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Understanding The Benefits Of A Regenerative Legacy For Leaders

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 3 months ago 3 min read

In Life, there are many things that are done in certain ways that may not be the "best" way to do things.

Very often we end up finding that those ways can actually be VERY detrimental.

I was reading about this in a Marketing book recently.

There is this belief that exists that "Funnels" are the best system of marketing.

But is it true?

Well, if you look at how Funnels are designed, they are a Line.

What is the problem with a Line though?

They end.

If you get a customer through the Funnel, that's it.

Where does the customer go after that?

That is the problem.

You, of course, could create another Funnel to send them through, but how long can you keep that up?

How long will it take for the Customer to get tired of your endless Funnels?

How long before you end up sounding like a Used Car Sales Person?

"If you thought 'THIS' was great, wait until you get a load of what I've got over here!"

But, wasn't that 'last' thing supposed to already be 'great'?

How long does it take before they stop listening?

However, the Line Problem applies to all aspects of business as well.

Looking at the Supply Chain as a Line also creates problems.

If you want to make more money, you need more products.

That means you need to push raw materials faster.

If the Supplier(s) can't maintain then you need to threaten to move to other suppliers.

This pushes for decreases in quality.

You then have a double challenge - decreasing supply and decreasing quality.

The decreasing supply leads to the need to increase prices.

But the decreasing quality creates unsatisfied customers.

Think about "Fast Food" which is supposed to be "cheap".

Has anyone else noticed that you can go to some sit-down restaurants for the same price as Fast Food these days?

Have you also noticed that the quality of Fast Food has gotten way worse?

What about how long it actually takes to get "Fast" Food?

I've been to Sit-Down restaurants where I can get my food faster than sitting in the drive-through lines at some Fast Food places!

How long until people realize these things?

We also see this with Employees.

Organizations need more results.

So, they push their Employees beyond their breaking point (Burnout).

This forces Organizations to get more Employees.

However, Dis-Stress can be passed to others (via Neurocardiology), so "New" Employees reach Burnout faster.

Organizations demand more productivity, but Employees aren't able to be as Productive until the Organization collapses due to inefficiencies.

The problem with the Line Business is that it continues to demand more and more from a shrinking pool and spits out something that becomes less and less beneficial.

A Line may work in the short term but is destined to fail over time.

The key is to stop the short-sightedness of Line Thinking.

You need to embrace a Circular Business Mindset instead.

If you think about Marketing - the goal isn't to push Customers through.

Instead, Customers become a part of the process.

You contribute something to them, they contribute back what they need next, and you contribute that back to them.

Customers are never pushed out of a Circle.

If you think about Supplies - the goal isn't to take until there is nothing left.

Instead, Supplies become a part of the process.

You need supplies that are contributed to you, you figure out how to contribute back to the supply to create more than demand, and more supplies become easier to obtain and cheaper.

Supplies always exist in a Circle.

If you think about Employees - the goal isn't to pull more out of them.

Instead, Employees are a part of the process.

You contribute something to them, they come back and contribute with how things could be better or what they need to succeed, and you contribute that back to them.

Employees choose to stay and push to do their best within a Circle.

When you apply this type of thinking throughout the business, everything continuously gives back to the Circle.

By Design, everyone and everything Improves by being within the Circle.

As the Circle expands, it creates more value for everyone involved.

People are energized by being a part of that Circle.

It is Regenerative.

If you Design this, over time it becomes a Regenerative Legacy.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Well done!

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