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Staring At The Blank Page Of Life

Overcoming The Fear

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 3 min read

It is normal to be Afraid.

It comes naturally to everyone, there is no Shame in being Human.

We have a stigma in society around "Fear".

So often you hear people talking about eliminating Fear.

Sometimes they become celebrated for some achievement or another, only to be discovered as a Fraud.

It turns out that they were so Afraid of being discovered that they would do almost anything not to have the Truth discovered.

There is nothing Positive about always being on the Run.

Allowing Fear to control you is not a way to Live.

There is a different path that exists though.

Instead of running from Fear, we can learn to Embrace Fear.

Some people believe that Fear and Courage are opposites, but this is not true.

This is what you would call a "False Dichotomy" - they do not exist as opposites.

Courage and Fear are intricately entwined - you cannot separate them.

Courage is having Fear, Embracing it, and moving forward even though you do feel that Fear.

If you think of your Life as a Blank Page, the Infinite Void of Nothing but White can feel like an Unbearable Horror.

We see so much Potential, and so many directions we could go into - it feels like there are too many options available.

In the face of infinity, we feel incalculably small and helpless.

With this, we worry about what if things go wrong.

What if we write a story that is a tragedy?

What if we paint a brush stroke that ruins everything we had hoped for?

What if we create a monster that will hunt us to the end of days?

The unknown of the White creates so much Fear and Anxiety that it penetrates through to our soul.

But this Canvas, as much as we may have Fear around it, can become the grandest of gifts...

If we embrace the Fear.

The problem we see is that it is natural to Fear the unknown, to Fear what we cannot yet see.

Yet, when we Embrace it, we can take a step forward.

We write a single word.

Take a single step.

Learn about the "monsters" around us.

Fear is normal, and if we have the Courage to take small movements forward, we begin to understand what was unknown and identify what we couldn't see.

We begin to learn that though we may write sentences into paragraphs that may not be our favorite stories, we discover we can start new chapters.

We begin to see that though we may have brush strokes that don't look how we imagined, we can use those to create something unexpected and novel, and turn it into a masterpiece.

We begin to understand that the monsters we thought were terrifying are simply as scared as we are, looking desperately to escape that which we cannot escape - that fear - and they can become our friends and allies.

When you start embracing the Fear and moving forward Courageously, you begin to realize something.

The Blank Page you used to see isn't actually Blank.

It's a Creative Ally on your journey, on your Path toward something amazing.

It is a force that calls to you, asking you to create and design something beautiful.

It hopes for you to lay out your potential, bare, and to start taking one step at a time.

One word at a time.

One paint stroke at a time.

One connection at a time.

When you do this, you find that the Blank Page slowly begins to fill up, perhaps even faster than you could have anticipated.

You overcome the Blank Page, you overcome the Fear, by Embracing it, accepting it, and working through it with Courage.

Take that step, write that word, paint that stroke, and make that connection.

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Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Writing doesn't cause me fear but what I'm writing causes me fear. Fear of backlash mostly, because I tend to write stories with controversial themes. For example, my latest story, Eclaircissement is definitely controversial. I wrote it without fear but was afraid to publish it. I did it anyway, lol. Thank God people were okay with it hehehe.

  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    So true, excellent reminder that fearless and brave aren't the same 😁

  • Lana V Lynx2 months ago

    Great advice, as always. “One word at a time” indeed.

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