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An Interview with Thatservergirl

by Chloe Gilholy 3 years ago in Creators
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Getting to know the Wattpad Authors

If I'm not traveling to soils I've never stepped on, then you'll find me in a neighborhood cafe sipping on some cafe au lait or matcha latte while reading a book in my hand or typing away my thoughts. - Thatservergirl (A.K Reys)

Chloe Gilholy: What made you become a writer?

Thatservergirl: Oof. A writer? I never really considered myself a writer, just someone who likes to write stories. But to answer the question, it was after I read Frank McCourt's autobiography Angela's Ashes. I loved the book so much it made me start reading more and I wanted to do the same, except I don't think I can be as honest as he was in his book. So, instead, I write fiction, but I do admit that the majority of my contents are based on real characters, events, settings. (This was a long answer, sorry.)

What brought you to Wattpad?

After stumbling upon the trailer for AFTER by Anna Todd on IG.

What is the latest project you’re working on?

It's a novel titled Temporary Love.

Have you ever been published outside of Wattpad?

No. I wish.

What’s your greatest achievement as a writer?

Starting my novel (Temporary Love) back in 2014 and having written over 55k words. I still can't believe I've written that much. Sometimes it surprises me that I actually wrote all those things when I go back and edit it months or years after.

What are your writing goals?

I guess like any other 'writers,' being able to publish a book and have a hard copy of it. I'm sure I'll care if it'll sell or not. But just imagine after endless nights, trips to the coffee shops, drinking god knows how many cups of coffees, years of writing and editing, believing, discouraging and believing in my self again —all that is paid off when I can finally flip through pages and pages of my own written work.

What’s your favourite thing about writing for Wattpad?

It's a community. Wattpad gives us, the readers and writers, the chance to discover hidden gems from other people and from ourselves. In my short time using Wattpad, I can say that I have learned so much after publishing my first story. The readers don't necessarily have to be professional editors. Every set of eyes are blessing in disguise to people who love to write and share a part of themselves through their writings.

What are your pet peeves about writing for Wattpad?

Not being exposed enough. I know it's a lot of work. I've read about it. I try to be as active as possible. It's a give-and-take type of community and that's fair.

Aside from Wattpad, are there any other sites you’ve written for?

I've written some poems on Wordpress, but that was 5 years ago.

Where do you see your writing journey in five years?

I am certain that I'll still be writing in five years, whether privately or professionally (I wish!). I do hope that I'll be finished with my novel by then. I'm sure I will since Wattpadd forces me to update at least weekly for my reader(s) (still can't believe I have people who follow my work. It's AH-mazing).

How would you feel about someone making fanwork based on your stories?

I would definitely appreciate it! That just means you've inspired someone and that has always been a motto in my life: Inspire others. I travel to inspire myself and share that inspiration with others to see the world.

Which Wattpad books that you’ve written do you feel best displays your writing talent

Well, I've only written one so far and it's still ongoing: Temporary Love. I feel like I've poured myself in that book since 2014 and I will keep on doing it to prove myself that I can be a 'writer.'

Thank you for doing this interview with me. I wish you the best of luck in your writing journey.


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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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