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True Horror And Our Attraction To It

Perhaps An Indicator Of Something Else?

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 6 months ago 3 min read

In general, I am not a huge fan of "Horror".

There have been a few movies that have stirred fear in me.

I've been to haunted houses, but find more interest in laughing at other's reactions.

But at the end of the day, I don't find Horror to be extremely compelling to me.

However, I have known people who are drawn to Horror like moths to a flame.

I've always wondered, what was people's fascination with Horror?

The more I think about it, the more I come to a similar conclusion for "most" people.

It seems to be either/or a combination of 2 factors.

The first is the use of Horror to purposefully draw a psychophysiological reaction.

It seems some people chase a form of Flow State that Horror seems to "shock" them into.

A form of Flow State based on survival instincts.

In a state of danger, we tend to begin to Focus more deeply and block out distractions.

When mixed with the novelty and pattern breaks from reality, Horror becomes a perfect cocktail for finding Flow States.

There is an inherent desire for us to get into Flow States as often as possible, so people seem to chase more and more Horror situations as the Flow State makes them feel their best.

From the psychophysiological standpoint, there is also the use of Horror to create a higher baseline to handle Stress.

It seems that the more people subject themselves to Horror, the more difficult it can become for their "Dis-Stress" signals to activate in other parts of their lives.

Now, whether that is due to a buildup of tolerance or due to a burnout of those signals is a question that I have not dove into deeply, but which could be interesting to consider.

In either case, it seems to reduce those signals in some people's lives.

However, there is a second factor to discuss - Escapism.

Some people seem to utilize Horror as a way to compare their life to whatever happens within the Horror.

My life may not be great, but at least it isn't "that"!

In a way, it seems to help some people tolerate the reality they live in.

However these 2 factors, either separately or together, make me ask a different question.

Is the reason so many seek out Horror because they are missing things in their actual lives?

Are we seeking Horror as a reaction to reality?

Do we find ourselves unable to generate Flow States in the work we do and the lives we have?

If we feel our best in Flow States, does the lack of it in any other part of life drive people toward Horror?

If we are so Stressed out in our lives, are we seeking out something that is significantly more Stressful so we can tolerate daily Stress?

If our lives feel so bad, are we seeking out a vision of something significantly worse that makes our lives feel ok?

I can't say for sure, but it does seem interesting that over the past 40+ years, there seems to perhaps be a correlation.

People have been more and more lonely and isolated over the past 40+ years, a known psychological stressor.

The real Horrors that exist in the world seem to get highlighted more and more as the news sensationalizes "current events".

The news blasts itself in our faces to the point that you feel simply walking out your door may be the riskiest proposition imaginable.

There seems to be a deeper and deeper fascination with "Purpose" as people often feel more and more often that they have no Purpose.

As we have developed a culture of "Productivity" at the expense of recovery, we seem to see higher levels of Dis-Stress and Burnout.

With these, we have also seen Horror become more and more popular and accepted.

What would have been unimaginable to see on Movie Screens and in Video Games has become expected and unsurprising.

Correlation, of course, does not always mean causation, but it does make you think...

Is the real Horror what is on the screen, or is the Horror what we experience in life that so many feel they cannot escape?

Should we seek out more Horror, or should we seek to break free of the Horrors around us?

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