How Social Media Management Tools Can Grow Your Online Business

Become digitalized with the help of social media platforms to broaden your reach in online marketing.

How Social Media Management Tools Can Grow Your Online Business
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In this digital era, social media is becoming an essential part of our day to day life. Some even talk about its negative effect on our social life that we are getting far away from each other because of excessive attraction to these social media platforms.

In any case, people tend to stay active and get in touch through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. more than they do physical interaction. In a survey, it stated that people stay active in social media 142 minutes on average per day. And maybe because of those reasons social media platforms become an enormous free market for all types of business.

Why Social Media Management Is Vital For Business

Social media is no longer just a place to hang out with friends, rather it's becoming a gold mine for business opportunity seekers. Just look when you scroll down on Facebook how many advertise you have seen or even in your messenger inbox.

Though it seems a gold mine for business however, running a marketing campaign in social media requires vast knowledge about it. Not only that, how to manage a business page, communicating with fans and customers, tracking & managing potential leads. To run all of these essential tasks smoothly and efficiently Social media management tools can be very effective.

Good thing is – there are many management tools out there, just do a Google search and you may find hundreds of them, however, some of them are cheap & some of them are expensive, but in the end, you need to know about your goal to choose the right one that suits your needs.

Direct Social Communication With Customers

One thing that is unique in social media is that – It allows brands and consumers to interact with each other directly in real-time without any boundary. This effectively reduces the communication gap between business and consumer.

By giving both the ability to send messages directly, following up brand activity in real-time, giving feedback through comments and reviews, a powerful forum where nothing is hidden anymore. Therefore, brands have a chance to present themselves crystal clear in front of their audience to gain reputation, trust, and mass awareness.

According to a recent study of social media brand awareness, 63% of customers expect to communicate with brands through a social business page and 42% of them expect a reply from their inquiry within an hour. On top of that, to make it an important factor Facebook has a response rate based on how fast a business page responds to their clients. This response rate can be shown in front of their audience to gain trust and reputation.

It is so obvious when the audience sees a fast response rate from a business page they take it as an active page while a low response rate is considered to be an inactive one. Therefore, in social media activity and fast response is vital for a business.

For example, you may see some page posting every 2-3h and a very fast response rate of 20-30 minutes. This, however, requires a large team to maintain a business page. Sometimes it can be very expensive when your brand has millions of audiences and getting thousands of comments and messages every day.

To maintain these complex tasks social media management tools can be very effective as it offers one single platform to maintain all of your social media accounts no matter how many of them. A command center to control them all. You don’t even have to log in to individual social accounts to check messages, instead just login into one platform to see them all in one mega inbox.

Manage Multiple Social Media Account From One Platform

Those who have several personal social media accounts do not have any problem because they are bound by any obligation, rules whatsoever. But for a brand, there are many bindings and if they do not follow those fans will start to leave. And the consequence would be bad as the business will lose their revenue.

In that case, a brand page or profile requires constant activities. You have to respond, track, communicate, follow-ups, etc. It still wouldn’t be a problem for a large team however, when you have millions of followers things can be complicated.

Simple login and checking things out can be hard enough as you have millions of followers with several thousands of responses, messages, inquiry and on top of that, you have many social accounts, not just one. Having a social media management tool can reduce this pressure as you need to login only once to see them all.

Smart Way To Manage Customer Relationship

Things have improved since the beginning of the social media platform, as now they have autoresponders with several useful features. However, it is still not enough for real business needs. The way autoresponders work we call it “canned response”.

This kind of response won’t take you far enough to handle millions of audience, as you cannot track conversations like CRM software. To build a business on a social media platform you need to track specific conversation to follow up later, sharing with your sales team to develop a relationship to convert a potential lead to a paid customer.

With the help of social media management tools, you can record any number of conversations and the ability to tag with team members, search specific conversation, comments, feedback, assign a task to other members, share files, documents among team members, group conversation and many more for better collaboration. Therefore, just like a real business environment, you will have access to a CRM platform by utilizing social media management tools.

Intelligent Team Management

If your social media page is small and receives few responses from your audience then most of the time a single person can handle it with ease. However, when it comes to millions of audiences and you receive thousands of messages, comments & feedbacks daily then it’s impossible to handle all of these individually. A large team member can handle it, however, it’s not that easy as it sounds.

For example, sometimes it may happen that one customer may receive several responses from your different customer service team members while another customer inquiry simply just slipped away from all of them. This is embarrassing despite all efforts from your team.

Social media built-in systems are not enough that’s why you need special tools that social media management software provides, with their unique ability to share among the team members for collaboration can be very effective. A team leader can assign tasks to each member to follow up potential leads by tagging their specific conversation, feedback, or even comments, therefore, nothing is hidden anymore & each inquiry can be tracked individually with history records. A systematic approach for better performance.

Secure Account Management

Social media account hacking is not an astonishing event nowadays, with various tools even a non-hacker can hack social media accounts. It can be a real problem when your business has a large team of social media moderators across all platforms. It’s complex and hard to monitor which member account has been hacked. No guarantee of moderation when this happens, it’s simply compromising your social page permission level.

If this happens that an anonymous post has been published and it is non-standard or classified information, then not only will it be hilarious to competitors but also devastating for your brand's reputation & trustworthiness.

To prevent this you need social media account management tools that can provide you a central command hub to maintain all moderator's accounts with a few clicks of a button, even an automation system will notify you if any breach of security happens anywhere. Unusual behavior from a moderator account can also be detected and notify you immediately.


To become successful in the social media platform you need to be active 24/7 and fast in response and reaction towards your audience. Thanks to social media management tools they are offering you a powerful analytic tool to track your brand performance from paid advertising to organic activities, engagements from customers, conversation with the audience, track potential leads, etc.

And combining all you can easily manage your presence in social media platforms and be able to gain trust and reputation among your clients. And by getting success in this platform you not only gain loyal customers for your business but also gain passive advertisement solutions as your loyal customer will advertise your brands on behalf of you. When your post becomes viral across all social channels your brand will get mass awareness that no other paid advertisement can pull that off.

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Arif Chowdhury
Arif Chowdhury
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