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Top 5 Worst-Ever Criminal Sketches

Police somehow nabbed suspects despite the sketchy sketches!

By True Crime WriterPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Victims and witnesses of crimes often work with police and a forensic sketch artist to create an image of the suspect in a criminal case. Sketches are shown to the public in hopes the image resembles the suspect enough that someone recognizes them and calls police with information.

Sketch artists create spot-on images of suspects more often than not, and when images aren’t spot on, they resemble the suspect well enough that family and friends can recognize them.

But, when sketches are bad, they’re bad, whether it’s a lack of details about the suspect or the work simply isn't the artist's best. Sometimes, the sketch resembles more of a cartoonish or strange-looking image than an actual criminal suspect.

Yet, even when sketches are bad, police still manage to make arrests in many cases.

The Worst Police Sketch Ever

One forensic sketch artist created a drawing so hideous, it’s been labeled “the worst police sketch ever” at the local department. The artist definitely got the last laugh on this one. The horrible drawing led to the capture and subsequent arrest of the suspect.

This drawing actually led officers from the Paris (Texas) Police Department to 32-year-old Glenn Edwin Rundles. Accused of a knifepoint robbery of two local women, Rundles was in custody on unrelated charges when an officer noticed similarities between the inmate and the sketch.

Boliva Murder Suspect Sketch

In 2009, the internet erupted in laughter when authorities in Bolivia released this sketch of a suspect wanted on a murder charge.

Many people said the drawing resembled the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Whatever the case, police made an arrest in the case -and this sketch helped them nab their guy.

Sketch Leads to the Wrong Suspect

Yup, is a real sketch.

I hear your exasperated gasps.

The sketch is that of the one, the only DeAndre Charles, a 15-year-old teen at the time of the 2014 photo. This mugshot was drawn by a neighbor, not a forensic sketch artist, however, an officer with the Dade County Police Department did think the sketch resembled Charles and took him into custody. Accused of murdering a rabbi in Miami, the teen quickly cleared his name; he did not murder anyone.

Maybe This Sketch Isn't So Bad

I mean…This man has his mouth closed but…I think this sketch sort of resembles him. *Side note, I did Google search for an open-mouth photo, but my scroll finger failed to produce any other shots. *

Anyhoo, this individual is Joseph Weir and the asshole kidnapped a 74-year-old woman from a Kentucky shopping center back in 2012. He was arrested on charges of robbing a bank, too.

Police released this sketch of the then 39-year-old and someone recognized him! He was sentenced to 711 months in federal prison. He is currently incarcerated at USP Coleman II with a release date of 2/25/2050. Less than 30 years left my guy!

Robbery Suspect Nabbed Thanks to Sketch

Last but certainly not least is this sketch drawn by the victim of a robbery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Police released the sketch of the suspect who they described as standing about 5 feet four inches and of Asian American descent which led one detective to this man, Hunt Phuoc Nguyen.

The incident occurred in 2018. I’m unsure of the outcome of the case.

*Disclaimer: Every. Single. Sketch. on this list looks better than anything I draw. I make stick figures look bad.

Carry on.


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  • Carol Townend2 years ago

    I have to admit, those sketches are way better than mine! Although, it amazes me how people can recognize the suspect from them. Thank you for writing this interesting article.

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