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My experience with selling on Jvzoo

Full course about Jvzoo || Should you start selling on it ?

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Selling products online is getting bigger and bigger and if anyone wants to sell a product online, he may find things hard for him because of the competition and because he may doesn't have an audience

One of the solutions for this matter is to sell products with affiliates so you can show up your products in front of their audience and make sales with their help

Of course, one of the biggest affiliate networks is Jvzoo, and in this article, I will show you how to lunch your product on Jvzoo and what you need for this matter depending on my own experience so let's start together

Requirements for Jvzoo

If you have your product and want to sell it with Jvzoo there are some steps you should do before you add your product to the marketplace which is preparing your sale page, your way to get paid, your product's image, and your help email and we'll talk about all of them

Your way to get paid:

In Jvzoo there are multiple ways to withdraw your money like Paypal, Stripe and Bank account

In my case I used Paypal and I discovered that you should have a business PayPal account and not a personal one so if you want to choose this method you should turn your account into a business account

How to turn a personal PayPal account into a business account

Go to your Settings

Click Upgrade to a Business account

Enter your business information and click Agree and continue

Create an image for your product:

If you have a physical product then all you have to do is to take a professional photo for it but if your product was a digital product "like mine" then here is what you have to do

You can use Canva to create a professional cover or logo or even thumbnail "if you want to sell online courses" because this amazing site has many tools that will make everything easy for you and it has templates with examples so you can have an idea about what you should do

If your product was an e-book you can go to and create a 3d cover for it so your product will look more professional to customers

Create a sale page:

You have to create a sale page for your product and here I don't mean a landing page so you should know that

Many tools help you to create a sale page but if you want to do it like me then you can go with the tool because it gives you a free plan forever so you can create your sale page for free and keep it for unlimited time

Now I will show you how to create a sale page with

sign up for an account

go to "funnels"

Name your funnel and click on "custom"

Now click on create step, name it, and choose "sale page"

Choose a template from below and edit it as you wish then save the step

If you are selling a digital product with a download link like an e-book or online course you can add thank you page and put your link

Just click on "create step" again

Choose the "thank you page"

Choose a template from below that has a "download" button

To add your link click on your step (after choosing your template) then click on the edit icon below

Now from the template click on the download button then add your link from the edit tab and save changes

Lunch your product on Jvzoo:

If you're following with me step by step then congratulations we completed the hard steps and everything is easier from now

After you signed in Jvzoo go to sellers dashboard then click on "add product" then choose to add product now "if you want to add it instantly"

Now you will see many sections to work on but what you have to pay attention to is "General information", " Payment Processors", "Affiliates", "product Access", and " checkout"

In the "General information": just add normal things like your product name, description about it, your product category, your sale page link that I told you how to build above and things like that but don't forget to make your product available to be purchased and to show it on the marketplace and make it discoverable to affiliates

In the "Affiliates": select the commission that you want affiliates get for each sale so if you select 50% commission and your product price was 100 dollars then the affiliates will earn 50 dollars for each sale they made also you can add requirements & notes for the affiliates you want to promote your product

In the product access: you should add support URL link or support email address " your email address for example" if it easier for you

In the checkout: choose the template you want to show up in front your customers when they go to the next step after your sale page so choose a good template for your product

By following these steps you will be able to lunch your first product on Jvzoo and everything else is easy to do so here is the end of this article and I hope you find it useful

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