happen to be such an emergency.

The use rate is really low, not who will put themselves in a situation where there is no network, no signal and life threatening every day.

This feature is optional for an average consumer, not necessary, as Apple's website says, they do not hope they will one day use this feature.

Just like the car accident detection function, that means that one day in the future they will have an accident, no one will think so, this function exists or not for many people is not particularly important.

This is the people who can't use it, but what about the people who can use it?

Apple's satellite communication seems to be not so professional, after all, there are more professional and reliable satellite communication devices to choose from.

The iPhone also chose to pay for the system, after two years will need to pay, for the real professional needs of users, this may become a dissuasive reason.

So, one would think that this feature of satellite communication is not on, and is considered a small selling point for the iPhone 14 series.

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