How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts (and make more money)

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A how-to guide on gaining more traction and views on your latest posts.

How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts (and make more money)

Hi there. I hope you're having a good day so far! Today I'm writing about SEO friendly posts: what are they, how do we make them, and why do we want to? What are they good for, and how can they help you in the writing world?

So if you're a blogger, love to write, or have a website that you are passionate about getting more eyes on, then read ahead my friend.

What the heck does SEO mean? And why should I care about it?

Alright, let's get into it! SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If your website is SEO friendly it will rank higher on search engines getting more clicks, likes, comments, shares, and engagement than posts further down the ranks. Even if you wrote a total masterpiece, if it's not SEO friendly you won't get the eyes on it you deserve!

Basically: if you want a truly thriving blog, having SEO friendly content is incredibly important. It makes your work more accessible, shareable, and readable!

And if you're still reading this, I'm guessing you want that thriving writing career, so here are some of my best tips when it comes to making your creativity SEO approved:

How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts (and make more money)

Tip 1: Headlines are your Friend

Using headings and subheadings does wonders when it comes to SEO. Here's why:

It makes your work skimmable. This is important because readers typically stop by for key information and want to be able to find it quickly. They should be able to get the gist of your writing from your keywords (see more in tip 3) and these can be easily viewed in your headlines!

Easier for the internet to categorize. When search engine robots go through websites they recognize headlines and use them to better understand your content. They take account of major keywords and titles to categorize and rank various links. The more your work is understood properly, the more appropriate audience will be able to find and access it!

Tip 2: Optimize Linking

Sounds fancy, don't worry. I'm 'bout to break it down. "Linking" refers to placing links to your previous posts on recent and current posts, in order to entice your audience to check out your other work. Often times the audience reading a particular post more than likely will be interested in a similar or follow up post that you have to offer.

For example if I include a link to all my posts here it creates a sort of circle of traffic. People who click the link are interested in seeing more and if you’re able to grab their attention with additional valuable and intriguing information, this circle of traffic can continue for a long time.

Linking is a method of continuing the traffic you already have.

Tip 3: Include Keywords to Attract your Target Audience

Incorporating keywords into your piece is super important. Having the right ones will allow you to dominate search results, attracting more viewers and your target audience. Once you've found your target keywords, place them in these spots:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Headlines and subheadings
  • Image names as well as alt image tags (if applicable)

Of course using keywords in a natural way is essential, don't overdo it or confuse your reader. I'll provide some tools you can use to carry out easy keyword research here:

There's no denying that words are important, and truthfully the same could be some for pictures. We're going for all around quality work here, am I right? (see more about quality in tip 6). So let's add some colour to the language, shall we?

Tip 4: Images are Essential!

Pictures throughout your post keep the viewer engaged, less tired, and more connected to your story. It appeals to a whole other audience of people who learn visually, and adds an additional element even for those glued to your every word. A break and switch up is always good, keeps the content fresh!

Having high quality and consistent images is very beneficial. No one wants to read a high quality piece and then see a blurry photo, it takes away from the credibility and shareability of it.

And of course, choosing images that fit the subject you're talking about is crucial. Search engines will sweep across images and pull content information from them, deciding what and how important it is to them.

Images on your work also tell your story, organization, and aesthetic!

Tip 5: Let Your Viewers Share It

Get ready for this super important piece of wisdom: make it shareable! Make it pinnable, tweetable, all the 'able's! People love to be at the forefront of new information, and share with their inner circle. Moreso, they love to save. To be honest we all have products, links, and other things saved somewhere that we were certain we'd go back to, right?

Make your work so good people will want to come back to it, and have your social shareing links out and ready! The more that people share it, the more views it gets, and the more various search engines will start to notice it.

Seriously, I grew my clothing line Pinterest account to over 3 Million viewers monthly which is a major contribution to the traffic on my website. People love to share!

Tip 6: Quality + Quantity

To be a successful writer in the popular and saturated digital world, you have to provide quality work, consistently.

Of course you want to be passionate about your topics, but also keep the viewer in mind. What would be interesting to the reader? How can you add value to them? These questions will help guide you towards high quality and scaling compositions.

Useful, helpful, and intriguing posts build your credibility, and your viewer count will begin to climb. Providing consistent value, and being aware of current trends and needs will keep your writing at the top of the game.

Quick Recap

  1. Images are Essential!
  2. Headlines are your Friend
  3. Optimize Linking
  4. Include Keywords to Attract your Target Audience
  5. Let Your Viewers Share It
  6. Quality + Quantity

Hope you found this helpful! I have a lot of new posts coming out soon that I'm really excited about, and think you're going to love. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful.

I appreciate you stopping by. You can find more here:

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