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How to do affiliate marketing without having a website

If you don't have an website and you want to do affiliate marketing || That's not a problem just follow these steps

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, having a website with a domain name is an important part of success in this work but what if you don't have a website or you can't buy a domain name

Well there are a few things you can do to make things work for you and in this article, I will tell you some solutions so without wasting any time let's start together

1- medium

Medium is a large website that gets a large amount of traffic every month. On this website, you can create an account and make it your website by publishing stories and of course, you can promote your products through these stories because medium allows affiliate links but don't put too many links like that

Also medium has a partner program that you can join and make money through your stories by getting reads to them but the readers should be Medium+ members

Another way to make money through medium is by using native ads on your story but you should be in some countries to be able to use this feature you can see these countries by visiting their official website

Now if we want to talk more about I affiliate marketing in medium you should consider some things which are successful keys

The first thing you should do is to be more famous in medium or to promote your stories more and more online so the readers will know you and will follow your account to read your latest stories

You can start by publishing some useful stories and engaging on other stories or communities about your niche like commenting on them or something like that because all that these things will make you appear more in medium and will build trust between you and the audience So when you want to start selling online or to promote your products they will trust you and will buy from you

Avoid spamming people and give real value to them also when you promote a product and you put affiliate links on your story, tell the people at the end of your story that you used affiliate links so they will trust you more and more also if they want to support you they will buy from your links

Don't publish a lot of stories that you are promoting products in it instead publish some useful stories without promoting any product so for example you can publish courses or something like that

Believe me, if you focus on medium and work like 2 hours per day you will see great results and maybe you will Make your first sale in a few weeks

2- telegram channel

Another solution for you is to build a telegram channel because in this way you don't need a domain name or a subscription but of course, you have to work more to promote your telegram channel

And believe me, there are a lot of people that have a telegram channel and make money online from it and you can be one of them so let's see how to make things work for you

When you want to build a telegram channel you should do something before start promoting it which is prepare your telegram channel by adding a few posts on it that give real value so when the visitors read it they will join your channel automatically

Also here you should avoid publishing a lot of posts that promote products and don't publish too many posts every day because you may be will make the members bored and they will mute your channel or leave it so post one post per day or every two days

How to promote your telegram channel?

There are a lot of ways to promote your telegram channel or anything you want to promote online and we talked about it a lot in our previous articles so I will recommend one of them to you which is using Q&A sites like Quora

Simply go to Quora and search for questions about your niche that you already wrote posts about in your telegram channel and answer these questions by giving some value and link back to your telegram channel if they want to know more or read more about this matter or your niche


That are a lot of ways to start affiliate marketing without having a website or domain name and we talked about two methods you can use to start your journey which are medium and telegram channels we hope you find this article useful

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