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Journal Of Acceptance

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By NelimxoPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Journal Of Acceptance
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Hey 👋this is me.who has a pretty hard time accepting things around... Oww me refers to nel55 which is my name. Currently studying at university doing my bachelor's in business administration... Pretty normal cgpa. Not so good but not bad either of a student. Loves to hang out but doesn't at all because I'm just a next door introvert .... Has no true friends that can be called his own man... Loves to gamble in those online sites... Okay enough of this boring stories,now cutting to the main part...

So when i was in the kindergartens i was supervised 24/7... always someone looking after me... Then got to the teen part and became a bit rebel and started to explore and make decisions on my own... Stumbled into lot of guys, experienced a lot of world current affairs... Made many mistakes.. made new friends and also new enemies... Saw friends becoming enemies... Lying for benefits of their own... So i learned it all... You won't believe the first girlfriend i got by accident... She was my friends girlfriend and i was just chit chatting with this one for year and somehow got hooked into eachother... She was always telling me how she will never leave me,no matter whatever happens but guess what she left me... Acceptance problem started... Can't accept the fact that i lost her... Then came many girls but i was searching her in all of them..I must confess that I am a massive nerd. I enjoy studying and mathematics has always been my favorite subject. However, when it was time for math class, things did not go as planned. We were divided into groups and had to provide the answers verbally. This new method made me uncomfortable and I was unable to answer any of the questions during the first half of the class. In the second half, we were given problems to solve on paper. If it weren't for the additional instructions that required us to show our work, I would have finished in ten seconds. Personally, I believe that this method is a waste of time. Nonetheless, I was the first to finish. I hoped to relax at home, but my mother bombarded me with never-ending questions. She informed me that my teacher had said that I did well in all of my subjects on the first day, but that I needed to work on my social skills. Naturally, I received a lengthy lecture about the importance of making friends and being more social in class...

Introverted individuals often exhibit a greater sense of personal security and stability compared to their extroverted counterparts. In a world that seems to prioritize fleeting relationships, introverts may find solace in their own company. Extroverts, on the other hand, seek fulfillment and purpose in the external world, while introverts turn their focus inward.

However, it is important to note that not every introspective individual conforms to this stereotype. We all possess a multitude of personality traits that vary in intensity. We are intricate, intricate, and composed of a myriad of characteristics. Each of us is distinct, valuable, and essential in contributing to the richness and diversity of our world.

When someone asks you to define an introvert, you may immediately think of the most reserved and contemplative person you know. Perhaps you envision a friend who actively avoids drawing attention to themselves and participating in social events, or a sibling who prefers the company of a good book or the family pet in a quiet corner.

However, what if you are the one who prefers a peaceful evening at home over a bustling party? Maybe you feel drained and exhausted after interacting with anyone other than a close friend or two. If this resonates with you, you may start to question whether you possess introverted tendencies yourself.

It is important to note that introversion is not a quantifiable personality trait in itself. Instead, it refers to a lower level of extroversion (originally known as extraversion), where individuals with extroverted traits were referred to as extraverts.


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hey im just a writer who want to write a nobel 1 day..

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