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Do It Again

Repetition In Life , From Breathing To Books

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Do It Again , Again

This this that made me think on writing this post is that I have recently started rereading the F Paul Wilson book “Reborn” the third in the “Adversary” series , more of that later but it made start about the things we do again and again out of choice or necessity , from small things to big things.

Most are defined by time but all are repetitions in one form or another.

Our bodies breathe , out hearts beat over and over again , the start of our lives of repetition, and physical things like this leave us no choice , our bodies do them or we die. Possibly a very deep point to make at the beginning of a post or story that is just about things we do over and over again.

Then we have to eat , I have porridge almost every morning , Nadu with semi skimmed milk , with a banana , blueberries and a spoon jam , and though I vary this when I have breakfast out, but again it is something I do over and over again. My choice is what I eat , but I have no real choice about eating or not.

When you go out to a favourite eatery how many times do you have a choice but still go for your favourite meal or snack, despite wanting to try other options , you usually end up doing it again.

Then you can take music , you often put songs or albums on repeat play even though you have heard the song or album. You are only talking generally four minutes for a song and forty minutes for an album. In our digitally enabled world we can take our music on the move so I listen to songs , playlists and albums on walks and journeys, again I do it again and again and again.

Then there are TV series and film and live theatre. These take more of your time , but I will happily watch TV like Lucifer , Father Ted , Black Books and a lot more again but they take longer generally than listening to music. Some series are so big and despite being essential viewing it is unlikely I will watch them again , I am thinking "Breaking Bad" and "Vikings".

Films like "True Romance" , "Kelly's Heroes" and "Pulp Fiction" I will happily watch again but that is only a couple of hours of your time , but you still are happy to do it again.

Then you have holidays and day trips you often repeat places you go to and spend a week or two there. I hate check ins at airports so stay in the UK but enjoy going to Edinburgh , Thirsk , Whitby and Settle all of which can be reached by train or bus and are wonderful places to unwind and re explore. While I can drive I do prefer to take a train , especially to Settle which includes the Settle to Carlisle with the Ribblehead Viaduct as part of the journey. When you have places like this you always want to do it again.

And finally I get to books. I have some books that I will never read again , but some almost call out to you to re explore them, for me “Lord of The Rings” by JRR Tolkien , “Imajica” and a few others by Clive Barker, The Eternal Champion and related books by Michael Moorcock , and now the “Adversary” series by F Paul Wilson are all boos and series that I have done again.

The “Adversary” series will hit around two thousand pages, and I am on the third book “Reborn” and I barely remember the first time I read it, but part of the attraction is that I know how good the author is , I am in familiar country , and am again looking forward to spending in F Paul Wilson’s New York to find how this ties up with the first two books (I think “The Tomb” just introduced us to Repairman Jack and he reappears in the final book but he is very New York based too , it it wouldn't surprise me if he turned up in “Reborn”.

Books demand a lot of your time so anything that persuades you to reread them says a lot about how good they must be for certain readers.

So essentially there is so much it our live that causes us to repeat , revisit and of course do it again.

There are two wonderful songs to include “Do It Again” by The Beach Boys and Steely Dan , but I feel because of my emphasis on repetition I have to include “Repetition” by The Fall.

Please listen and maybe sample the links that I share , book, places , films , TV and Do It Again.

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