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The Beginning of Power

Is knowing yourself

By Plan Execute ProfitPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
The Beginning of Power
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I've always wondered why people would say things like they wanted their kids to be like me. Why I often become competition to people? Why others would mimic me. Now I understand that I was exceptional and still I am. It always has and always will be foolish and immature to go against me.

People that I come in contact with become exceptional people and the kids that I have been around in my adult life have become exceptional individuals. No matter how much time you spend with me by the time you end our relationship you will have the tools, resources and information to become things the majority of the world can only dream of. Anything you want.

How you ask. I show them not why but how to expand their mind and subsequently they figure out they can do whatever they set their minds to. It's difficult depending on the person or the parents they have because people fear what they don't understand. I try to get people to understand who they are and that being yourself will get you further in life than any other skill I know. To be able to align and attract people with not only their but your best interests at heart. What to do in order to make people who come in your life want to help you obtain your goals while simultaneously achieving theirs.

This is my gift and curse for I have valid reasons to believe I am unable to leave this earth until I finish my goals. There are people who believe I do not believe in The Most High or a higher power because I do not express my loyalties as they do. My practices and procedures don't match theirs. My songs don't sound the same. They put on shows. Whereas this is my life. My path isn't the same as theirs. And it shows I'm not for everyone. Those who resonate understand I couldn't care less about color, creed, race, religion, gender, martial status, sexual orientation, nor any other label, group, or activity that may separate other people. If you are a good person, with the ability to think with the goal of not only bettering your own life but those around you; near and far, known and unknown. You're the type of person I associate myself with.

If you made it this far, thank you, hopefully it hasn't bored you to death. I used to not be able to articulate these things. For whatever reason.

For so long I've been trying to figure out if I was on this wild goose chase. A "matrix" if you will. Now I know I wasn't. In the beginning though, it made me so angry and bitter that I couldn't put these things in words. So the journey began.

What is it that I wanted? What is it that I desired most? My time and doing what I wanted to do where I wanted to. To the point that it caused my father to want to tame me. I can not and will never be broken. I cannot be tamed. For what I want I get either immediately or I know it's a matter of time. So let the games begin.

From a very young age I knew I was different. My favorite number Zero because it's the only number that can be any number and always makes any number 10x more. My favorite color? Rainbow. "Rainbow is not a color."

"Then all the colors are my favorite."

"You can't have multiple favorites. You must choose ONE."

"Then I choose clear."

"Clear doesn't count!"

"Pick a regular color, You know like white, black, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V."

"Okay Gray"

This was a real conversation I had with a teacher. I wasn't trying to be an a-hole either. But I was sent to the office because it made the other students laugh.

I learned when you want something you have to put yourself in position to get it. If you bring someone along with you, make sure they are compensated accordingly for their time. Do unto others what you want done unto you. I was also taught "Finish what you start", I figured out how to finish what other people started as well. Often you will feel like, "The Little Red Hen." Once you hit that goal. Suddenly, the process and the obstacles all become worthwhile - a laughing matter.

If I learned the reason my parents kept me away from people sooner. I must add that although they told me and explained to me the reasons I just had to go see for myself. I'd be in a far better place no complaints though because I've had some amazing times too bad they were only around for a season. See, I had an uncanny ability to make people who I wanted them to be in my head. By time they were showing me who they were. I was caught in my own illusion. Ultimately it's my fault I should have done better. I should have had better control of my emotions. I put myself in those situations. I will never give anyone an opportunity to say that they had power over me and control of my emotions.

When I realized there are people who have no one to answer to, I made it my only goal to figure out how they got there. If they can and did. I can too and there is nothing that can stop me nothing, but myself. I've always been a sore loser as well as a gracious winner. Even now that I'm an adult I absolutely despise losing anything. And I've lost a lot. I had to become more humble. I had to understand that my anger stemmed from me - not them. I expect to win. I train harder, I work harder, I plan I execute better, so when I lose it's a shocking reality that was never a thought. Like when you ask for a lemonade in a to-go cup, and you get limeade; "What is this?"

One thing this world has gotten great at is being able to identify problems. This was the third-hardest battle of my life. Learning and figuring out how to fix them was a far greater challenge. From laziness to losing cool in high pressure situations that required mental acuity rather than physical endowment. The ultimate test has been figuring out how to make this skill into something that made me money. How to turn your ability to think into cash. If I could take back all the money I've spent and put it under my nose. I'd do it in a heartbeat. Because the one thing all the people in History, household names, the internationally recognize, those who stamped their name or brand in history have in common was being able to figure out a solution that benefited others as well as themselves.

But that isn't the case. No worries though because I fell in love with the process. Now when I work it doesn't feel like work. Now when I work - I work for my future not my present.

My name's Addarryell. Owner of Plan Execute Profit. Remember these names.


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