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Step Three of Gary Ragnarsson's Frosted Primrose Challenge.

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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This is step three of Gary Ragnarsson's Frosted Primrose Challenge. In this part, I feature ten stories from Vocal creators that I have left a thoughtful comment on.

The music is "Community Of Hope" by Polly Jean Harvey.

Read all about it here:

So here are my choices and why. Although I have taken my comments so you don't have to root them out, please read at least a few of them, I think you will enjoy them as much as I have.

An excellent story from John Cox in the Criminal Community (the story, not John). This was what I said:

Very intense, taking you to the heart of the place, excellent work

A beautiful free verse love poem from Lindsay Sfara. It will not take you long to read and enjoy. This is what I said.

Love your words and the amazing image

I love Talia Devora's multi-language and script poetry. Being a typical ignorant Englishman I don't know many languages, just a smattering of French, German, Dutch, Finnish and Spanish but Talia's work is a delight and this is a wonderful nature poem.

This was my comment.

Great way to express this story

A very important piece from Skulls And Cauldrons which many of us may be affected by. I made two comments on this.

Me: "Some excellent observations and points, many have been on the wrong side of a narcissist and it is not pleasant"

Skulls And Cauldrons: "Not pleasant at all ... especially when you drop them and they start a smear campaign against you."

Me: "That has happened to me and my friends"

A poem and prayer from Judey Kalchik about deadlines and creating. My response:

That was fun, I tend to enter at the start, although these are just prompts for me as I have had my Challenge placement and last Top Story so may be off to pastures new though will still drop stories on Vocal. I don't like close deadlines, just polished off something from work that has to be done for Friday. Love your poem and this probably is a Top Story

A wonderful observational piece from Caroline Jane, my comment was quite short, but this really is a worthwhile read. What I said:

Excellent story and great take on the challenge

A wonderful challenge set up by Sleepy Drafts. I said a few words and created an entry.

This reminds me of Bowie and Dylan's cut-and-paste methods that I apply especially in my plagiaristic poetry. This is not an entry but an example but will try and create something

Sleepy Drafts reply:

Ouuu, I love this!! I love the idea of your take on a "plagiaristic poem!" I've always loved collaging and using inspiration from music, so this is right up my alley, lol. Thank you for sharing this!! I would *love* to read your take on this eavesdropping prompt! 💗

This was my answer to the challenge:

A Covid-inspired Abecedarian from Daphsam and this is what I had to say complete with spelling mistake/grammatical error

I had it twice , great take one this

A wonderful prose poem from Heather Hubler with an amazing fox image. My response (again I was quite laconic, but I love this story. For some reason it is not a Top Story....yet):

Great take on the challenge , wonderful story, and probably a Top Story

To close this list a wonderful poem from Cathy Holmes for a challenge by Real Poetic. This was my comment.

A glimpse of a possible dystopia


Thank you for reading and I hope that you check out a few of these and join in with Gary's challenge.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    I've already read most if these 10 but would need to circle back to this to read the one's that I havent!

  • Another great list, Mike, a few more I had not previously read. That Chicago Love Story was amazing.

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