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Simbi's Huge ears

Two months old Simbi's Huge ears are just half an inch off the 'world record' 22inch length ears.

By Great BuosonPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Simbi, the goat was born on a farm in a small village, and she immediately caught the attention of her owners. Her ears were enormous, far larger than any other goat the family had ever seen. Her owners named her Simbi, which means "ear" in Swahili.

The goat's ears grew quickly, and she soon became known in the village for her unique feature. Goat farmers came from other farms to see her, and children would visit the farm just to play with her. People would often take photos of Simbi, which quickly went viral on social media platforms.

The largest goat ears ever recorded were 22 inches long, and Simbi's ears were just half an inch away from breaking that record. The owners of the farm were ecstatic when they learned this, and they began to document her growth daily. They kept track of her diet and exercise routine, wanting to ensure that she would stay healthy and happy. Despite all the attention, Simbi remained a friendly and sociable goat. She would wag her tail and bleat happily whenever someone came to see her.

The farm's owners quickly realized that Simbi was more than just a spectacle. She was smart and had a personality all her own. One day, a woman who worked for a nearby animal sanctuary came to see Simbi. She was impressed by the goat's size and demeanor and offered to take her in as a resident. The sanctuary was a place where animals unable to be cared for by their owners could live out their lives in a safe and loving environment. Simbi's owners were sad to see her go, but they knew that the sanctuary would be a better home for her.

They loaded Simbi onto a truck and sent her off. As they watched her disappear down the road, they knew that they would never see another goat like Simbi. The sanctuary was located in an expansive and remote area of the countryside. The sanctuary also housed other animals like cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and more. The woman in charge of running the sanctuary spent the first few days getting to know Simbi, learning about her, and introducing her to the other animals. It took Simbi a little while to adjust to her new surroundings, but once she did, she was quite content. The sanctuary was a far cry from the farm where she was born, but it soon became her new home. The other animals welcomed Simbi with open arms, and she quickly made friends with a group of friendly cows.

As the months went by, Simbi's ears continued to grow. The volunteers at the sanctuary took pictures of her often and shared them on social media platforms. People from around the world would comment on her photos, and even news outlets began to call asking if they could feature Simbi in their segments. One day, an advertising agency reached out to the sanctuary, asking if they could feature Simbi in a commercial. The agency was working with a company that sold headphones, and they thought that Simbi would be the perfect animal to promote their product. The sanctuary's owners were hesitant at first, but they eventually agreed. They knew that Simbi could handle it and that it would be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the sanctuary's mission. The ad campaign was a massive success, and Simbi soon became a household name. Simbi continued to live at the sanctuary, and the volunteers watched her grow into a healthy and happy goat. She became the sanctuary's unofficial mascot, and people would come from all over to see her.

One day, a couple came to visit the sanctuary. They had seen Simbi in the ad campaign and were fascinated by her story. They spoke with the sanctuary's owners for a while, and then asked if they could adopt Simbi and take her home with them. The sanctuary's owners were sad to see her go, but they knew that Simbi had a great life ahead of her. They loaded her onto a truck once again and sent her off to her new home. The couple treated Simbi like royalty. They took care of her every need and loved her more than anything else. Simbi was finally living her best life, and she had the freedom to run around and play with the other animals on the couple's farm.

Last year, the couple, revealed that one of his male goats, Simba, would be going for the title of Greatest of All Time. The breeder said he approached Guinness World Records to see if his charge could be listed, despite a category for 'longest-eared goat' not appearing on the organization's website.  His latest entry could be set to take the title, or at least make his name in the global goat-farming community. Simbi is likely to follow in the footsteps of her relative Simba, who shot to stardom for his unusual looks, amassing thousands of followers on YouTube.

'He is just a kid goat with celebrity status,' the couple said last year.  'Within 10 to 12 days of his birth he was already appearing in all the national and international media - and won a beauty contest,' the proud couple says Years went by, and Simbi became an old goat. Her ears grew even more until they were almost as long as her body. She was a celebrated member of the couple's farm, and people would come from miles around to see her. When Simbi finally passed away, the couple buried her on the farm where she had lived her whole life. They marked her grave with a beautiful stone marker, bearing an impression of her face and her ears. Her owners knew that she was an extraordinary goat, and they knew that the memory of her would live on for years to come.

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