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9 Ways to Increase Your Organic (Non-Paid) Reach on Facebook

Don't pay for traffic or ads until you have read and applied these strategies!

By Mila VCPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Facebook Lives are unparalleled! 

In case you don’t already know, your organic reach is the amount of people who see your content without you paying to boost posts or place ads.

This is important for business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out and want to keep costs low or those who don’t have a large marketing budget. It’s also good for those who don’t (yet) have a Facebook page and are using their own profile to build their business(es).

So here are 9 Ways to Increase your Organic Reach on Facebook!

I. Facebook Doesn't Like Promotional Content

Links, obvious ads, hard sales posts = a big fat X from Facebook!

As I always’s social media not selling media, don’t abuse it to spam sales posts.

II. Build Your Authority

When you position yourself as a leader, it helps build your influence level how well you can influence your audience to action; just make sure you are attracting the right audience who are likely to be willing to take this action.

Don’t forget to entertain and inspire as well as educate!

It is also important to nurture your market and the leads you generate from it.

III. Persuade to Take Action

Use persuasion techniques to encourage engagement:

Ask questions.

Keep it short, so your audience doesn’t lose interest and just not bother responding.

Give your audience a clear Call To Action so they know exactly what you are wanting them to do

Try not to say things like, “like if you agree” or “comment if you agree”

IV. Follow Facebook's Engagement Guide

Here is a list of what Facebook considers before showing you any posts in your news feed. Work backwards and ensure that you can fulfill these with your posts:

How recent the post is

How often the user posts

Current interaction on the post

Usefulness of the post

The likelihood of you commenting

Your relevance score with the poster

V. Strong Brand Presence

Reinforce your brand to your audience consistently. It is so important that they understand that you’re not just “another marketer” or “another salesperson.”

You are a BRAND — Show it off! Be proud!

Make sure it sticks in people’s minds and they recognise it as soon as they see it! Also use Facebook as a way to cross-promote other parts of your brand such as other social media platforms, products, blogs etc.

VI. Timeless Content

Try to publish as much timeless content as you can, this way it will stay engageable (made-up word?) and show up in people’s newsfeeds for longer.

VII. Weekly Facebook Checker

Each week, go through all of your posts from that week and note down the content of the posts, how many reactions, comments, shares, etc. you got and see if you are able to re-purpose the most popular ones to build more engagement in the future.

You can also curate other people’s content (this does NOT mean copy and paste!). Look at topics and subjects that others are having a lot of engagement on and note them down as something to revisit in a week or two. Do your own research and use your own wording to come up with something new and unique!

VIII. Keep Your Email List Updated

Tell your email list when you publish a post that you would like a lot of engagement and interaction on.

IX. Go Live

Go live (or second best post a video). Make sure it is packed with value and content that your target audience would find educational and interesting. You can then (after checking the rules of each) share this video into groups and generate organic leads that aren’t in your friends list.

These are just a few of the ways that you can expand your organic reach online and attract more of your target audience!

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To your success,

The Boss Code 🖤

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