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An Interview With DavidEAnderson100

by Chloe Gilholy 3 years ago in Creators
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Getting to know Wattpad authors

David Anderson loves to write: the good and bad and the ugly. As a fellow Depeche Mode fan, I'm happy he's come onboard with my interview project.

Chloe Gilholy: What made you become a writer?

David Anderson: When I was younger I wrote a lot of poetry, and became obsessed with the works of Byron and Poe. Through them my interest in literature blossomed. I began reading Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, and Bret Easton Ellis. I guess reading On The Road by Kerouac was the biggest influence on my desire to be a writer. However, then life happened, and my little dream went firmly on the back-burner (though it was always at the back of my mind). About eight years ago I moved to a small Spanish coastal village. Maybe it was the escape from the rat-race, or the fact that I'd turned thirty, and was no longer a young man anymore, but suddenly that little voice in my head began to grow louder and louder. I knew I had to start writing.

2. What brought you to Wattpad?

At one point I was toying with the notion of self-publishing, and did a bit of research on-line. I happened on an article that mentioned Wattpad as an alternative and my interest was piqued. Cue more research. The more I read, the more Wattpad sounded like the place for me. I was especially drawn to idea that here was a platform, which allowed you to interact with your readers. I firmly believe that this is the site's main attribute, along with the fact that Wattpad avails you of the opportunity to promote your work and build an audience.

3. What is the latest project you’re working on?

In my teenage years I was a voracious reader of True-crime books, Mafia biographies, books about famous fraudsters, and infamous armed-robbers. Basically, everything save for serial-killers (they held no interest for me whatsoever). Whilst living in Spain, I befriended a retired British detective and a former armed-robber (Yep, as my mum used to say, I go from one extreme to the other). Through listening to their many fascinating tales, I began to get an idea for a story. Along with the multitude of anecdotes I also picked up on some of the vernacular into the bargain, which was of immense help when writing the dialogue (of which my story is top heavy with). It's called Criminal Circles, although I've been toying with the idea of changing the title to The Last Outlaws.

4. Have you ever been published outside of Wattpad?

I was published in e-book form by a small publishing-house based in Albany two years ago.

5. What’s your greatest achievement as a writer?

Having my story published. From the two-three thousand manuscripts the publishing-house receives every year, they publish about sixty to seventy stories, so it was a huge honour that they took a chance on my story.

6. What are your writing goals?

To hold a print copy of one of my stories in my hand. That is the goal I aspire to, and will never stop striving to achieve.

7. What’s your favourite thing about writing for Wattpad?

Interacting with readers. As a writer I'm afflicted with more neuroses than Freud would know what to do with, so reading a comment from a reader saying they enjoyed some aspect of your work is like a miracle-cure, and provides me with the inspiration to keep on pushing through.

8. What are your pet peeves about writing for Wattpad?

So far, my experience with Wattpad has been positive. I've been lucky to meet with some hugely talented writers that inspire me to push myself harder, and some amazing readers that have offered me the encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing. So, no real peeves.

9. Aside from Wattpad, are there any other sites you’ve written for?

I have tried two others (which shall go nameless), which haven't been of the same standard I've grown accustomed to with Wattpad.

10. Where do you see your writing journey in five years?

Hopefully with that copy of my book in my hand, he says with the glint of a mad dreamer in his eye. But as long as I am enjoying writing, and while people are appreciating my efforts, I'll still keep clicking away on the keyboard.

11. How would you feel about someone making fanwork based on your stories?

I would take it as the ultimate compliment, which of course it is. In a way I think all writers have an element of fanwork in their stories. We've all been inspired by writers whose books we've read and enjoyed. Or people we have met in life. My first story Bright Midnight was in no small way inspired by Bret Easton Ellis, who in turn was indebted to Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was said to have used the first-mate of his boat the Pilar as the model for Santiago, the fisherman in The Old Man and the Sea.

12. Which Wattpad books, that you’ve written do you feel best displays your writing talents?

I would have to say Bright MIdnight. As my other story is more dialogue based, Bright Midnight has the advantage with it's descriptive language and world-building. However they are both completely different stories, that employ vastly different writing techniques, so it's difficult to judge one over the other. I'm proud of both stories.


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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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