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Branded surveys & Earnly review

How to make money using Branded surveys and Earnly

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Working online is a very huge field, and if you really want to enter this world, you will not be able to reach the end because there is really no end.

And now, as a continuation of the previous article, which was titled "Some ways to work online", in which I explained how to work online and make money on the Ipsos i say website, as well as using artificial intelligence and making imaginary images and selling them on sites that already allow this.

In this article, I will explain the method of working in two other sites, namely Earnly and Branded surveys, as each of them will have its share of the explanation next.

First, let's talk about Branded surveys, which was introduced as a mobile application not long ago, and which depends entirely on the accuracy of your answer to start reaping the rewards.

In the beginning, we start, as usual, starting from registering on the platform until starting work and collecting money, so all you have to do in the beginning is to enter the platform and register on it.

This website will bring offers or surveys for you depending on your country and where you live so if you are an American, the website will bring surveys from American companies that want to improve itself and to do that they depend on your opinion about their offers

Of course, if you want to maximize your results or if you aren't an American citizen and you don't get much surveys you still can work by joining their referral program and this will help you to earn points through the platform whenever someone you bring complete some surveys or tasks

After you sign up to the platform and register in it, some classification questions will be asked to you, such as the number of your family members, annual vinegar, and others. These questions will help the website to bring the most suitable surveys for you because to complete a survey you should be suitable to the conditions that the company want

After you answer these questions, the surveys begin to appear to you, and you can start working with them and start collecting points until you reach 450 points, then you will see the option to add a number, so just enter your phone number and the website will let you complete the work, so you complete and reach 500 points, which is the withdrawal limit, so you can then withdraw your money easily and in several ways

This is all about Branded surveys, but now we will talk about the Earnly application. In the beginning, all you have to do is download the application on your mobile phone and sign up with your information, as I explained previously, except that the only difference here is that you must enter the number from the beginning.

After implementing the first steps, you can start working, and there are many ways to do this, the first of which is the surveys, which are not much different from those in Branded surveys, as they have the same pattern of usual questions.

Secondly, you can implement the offers by installing some applications or games and carrying out some tasks in them in exchange for more points, which certainly allows you more profit.

Thirdly, and finally, which is the best for me, and it is watching videos via YouTube, where you can watch what you want from the YouTube platform through the application, but what is the best way to watch what you like and get paid for watching.

After implementing whatever you like of these ideas, you can withdraw your money by the way you want with easily and simplicity.

As I said earlier, the world of work online is very huge, and I will certainly continue to present the ideas that I know, so that these ideas spread more widely and benefit everyone for sure.

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