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by Nola Hipsher 10 months ago in industry

The Unforgiving Customers

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Thinking back on that last customer, I wonder if I'm even capable of doing my job. When people come in to a store, they need to realize the workers only know what they were taught to know. Some customers just think only of themselves, and don't see the true damage they do to the employee. When it all comes down to it, the customer is not always right.

I used to work as a Customer Host at a local retail store near me. You really find out how people are when you ask for a receipt. Our job was to ask for the customer's receipt if they had anything out of the bag while leaving the store. Most people would be happy to show their receipt to prove they bought the item. You may say, "Why in the world do you even ask people for their receipt, isn't that going overboard?" Well, in today's society, it's not. Most retail shrink is due to theft, 97% of it. Maybe you feel offended because I asked for your receipt, but the person behind you might get cold feet and go back and pay for what they didn't scan.

What causes people to steal? Well, I blame a lot of it on the ease of the self check outs. It gives those ones that have sticky fingers an easier way to get away with it. I used to work at the self check out as well. That is the job for the not-so-weak of heart. Not only do you have to watch for theft, but you also have to check ID's for alcoholic beverages. In our store, everyone that looks under 40 in your party, excluding children, will have to show ID. I had one customer that sticks out in this situation that was so rude and annoying. Here's the story:

Two females came in to the self check out. The one had alcohol and the other one looked young, so she went and stood off to the side as if she wasn't with her. They didn't know I saw them come in together. When she scanned the alcohol, a yellow light appears above the register and I have to go over and approve them to buy it. Well, she gets out her ID, knowing I'm going to want to see it. As I approach her..

"Hello, how are you today?" I said.

"Oh, I'm doing just fine. Do you need my ID?" She asked.

"Yes, thank you. I would also need your friend's ID that is with you over there."

"How do you know we are together!? Besides, I'm the one that is buying the alcohol, not her." She screamed.

"I noticed you two walking up together and she is just waiting on you over there." I explained, as I pointed to her direction.

"Well, she's only 18, and I'm the one that's gonna drink, not her!!" She continued to scream and starting a scene.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but it's our store policy to check everyone in your company's ID. If she doesn't have it, I will have to decline the sale."

"I don't really like the tone you are taking with me! And I don't understand why you have to check her ID. I think you are just being a B----!" She screamed.

At this point, I was feeling very nervous because you don't really know what that person is going to do. So, I just stood there waiting for the friend to produce her ID.

Then she yelled, "Just take the f-ing thing off if you're not gonna let me get it! Hurry up! You are so slow and stupid. Probably don't even know how to do it!"

As I'm trying to take the alcohol off her transaction, I forgot she had a few other things in the bag. I looked at her and told her, "You can go ahead and leave, I will take care of it."

She was just standing there staring at me. I looked over and saw items in the bag. "Oh my gosh," I thought. "Now she is gonna really dig in to me."

"What did you say?! I can Leave?! Get me a dang manager down here because you are a rude B----, and you should be fired. I can't stand B----es like you. You are so friggin retarded!!"

I apologized, stepped away and called for the Customer Service Manager. When he came down, he explained the policy to her and told her if she didn't want to buy the other stuff, she could just leave. I'm glad he stuck up for me. But, I did cry a bit because of her. She was being the rude one and was putting words in my mouth. The next customer heard everything and was trying to make me feel better. He said, "Some people just want to be in control and go ballistic when they don't get their way. You did nothing wrong. You were just doing your job."

You know the saying, "Sticks and stones, may break your bones, but words will never hurt me"? That's a complete lie. A broken bone heals. You never forget someone's words, especially if they're mean.

Now, I work in the financial area of the store. This is where people can send money or pay bills, cash checks, money orders, and other things. Now the problem I deal with is people that want to break the rules. Especially if they have to show ID for a money pick up or cash a check. People get irate when things don't go their way. For instance, one young guy came in to cash a check, but his ID was two years expired. He got mad and said, "You see, that is me on the ID, you need to go ahead and cash this check!" Long story short, I didn't cash the check.

People think it is so easy to work at a retail store, but it's not. You either get called racist or stupid or any other name when things don't go the customer's way. Sometimes, I wish I could just be rude back and tell them to get the heck out of our store.

It takes special people to be able to work retail. I'm not sure if I'm one of them, but I sure try. Some advice I can give to you when you go to the store is: Keep in mind that the employee is only doing their job and cannot change any rules, for we don't make the rules. Don't blame the employee for what the managers decide to do, we hear it all day. If there aren't enough check-out lanes open, we cannot create people to magically open more lanes. NEVER go to the store when you're in a hurry, nothing ever goes right that way. Last of all, PLEASE, be patient with us, as we are trying to be patient with you!

Thank you and happy shopping!


Nola Hipsher

I love to make people laugh, or to be an encouragement. I truly hope you will like or love my writings. Get to know me and those around me with each letter written.

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