6 Tips for Making Your Next Cell Phone Store Visit Go Smooth

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6 Tips for Making Your Next Cell Phone Store Visit Go Smooth

You may have preconceived thoughts about salesmen. Your ideas were probably taught to you by an adult figurehead. They would say things like, “Those people really don’t care about you. They just want to make a sale!” And yes, that is partially correct. I do want to make a sale, but I also want to make sure my customer is taken care of. I’m not in this game strictly for myself. I enjoy putting a smile on a customer’s face or helping someone get their bill lowered. I know I like my bill to be less. I assume you do as well. Why not share in that?

But being in wireless sales has not been all roses and daisies. It smells like urine. Mainly from the guy that got angry and decided to take a pee on the sales floor. You think you had a bad day because your phone got cracked, but have you ever had to clean up another man’s pee? I hope you haven’t. There were other days that I’ve had customers scream and cuss me out for something another rep did at an entirely different location. I wasn’t even a part of the transaction, but here I am being screamed at like I’m not even worth common courtesy. And guess what? I really don’t care if you decide to go to another company. Stop threatening me with that. At this point, I’d much rather you do that very thing.

I know that story makes it seem rough (it is at times), but there are certain customers I have that come in, and I get a hug every time. Those are customers that have been kind, and in return, I’ve gone very far out of my way to make sure their experience is fantastic no matter what is going on. I also have a little girl that comes in regularly just to show me her grades, and I was the one that proudly helped her get her first phone for keeping straight A’s. I also purchased her a case because I was proud! Moments like those are few and far between, but they make the job worth it. My regulars love coming in and chatting with me for a few minutes while I process their payments. I’ve heard countless fishing stories, and have a few fishing trips planned with a couple of the old guys as well!

So yes, sales can be a rough gig. We have quotas to reach, and that sometimes makes particular reps dishonest. I’m sorry if you have ever dealt with any of these shady characters. They eventually get caught and get fired, but the good ones stick around because their customers love them. Now that we have talked about that I want you to take a few tips to make your next phone purchase go smooth.

  1. Every time you purchase a phone, you will always hear a sales pitch about how you need a case. Yes, that rep is getting commission off of the case. Why is it a bad thing though? He/she has helped you through the long process of getting your brand new shiny phone? You know you need a case (if you think you don’t then we will see you again very soon to get you ANOTHER PHONE). Maybe the case seems a little overpriced, and yes you could get it online cheaper, but why in the world not help that rep out a little. Purchase the case and screen protector! Throw the guy a bone. If you don’t, then his manager is going to chew him out right after you leave. We are required to have a particular accessory rate, and there are times when not reaching that rate could cost a rep their job. So please, plan ahead and grab a case.
  2. Next, you really need to take a chill pill. If there are billing issues, then realize the rep did not cause the problem. We are not in control of those things. If the companies computers mess up and charge your bill an extra 50 bucks, then let us know, be polite, and relax. We have you covered, and in about 20 minutes, we will get your bill back in order. Also, if there is a long line, and you have to wait, stop doing that stupid sighing. It’s really irritating, and we already have a really negative opinion of you as soon as you walk up to the counter. We can’t rush every single customer. It takes time to work some issues out. If you had a problem, then you wouldn’t want me to rush through it. Let me respect the customer I have, and allow me to take the right amount of time to get their issues resolved as well. You are not our only customer.
  3. Delete the porn/nudes out of your phone. Yeah, I don’t want to see what you do in your spare time. Throwing (never actually throw me your cellphone) me your phone and expecting me to like you when I see Pornhub pulled up is not going to happen. Show some respect. And guys, some of you hand the ladies your phones with a dick picture already pulled up. Well, guess what? We talk about it afterward and laugh about how gross it looked. DON’T DO IT!
  4. If your phone falls in the TOILET, don’t hand it to me and then tell me it’s been in the toilet. I will literally get angry with you right there on the spot. My regional managers will back us up on this. It’s disgusting, and we will leave a nasty note on your account for all future reps to read. Yes, we do leave notes on your account for others to see. So if you act like a prick to one of us, then all of us are going to know. We also leave comments for those of you that are awesome. It swings both ways here.
  5. Also, being honest with us goes a long way. We know that you dropped your phone. Don’t tell us the cracks just appeared there. We know they didn’t. As soon as we realize you aren’t honest, then your credibility plummets immediately. I will not trust you, and that makes for a frustrating experience on both sides. Tell us what happened, and we will try to come up with the best solution for you. Give it a shot and watch the relief flood your reps face.
  6. And finally, just enjoy the visit. Chat with us and laugh. We enjoy giving you a hand and don’t mind the small talk. Take a business card and come in next time to deal with that same rep. The more connected you are to one of us the more personal it is. This can be a friendship, but you have to allow that friendship to grow. I have run to customers' houses after work just to check on their home phone service because I literally care about them. They made a connection with me, and I don’t mind making a quick stop to see what’s going on. Trust me, a little bit of kindness will go a long way.
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