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Amplify Your Vocal Stories In a Quora Space

Invitation To Join A New Quora Space For Vocal Writers

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 3 years ago Updated 5 months ago 5 min read
Amplify Your Vocal Stories In a Quora Space
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I am a new writer on Vocal. Precisely, this is my third story. It is fun to write on this platform. I have a strong affinity for writers and creators.

However, I am not new to writing and not definitely to social media. Risking to show my chronological age, I have been participating in social media since it was created. As a technologist, I participated in the development of several social media tools in the early nineties.

One of my writing goals is to collaborate with other writers. I enjoy mentoring and being mentored. Collaboration can be synergetic and bring serendipitous encounters. Our success as a writer can correlate with the size and functionality of our networks. My preference is meaningful and reciprocal networking.

The purpose of this post is to introduce a new Quora Space that I created to collaborate with Vocal writers and help each other to amplify our stories easily and meaningfully.

I established multiple Quora Spaces serving different purposes. Some of them received thousands of followers. In this story, I only focus on the one which is relevant to Vocal writers.

Quora can be an ideal platform for Vocal writers.

Sharing your Vocal stories on Quora is simple and easy.

All you need to do is copy and paste the link of your story. Then, click the submit button. You create an opportunity for your stories to be visible to potential readers in a few minutes.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let me explain.

How to get started

The first action is to join Quora if you don't have an account yet.

You can create a Quora account by following the instructions from the official Quora site:

The second action is to join the new Quora Space that I created for you.

Here is the link for Quora Space for Vocal Writers.

Once you join this Space, you can start submitting your stories.

Quora Spaces require moderation. This means that I need to approve your story link to be published on my Quora Space.

However, I can make you a moderator if you send me a request.

Being a moderator for the Quora Space can make your job more comfortable in the long run and give you great flexibility. Once you become a moderator for the Quora Space for Vocal Writers, you can directly add the links to your stories.

Another great benefit of Quora Space is the opportunity to tweet and post your Quora links to Facebook pages directly.

I look forward to hosting your Vocal stories and promoting them to my social media networks. I do this over 6,000 writers in other platforms and enjoy cross-pollinating writers.

For the beginners, I want to introduce Quora briefly.

What is Quora?

Quora is another social media network like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

However, it is unique in some ways.

The uniqueness of Quora comes from questions and answers about anything and everything.

There are millions of questions created by millions of Quora users.

Many of these questions are indexed by search engines. Search engine queries such as by Google or Bing use Quora answers a lot. They usually top the list.

It is important to note that Quora has a high domain and content authority. Therefore, I highly recommend writers to share their content in Quora and amplify them using Quora Spaces.

What is Quora Space?

Quora offers a creative extension to questions and answers. The extension is named Quora Spaces. This feature allows writers to add links to their stories and even write articles on the Quora Spaces.

I resemble Quora Space to a blog.

Writers can share their experiences using various interactive ways in Quora Spaces. For example, you can leave comments on stories and links, post and embed them to your other social media sites.

I can provide details and mentor you about Quora Spaces once you join this new Space. We can learn from each other.


I know that writers need visibility of their profiles and content. Unless we take personal responsibility for promoting our content, our readers will not be able to find our stories. The market is saturated. There are myriad of content platforms, thousands of writers, and millions of stories. And the current economic climate is making the situation even more difficult.

There are many ways to promote our stories. One of the best ways for writers is to collaborate on social media. In this story, my focus was on Quora Spaces. I used a specific Quora Space to invite writers to collaborate with other writers and share content easily, creatively, and meaningfully.

Sharing content in Quora Spaces does not take much time. It is also straightforward. Investing a few minutes of our time to promote our stories via Quora can pose excellent return in our invested time.

Did I mention that Quora Spaces are free to use?

And more interestingly, if Quora like your content, especially questions and answers, they may even offer you to their partner program and pay you for the content you create for Quora. This is another article topic.

I look forward to collaborating with you in this new Quora Space that I created for Vocal Writers.

You are all welcome to join.

Thank you for reading my perspective.

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