5 Emotional Marketing Strategy Can Turn The Tide In The Battle

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To draw your audience attention and making them loyal customer there is nothing as effective as emotional marketing

5 Emotional Marketing Strategy Can Turn The Tide In The Battle
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Humans are subject to being emotional and most of the time they take serious decisions based on emotion, not logic. When you use emotion in your marketing strategy you are not only increasing the chance of conversion but also making your customer loyal to your brand. It is not a theory, it has been proven in many marketing campaigns that people buy emotion not logic.

In a recent survey on 2 separate marketing campaigns, it has been proven that emotional marketing strategy performed at least 53% more efficiently than other campaigns that use logic in marketing. And most of the time customers become loyal as they attached with emotion on that product or brand. I can give you numerous examples of emotional marketing strategies that can attach customers with products like glue.

For example, think about the iPhone. People would do anything to buy an iPhone even if they have to break up with their girlfriend. Most of the time having an iPhone means so much to an iPhone lover. Here, the iPhone did a great job and win the hearts of their customers & attached them with emotion.

An iPhone user does not buy an iPhone using their logic, they became emotional about the iPhone, and even with its simple trademark ringtone. They love that default ringtone so much that they even do not want to change it. Also, it is the purpose of exposing to others that they have an iPhone in their pocket.

This is a perfect example of emotional marketing. Now, in this article, I will talk about 5 different emotional marketing strategies that you can use to get an advantage in your campaign.

Facebook Advertising Platform

Facebook is a perfect marketing platform in this digital era. They have more than 25 billion visitors every month & it is estimated that a user spends about 43 minutes on average on Facebook every day. With that huge number of highly active customer bases, all around the globe, it is a gold mine for business marketing. Here are a few effective & proven emotional marketing tactics you can try out.

1. Produce a “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) advertisement which is very effective in social media ads. An example format, “More than 5 Million webmasters safeguard their websites from a recent brute force attack by using our VPN. What about your website? Is it safe?” A message like that surely will make your audience curious and your CTR (Click-through rate) will increase.

2. Your audience will become even more curious when you going to ask them a question in your ad message. For example, “Do you know how Amazon increased their conversation rate by 73% using a simple but effective marketing tool?” Here you left curiosity on audience mind by not letting them know the answer right away & this is an effective trick to increase your CTR.

3. Another tricky strategy is “humor your audience”. Just forget about all the formalities, acting informal & hilarious in front of the audience is a very effective marketing strategy nowadays. If you can humor your audience then chances are your ad will get at least 200% more likes and shares than usual.

These 3 are just basic structures of an emotional strategy for a marketing campaign. This is a creative field, use your imagination, and understand your audience to develop your own strategy.

The Postcard Can Be The Trump Card

It is true that our world is moving towards digital technology and physical marketing strategy is getting less effective day by day. However, do not forget that we are talking about the emotional marketing strategy here. It doesn’t matter what you are using in your marketing campaign whether it is a physical object or digital tech, in the end, our goal is to become successful.

In the emotional point of view postcard is a very effective tool to invoke emotional satisfaction maybe positive emotion or negative but it doesn’t matter, emotion is what we want to utilize in our marketing. Also, postcard still holds the traditional value or should I say antic value among the audience, therefore, use it wisely.

For example, you can send a memorable postcard to your targeted audience it is a unique style of advertisement that can cause an emotional effect on them. However, you have to understand them first. In case your customer is gamer then you can design your postcard based on some old games that would make them experience nostalgia.

Though it does not necessarily always have to be a niche base, any old good memories that your audience gives value will do it. By using this marketing technique, you can build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Tell An Emotional Story By Using Video

This is a unique and innovative way to market your brand among your audience and make them emotionally attached at the same time. Become formal in a marketing campaign is long gone, in this competitive era creativity rules and one of that creativity is to make a storytelling video and connect it with your brand or product. Your audience won’t bored & you get the chance to send them a message through entertainment.

I have even seen some innovative short movies that are actually an advertisement. Very clever, you don’t even know that they are marketing their brand to you. For example, on mother’s day, you may create a video about how a girl makes her mom happy by sending her a gift that your brand produces. Alternatively, how that girl makes her mom happy by using your delivery service to send her a little gift that she made by herself.

Your brand becomes a hero in this video and wins the heart of the audience. By creating this video, you do passive marketing and create emotional awareness among your audience.

Leverage Instagram to Getting in Touch With Audience

Instagram is a popular photo & video sharing platform among civilians & actors from movies. You may have already noticed that many actors posted their informal day to day activities in Instagram status. This is another perfect example of emotional marketing. Here actors are racing to attach themselves with their fans through emotional marketing by showing their day to day life & activities.

It's so obvious, if your audience does not see you regularly they could forget your face. In order to stay in the heart of your audience, you have to utilize this platform and appear in front of them. Not necessarily have to market your product or brand but if you can become informal and entertain them through images and videos about anything that is emotional then it will work.

Your audience will get in touch with your brand and become a loyal customer. Next time they want to buy something related to your niche, first, they will think about your brand. Again, it is a perfect example of passive marketing.

Drive Communities to Make Patron

It is rather a common marketing strategy that can be found among big brands and political leaders. You may have seen that most of the time big brands & political leaders contribute to save the environment, help peoples with natural disasters. This is another way to market your brand passively. You win the heart of the community not by selling your products but standing on their side in their time of need.

For a real-life example, Amazon committed to helping its employees and suppliers all over the world in the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic with a total of $25 million funds. As you can see, around the world people will emotionally attach to the Amazon brand because they are taking care of their employees and suppliers in time of their needs. There is no active marketing from Amazon, it is called passive emotional marketing.


Emotional marketing strategy standouts from all other types of strategy and tactics. However, it is diversified and varies from community to community. One emotional tactic may be very effective to one type of community while the same tactic can be lethal to other communities. Therefore, It’s up to you how you going to approach. For effectiveness, you should analyze your target audience to learn their interests and dislikes. Then plan your marketing strategy based on that.

You should remember one simple fact, and that is – Emotional marketing strategy is like a double-edged sword, if you misjudge your audience's feelings and drive an opposite emotional tactic then the result will be devastating. Instead of getting loyal customers, you may lose them forever.

Arif Chowdhury
Arif Chowdhury
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