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About Nikolas Velikopoljski: Professional Journey

Discover the professional journey of Nikolas Velikopoljski, a Miami-based entrepreneur and founder of The Benefitted. Explore how Nikolas balances his entrepreneurial ventures with personal passions and philanthropic efforts.

By Nikolas VelikopoljskiPublished 18 days ago 3 min read

Nikolas Velikopoljski is an entrepreneur in Miami with fresh business ideas who actively participates in various community projects. Through The Benefitted, a luxury apparel and accessories company, Nikolas has become an entrepreneur with an appropriate identity in the fashion market. He targets solving specific market problems through innovations.

Early Life and Education

Nikolas has been an entrepreneur practically from birth. From childhood, he was inventive, searching for something better and trying to make changes in his environment according to his preferences. This talent for creativity was seen from his childhood to the extent of adorning his clothes with his desired designs. For instance, he changed a pair of bowling shoes into house slippers by shaving off the heel, and this was due to his conviction that clothing needs to be individualistic.

Nikolas Velikopoljski completed his university studies in 2017 at the University of Miami School of Business, where he attained a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management. He obtained his academic education and was equipped with business principles that he used when he practiced business.

Founding The Benefitted

The formation of The Benefitted was brought about by a realization made by Nikolas that flowed from a cost-cutting strategy. Specifically, in Miami, the Hard Rock Stadium did not allow the attendees to use traditional bags. Being aware of this deficiency, Nikolas came up with the branded vinyl fanny packs, which are stadium compliant and extremely useful. Thus, The Benefitted not only met the needs of the target audience but also became a recognizable brand that offers products that are beautiful and functional.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Thus, Nikolas is attracted by the unconventional, frequently chaotic schedule that comes with the status of an entrepreneur. He likes the freedom and the ability to always be on the search for the next great concept. This makes it possible for him to always be in touch with trends and remain relevant in his line of business.

Nikolas Velikopoljski also credits his father for his entrepreneurial drive since the man is an entrepreneur and an active community member in Miami. Following in his father's footsteps, Nikolas plans further to develop his participation in organizations and non-profit programs as the business expands. He is very devoted to community service because he has grown up engaging in charitable causes and leadership. In high school, he worked at Sisters of Sacred Heart – a homeless shelter- and participated in Leading Miami – a youth-led community leadership program. He also collaborated with Get Smart, an organization that supplies schools with essentials for underfunded schools in the Bahamas.

Personal Life and Interests

Aside from his business life, Nikolas cherishes his free time and likes to spend it with friends participating in leisure activities. He plays basketball every Friday with approximately 15 friends, which helps him maintain a good work-life balance. This social activity is a perfect way to escape the daily entrepreneurial routine and ensure that he does not become isolated from society.

Community Participation and Further Aspirations

Nikolas’s passion for paying it forward can be seen in his personal and professional life. He still actively participates in several charitable activities and intends to increase the scale of his philanthropy as the company develops. His plan for the future is to build better relationships with community organizations and get involved in projects that will help in the areas of education and welfare.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who has come a long way to prove a point, gain success and recognition, and also triumph in creativity, self-belief, and, precisely, the spirit of community. This makes him a worthy figure in the business world since he was able to identify and meet market needs while having a social responsibility. Thus, maintaining his focus on the benefits he can bring to The Benefitted and his field, Nikolas continues his development of the company and his contributions to society alike.

You can visit his official website for more insights into Nikolas Velikopoljski’s entrepreneurial journey and his latest ventures.​

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Nikolas Velikopoljski

Nikolas Velikopoljski, a Miami-based entrepreneur and founder of luxury brand The Benefitted, earned his Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management degree from the University of Miami School of Business in 2017.

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