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Is "Time = Money" Actually True?

Understanding Why Recovery "Is" Doing Something

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 4 min read

I was speaking with a Client recently and they told me, "I can't sit still."

It's something that I hear many people say about their Work.

I understand it because I have said the same thing before.

This led me to tell them, "That is ok, as long as you Recover."

We ended up talking a bit about the different ventures they were pursuing, and how they felt like every time they Stopped they were wasting Time they "could" be doing "something".

What we need to Realize, though, is that Recovery "Is" doing something.

Now, I know that most people Struggle with this, so let's discuss it.

Even when people "know" that Recovery is Important, they still find it Difficult to "do" it.


They may reference things like how they:

  • Have High Goals they want to Achieve
  • Want to be More Productive
  • Need to make More Money

All these make some sense, but "Why" do so many people think these "exact" same things?

It all comes down to Society and Culture.

Most of us come from a Society or Culture that has taught us certain things, that we have lived Believing for most or all of our Lives.

What is the Phrase that makes us "all" Believe these things?

Time is Money.


Time = Money.

See, we tell ourselves that to Achieve Goals, we need Money, and every second we "don't" get Money we become Further from our Goals.

We also tell ourselves that to be more Productive, we must Work More because that is how we get Results to get Money.

These Ideas all stem from the Belief that Time = Money.

But is this True?

In order to understand how Recovery "Is" doing something, we have to find out if "Time = Money" is "actually" True.

The easiest way to do this is to ask certain questions.

The first one I would ask is if Money = Value?

We know Time is Valuable, but does that doesn't necessarily mean Money is.

When we look at people's Lives, we can discover there is a difference between Money and Value.

There are people with a lot of Money who have Terrible Lives.

They find No Value in their Lives despite the fact that they have a lot of Money.

With this, we find people who truly Value their Lives, yet have little to no Money.

This indicates to us that Money and Value are not equal.

When we dive deeper we also discover that Humans believe Value is "Greater" than Money.

If Time = Valuable, but Value > Money, then perhaps Time does Not equal Money.

We have other questions we can still ask though.

Are there ways to Earn Money without Time?

When you look at Entrepreneurship and Investing, you find that indeed there are ways.

There are ways to multiply your Money that do not rely on "More Time".

This further shows that Time does Not seem to Equal Money.

If they were Equal, then the only way to get more Money would be to use more Time, yet some people get More Money in Less Time.

Then the final question we can ask is this.

Are there different types of Productivity?

Here too, we find that there are!

Some forms of Productivity seem to have Greater Value, and we Pay More for them.

This would indicate that Money is not a Factor of Time, but of the "Type" of Productivity that is Accomplished.

I have heard it like this...

From your neck down you are worth Minimum Wage.

From your neck up you are worth Infinity.

So all of these show us that Time does Not Equal Money.

But this still doesn't tell us Why Recovery "Is" Doing Something.

To get to this, we must come up with a new Equation.

Results = Money

The Greater the Results, the More Money can be attained.

The More Valuable the Results, the More Money can be attained.

Which begs the question, How do we get the "Best" Results?

When it comes to being Human, there is only one Answer.

Flow States.

In Flow States, we are 5x More Productive.

A.k.a. 5x More Results.

Interestingly, the Research around Flow Predates the Mass Burnout we see in the Workforce today.

In Burnout, we become "Significantly" Less Productive.

Yesterday I estimated that in Reality, an Employee in Flow is likely 10x+ More Productive than an Employee in Burnout.

So, to Reach the Highest Results Possible, as Humans, we need to avoid Burnout and Consistently Reach Flow States.

Do you know what is "Necessary" to do both of these?


Without enough Recovery, you eventually hit Burnout.

Flow States "only" occur by going through the Flow Cycle: Struggle, Release, Flow, and Recovery.

In that order, every time.

If you don't Recover, you will end up Struggling too much, and be unable to Release.

At the end of the Day, Recovery is something because it is "Necessary" for Results.

Interestingly, when you get into Flow States Consistently, you also find that you find More Value in your Life, even without Money.

Flow Fuels both Value and Results, and the more Time you are in Flow, the Better Everything becomes!

This is why Designing a Regenerative Legacy is So Important.

The Ultimate Goal of a Regenerative Legacy is to Maximize Group Flow States.

This Creates the Best Results that an Organization can Achieve!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Yes, it's all indoctrination. People would feel so guilty if they take a break. I used to be like that too but no more now. Because if we don't take a break, we get burnt out, like you motioned as well. Then how would someone be able to work efficiently? Recovery is very important and isn't time wasted.

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