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The one streaming service to rule them all.

By April KnoxPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Just like any other American family, we have several streaming services that we pay for and use. Like just about anyone else, we have decided that there are pro and cons to all of them, just like there is in anything and everything. However over the last several months, where we have spent a little more time with our streaming services (we worked through all the lockdown and craziness, but things did slow down for a little while), we have decided that one of the streaming services we subscribe to is by far better than the others.

If you read the title of this story/article/post/whatever you want to call it, then you already know which one holds the highest honor in our household, and that is HBO Max.

We have been watching through series this year. We watched all of Archer (prior to the most recent season coming out), The Office from the very first episode to the very last. After watching The Office we quickly realized that Netflix just didn't have a lot to offer us anymore. When it was the only game in town, it was new and exciting and shiny. But now that just about everyone has their own streaming service, it just isn't as flashy or appealing. Don't get me wrong, we still use Netflix when we need background noise when going to bed, because who doesn't want to listen to Dwight and Jim fight for the hundreth time as they drift off to sleepy town? But that coveted top position has been filled by a streaming service that I was kind of surprised about.

I first found out about HBO Max through a Facebook ad. They were offering a free trial, and I am a sucker for free trials. I signed up and we watched Scoob and the new Addams Family cartoon movie and a couple other things. It was cool. It was worth the trial. But I wasn't sold on it. Then I saw a preview for the first season of Miracle Workers and learned that it was on HBO Max too so we watched that. Somehow when we finished that show, I noticed that Big Bang Theory was also offered. While I was deciding if that was worth taking the plunge and becoming a paid member of the streaming service, the choice was made for me. Our free trial ran out and my debit card was charged.

I could of been mad, and under normal circumstances I probabaly would have been. But when I opened up the app on our XBOX and started watching Big Bang Theory from the begining, I realized that it was going to more than pay for itself.

You see, we got rid of cable about the same time that we were "accidently" charged for a month of HBO Max. We cut the cord with cable and home phone, because they were costing us about two hundred dollars a month, and that was without interent. Our bill for our so called bundle was about $300 a month. But that really has nothing to do with this article.

HBO Max ends up being around sixteen dollars a month with taxes and fees if I remember correctly. However they have NEW movies, and are adding more all the time. Movies that I would usually have to swipe my debit card to rent at Redbox or pay five bucks a pop to rent for twenty four hours from Amazon Prime or something. The best part is, they are ALL included with our monthly charge. So after watching three movies or so a month, the streaming service pays for itself. We have two kids, a twelve year old and a seven year old and they watch their fair share of movies. HBO Max lets them pick whatever they want to watch, without Redbox or fees, and saves us time and money.

So I am overjoyed that we have found a new favorite with HBO Max. I love that they have a ton of movies both old and new. They have a great selection of shows from my childhood that the kids will get to watch and grow to love and they have shows that I can watch with my better half and we can laugh at together wihtout having to pay for cable.

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