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Bad Review on Sedalia Designs Jewelry Affiliate Company

From a Former Consultant's Perspective

By Missey FinleyPublished 6 years ago 7 min read
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As an consultant for Sedalia Designs, I joined two weeks before I left. This is a work from home job that you can earn commission off of jewelry you sell. They expect you to learn tons of information and rules that are spread out in three separate Facebook groups, emails, and Facebook group chats. Some of these rules are not particularly clear to a person on what they shouldn't do. This work from home company claims you get your own back office, but when you do get it, you are told from Sedalia Designs to not touch most of it. I sell leggings from La La Leggings and have the same back office, but never once was I told to not touch anything in it. So why give it to the person if they can't really use it? I was trying to do right by the company and read all the information and try to understand it. There was some information that told us to not touch the back office with some screenshots with a big X over the personal details section, but not the promotional tools section in the Facebook groups. Also, I heard from one person from the management team to not touch the themes. So I figured that we could still use the promotional tools in our back office. I used one of the tools and posted that I did on one of the group chats to give a tip to everyone that advertises with social media. I was told I should contact the owner to run it by her and to write a support ticket because my affiliate link could be broken.

So, I felt bad that I didn't ask her first before using a promotional tool in my back office. So I wrote her an email explaining what I did, apologized and was very sincere. It was the only mistake I had made in that company since I joined. The next morning I got an email back from her that was really rude. She had said that 90 percent of the people who join may not qualify for this and she didn't want to keep fixing broken links from people. She never did inform me if the link was even broken or not. I thought it seemed very sketchy that she didn't want us to use the promotional tools in the back office that was given to us to better promote her jewelry. She made it sound like that she didn't even really want me in the company over one mistake. I understood if it had been many mistakes I made, but I just joined and was still learning the rules and everything. This upset me really bad, so I left the company.

While I was in the company, I would see spazzed out rants from her in the company group calling people who left the company cry babies and rudely talking about them behind their backs, making them look bad. She even snapped at people for giving her any suggestions about how the company could possibly grow more. She doesn't want to hear much of anything anyone has to say. She is very ungrateful to her consultants that try really hard to sell her jewelry. She claims to run a very professional business, but does the complete opposite.

She told me in an email reply that she had 35 years of experience and doesn't need someone giving her suggestions because she rarely needs them. Also she had explained in the same email reply that she just wants people to read all the information and understand every bit of it upon joining the company. You can't understand information if it isn't clearly given. I had never joined a consultant company, (and I am with quite a few) that has SOO much information and rules that are here, there and everywhere that you have to find out and figure out when you join. When you join a company, you don't know what to expect. To be blasted with so much information can be very overwhelming and you may not remember or you could misunderstand it. You have to fill out all these forms to show them what you are making even though they have the information right there at them to look and see what you make.

Mistakes are going to happen, especially how Sedalia Designs company is ran on Facebook with all the rules and information spread out everywhere. Although, this doesn't matter to the owner at all. She will be rude to you if you need help, make one mistake, and give her suggestions that will help the company grow. I barely knew this woman and only spoke to her once in a welcome email before I went to her with the one mistake I made. She puts on her groups that she doesn't understand why people can't follow her plain and simple rules and that she is tired of it. This company claims to be a Christian company that donates to charity, but with all that I seen of how she acts, I am not really sure if it is just a front she puts on. You would think her being an Christian she would act understanding and not so rude, but that isn't the case at all.

If you have someone that refers you to Sedalia Designs jewelry company, I would think twice before joining. You will not be recognized unless you are making this woman a bunch of money. This company states that you can sell the products anyway you want to do it, but all she really cares about is you doing parties and events. There is no training at all for the people who promote on social media and just straight off the website. When I asked a question about advertising from Pinterest, I wanted to know how to make the jewelry pins go straight to the product page with our affiliate link instead of going to the homepage, but she couldn't answer that. All she said was there was no way of doing that and just keep doing what I was doing. So, when I found that tool in the back office and used it, she got angry because I was suppose to not touch any of it, which I didn't know that. This tool was there to use for the advertising of her jewelry. If she was so angry about fixing all those broken links that people kept touching in the back office, she should have not gave anyone a back office to use. If you are going to have free training for people to advertise your jewelry, you would think she would have helped me with this before I took it upon myself to figure it out on my own. If I was doing parties, which I have no means of income to do those, she probably would had an answer for me.

I was just starting to get people interested in the jewelry and probably would have made more money, but evidently the five or six sales I did make in two weeks of being in the company wasn't enough. It made me wonder if she was just being rude to me to try to boot me out of the company because I wasn't making her money. Anyway, that is my review about this horrible affiliate company. Don't join this company if you aren't perfect and may make one mistake, don't do parties and make her a bunch of money. You will be on her crap list and she may try to scare you off the company by being rude to you and then talk bad about you to the groups behind your back after you are gone. It does not matter if you are very nice to her or not, she doesn't care and clearly will be rude to you. She talks bad about her former affiliates in her videos as well, which you are suppose to watch every one of them as well with the rest of the stuff that just keeps coming up that you are supposed to do.


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