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The social experiment

Is Vocal Plus really worth it?

By April KnoxPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

It took me several minutes to come up with a title for this story. When someone says social and is talking about the internet they are usually talking about social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However if you think past that, anything that you interact with while online has a social aspect. Vocal might appear to jsut be platform to some people, but its for sure dependent on social media. To get views and in turn earnings, you have to share your writing and that involves social media. So I thought that I would go ahead and try my hand at my own little social experiement here on Vocal and see if it is worth the time invested and money invested and sign up for Vocal Plus. So I guess you could call this my introduction to said social experiment.

I have been enjoying my time on Vocal for a few months, granted I don't spend a TON of time here. But I do try to come in a couple times a month and post a few stories. I have been looking at signing up for Vocal Plus for a few weeks. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and see if it is going to be worth it, in the long run.

I am a writer. I always have been. I was the girl growing up who carried a notebook and pen with her...EVERYWHERE. I took it to class, I took it to lunch and I took it to youth group and everything. Remember Harriet the Spy and how she carried her composition books with her everywhere and wrote everything down. I did the same thing. Although, instead of making observations about what was going on around me. I wrote stories. Lots and lots of stories.

That writing love has never really gone away. Although as I got older, the writing left the pages of a notebook and now is mostly done online. Either on my tablet, laptop or on my phone. I have been writing online for nearly half my life. I have written for fun, for money and just about everything in between. Because of that, I have decided to try to see if this helps me out.

I am pretty terrible at sharing my writing. Which is rediculous I know, because everyone who knows me knows that I write. I just don't know, its something I've always kind of kept to myself, or the few people around me that I have let read. I have decided that that is going to change. Now that I am going gung ho with this writing thing, I am going to start sharing it more.

A lot of the writing that I have done in the last several months has been at someone else's urging. What I mean to say is I write for a living. Well for part of my living. I also run a Etsy store and co own another business. So I stay busy, but writing is part of what pays our bills. Which is great, but I would love to write more articles/stories etc about stuff that I am more passipnat about. Don't get me wrong, fifteen dollars to write a thousand word article on Ferrari's is great, but I am not super passionate about Ferarris.

So here we go. I can't promise that everything that I write is going to be life changing or change the world. I also tend to babble on sometimes, but I am passionate and if you stick around you will see just how passionate I am about things in my life.

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