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LeBron jokingly laments not being the first-ever unanimous MVP, quipping, "You know who ruined it? A Boston writer, that's who."

Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn was the lone sportswriter who did not give LeBron his first-place vote.

By Satyabrata DasPublished about a month ago 3 min read

2013 was an amazing year for LeBron James. The Miami Heat won a second straight NBA title that year, marking James’ ring No.2. King James also scored his second and second consecutive two trophies that season: MVP and Finals MVP. Still, according to King James, it should have been a better year.

During the MVP voting, James received 120 out of a possible 121 first-place votes and fell short of becoming the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. Eventually, that went to Stephen Curry, who received all first-place votes during the 2015-16 season MVP voting.

According to LeBron, he could've been the first to accomplish that feat.

"I also had the opportunity to be, I would've been the first unanimous MVP where I got all 120 votes. But I got 119. There was one vote where he voted for Carmelo…The writer is from Boston, of course. I know his name too, but I ain't going to give him that light just yet, I'll wait for the doc on that." said LeBron during his recent appearance on The Shop podcast.

LeBron also said he should've won DPOY that same year

The same season, LeBron also said that he should’ve won the Defense Player of the Year award and the MVP trophy, but the media voted for Marc Gasol. Later, Gasol did not get named to the All-Defensive First team, and James said that that still bothers him to this day and that is the reason that it is like Beyonce did not win Album of the Year.

And, again, back then, coaches were voting for the All-Defensive teams, and the media was voting for the award. After that scandal, the NBA changed its voting process and now, a media panel votes for the DPOY, and All-Defensive Teams.

"I don't know the answer. I don't know what it should be, but why are they voting if they're not watching the game? You're not studying the game, you're not listening to the peers of the game too, that's telling you like he's the best player, that's the best album." added LeBron.

No LeBron conspiracy

While, as per the recent LeBron’s interview, LeBron refused to name the Boston writer, it is already clear in public who the writer was: Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn. In 2013, Washburn claimed why he voted for Melo and not LeBron and denied that there was a conspiracy to prevent LeBron becoming the first unanimous MVP .

"I had no idea I would be the only voter to leave LeBron out of first," Washburn wrote. "This isn't Mrs. Wilson's class, I don't walk around asking fellow sportswriters their answers to the US History quiz. This isn't the Best Player in the Game award; it's the Most Valuable Player award, and I think what Anthony accomplished this season was worthy of my vote."

LeBron was referring to the year 2013, when he won his second NBA championship. At the same time, he felt that he did not receive enough personal recognition during that period. Initially, his only DPOY went to Marc Gasol, who “stole” the trophy from James. And now he was deprived of the title of the first-ever unanimous MVP in NBA history.


To conclude, LeBron James’ recent complaint about The Shop podcast represents his continuing frustration over the NBA awards process. Namely, he pointed out he should have been the first player to achieve the unanimous MVP title and that he did not receive the Defensive Player of the Year award. Although LeBron did not mention his disbelief regarding the Boston writer who denied him the unanimous MVP title, it is clear that the situation bothers him. Despite the controversy, it is important to note that the voting procedure for similar awards has been modified over time, and the NBA even changed the process to ensure a fair selection is made. In the end, LeBron’s statement demonstrates the subjective nature of such titles and the controversies surrounding this topic, underlining the ongoing problem of the player.


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