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Possibly the Most Profitable Way of Marketing...

Are you doing it?

By Mila VCPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

If you know The Boss Code or have seen some of our most recent blogs, e-Books and courses you will probably be aware that we are craaaazy about…

E-Mail Marketing!

It just seems like so many are missing out on some incredible earning opportunities within their business by not utilizing (or not at all using) e-mail marketing!

First of all, let’s look at a question you should always ask yourself before you even start to plan your email…

"What is the purpose of this email? What do I want my customers to do? What is my desired outcome or end result from this email?"

Once you have asked yourself this, it will become a lot clearer how you should approach your subscribers, what language to use, what persuasive techniques to throw in etc.

The way in which you should format your email will become more apparent when you have an end goal in mind.

You also need to make sure you are thinking about the recipient, and you are providing content that they would want to see, not just what you want them to see.​​

Once you take all of this into consideration you will be able to create and structure a good email.

Make sure you are sticking to the 80/20 rule – much like on social media where your posts should be 80% lifestyle, entertainment and (most importantly) value and then the remaining 20% are where you can talk business, your emails should be much the same structure.

With the 80%, however, don’t waste an email opportunity on humour and entertainment with no real Call To Action or result for you – always make sure that the 80% is value driven, but still give your readers something to click through to for traffic, engagement or even sales, just don’t do any hard selling.

With the 20%, you can go for the sell, but make sure to leave a good amount of time between each so that your subscribers don’t think its something you are going to continue to bombard them with forcing them to unsubscribe!

Here are a few tips to help you style your emails to ensure that people open them!

From Address[email protected] (sorry if this is yours) is NOT a professional looking email address – it can cost pence to get yourself a nice domain, it really is worth it, your readers are going to see it so make it professional!

Another tip for the from address is make sure it is NOT a ‘no-reply’ address – it just looks super impersonal and kinda says “we don’t want to hear back from you” LOL!

Subject Line – this NEEDS to make people want to open the email, make sure you measure what subject lines have got the most opens (along with times you have sent those emails of course) so you know for the future.

Avoid words such as FREE, MONEY, BUY, SALE etc. as a lot of email providers will deem the email spammy and itll go straight to junk!

Pre-header – this is the first line of the email, so your reader is likely to see this as kinda a “preview” before they open, so make sure this is decent too!

Header and Body – make sure these are interesting enough to encourage the subscriber to read on! Also think about the devices people are using – it might look great on a computer but if it’s long theyre likely to be having to scroll for ages on a phone, so just bear that in mind!

CTA – you need to remember the purpose you came up with before you drafted the email, keep this in mind as you choose your CTA(s) – you don’t want to give your audience too many things to think about or click, so just stick to the one!

And PLEASE – swallow your pride and provide a link for them to unsubscribe! Most will just stop opening the emails which, let’s admit, hurts a lot less than getting that awful “someone has unsubscribed to your list, you must have been sending them crap” notification! If they can’t find the unsubscribe link, you can bet they will find the SPAM button!

To your success,

The Boss Code ♥︎


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Mila VC

Business Success Coach helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Build, Develop, Launch and Succeed in their Businesses and Create Opportunities to Generate an Income From Home Alongside Current Commitments.

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