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The smells that fascinate you

Hejsod Meteor Series - Neo Xerjoff Nio, 2009

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 4 min read
The smells that fascinate you
Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

Thorough ORANGE FLOWER, LEMON, GREEN LEAF, SLIGHT ACRID, TURN WOODINESS FUNDAMENTAL KEY BEHIND, BEFORE THE TONE ON THE OUTER NET ALSO SHOWS 3 TO THE ABSOLUTE CONTROL EFFECT OF THIS PERFUME! I can tell you without hesitation that this is probably one of the best green tones in the world. So fresh, so beautiful, just like a huge jade color meteor crashed into the earth from space, the high purity of the green cover everything, deep into the earth at the same time, and the wood in the soil, amber, patchouli, vetiver organic function, in the double spicy small pro - pink pepper & cardamom will be green and wood soil flavor cleverly made catalytic and fusion. It gives the green a spicy vitality and the power of the earth, resulting in a natural green wine that resembles a mixture of condensation from fresh flower juice and clear smoke. The perfumers wanted to capture the beauty of the southern Italian countryside, using local bergamot, neroli, To create a timeless blend of romantic memories. Nio is a lasting example of elegance and style. Endless romantic memories, fresh and elegant from the summer, I think if there is a chance to buy a bottle of Meteor collection, then NIO is definitely the choice, basically can be called one of the new era's most wonderful colognes. The green and citrusy note brings up the following cologne in passing. Again, I'll do a comparative analysis of the two types of familiarity. In general, classical colognes come from two sources -- 1. Cologne Cologne, Germany (1792) 2. Acqua di Parma Colonia, 1916. The word Colonia means "colony" in Italian, so his cologne can be translated as various colonies, independent absolute... Ha ha ha but as a transliteration, it sounds like Cologne. Also Cologne is a city in Germany, so it doesn't matter where the Cologne originated. Because their nature is based on citrus mixed with floral, herbaceous plants similar to create a natural, soapy flavor of the appropriate fragrance. The HALF STAYS SWEET NOT VERY LONG, MORE SIMILAR ADAPTS THE FEELING THAT MOOD AIR IS FRESH, MORE AS A KIND OF PACK IN THE BOTTLE NATURAL FRAGRANCE GATHER TRIES COMFORTABLE BODY AND MIND. One of the best representatives should be Guerlain water. The fourth generation guerlain head directly concoct cologne was named the water of guerlain, basically he is the boss of citrus industry, can be comparable with perhaps chanel collection cologne (the civet and) or the royal cologne dior collection (contracted citrus mint essential oil), but I still like guerlain it, really is the eternal water, Like the Fresh Water of Dior, the perfect balance, from the natural extraction, can not help but remind people of the JICKY, is one of the most reflective of the characteristics of JICKY! Also famous are Tom for's Neroli and Nicolai's Scented Solone Cologne which are two very soapy colognes based on neroli. Good, but not great. Returning to NIO, I thought a brand would be keen to avoid refried rice, so Sijuve took its eye off the lemon verbena combination and focused on the expression of green juice, as fresh as water drops from freshly picked flowers flowing into the atmosphere. This reminds me of the green atmosphere of the Chanel salon. Now I have a bottle of 200ML green breath and 15ML small NIO in hand. Their common feature is the shocking green color. Chanel uses leather to interlace its French elegance (note that this bottle of perfume is prior to No.5, the first one produced by Chanel), while NIO combines solid soil breath. To give the whole scent a futuristic feel - why do I say this? The traditional cologns listed earlier are all in a classical form, built up layer upon layer (refer to the classical painting layer dyeing technique), to achieve a stable structure (such as Sipri). And cast of west jue eyespots is wants to express the vitality of a huge green directly, you can say parma of water, the water of guerlain, chanel salon is the Renaissance of classical, natural and realistic, comprehensive, delicate and exquisite, elegant and decent, pursue a cautious balance layout, but west jue NIO has opened a new window, The simple emphasis on a certain raw material (green juice) can not help but remind people of Viard's paintings, natural, comfortable, carefree, full of life. I think the new salons would also like to make something truly epochal, just as Angel is going to be one of the great perfume masterpieces of the 20th century anyway, because he started an era, a gastronomical note of the future. And because of that, we saw the Midnight orchid, we saw Chanel sensuous glamour... See a patchouli mixed with spicy and sweet future ~ but usually this is difficult, such as YSL M7 opened the ewood age, opium opened another Oriental wither different from 1001, after all, is a few... The citrus tone is also constantly changing. We are lucky to see such wonderful products as Dior white cologne and Left Bank amber. We believe that with the support of huge financial resources, we can still achieve new achievements, and NIO is the foundation for this. I can't say how great he was, but at least he was wonderful. Recommended index 5 stars!

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