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The Serpent's Regret:

A Hilariously Honest Conversation About That Apple (Definitely Not Clickbait)

By Richard WeberPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
The Serpent's Regret:
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Folks, let's be honest. For me, the entire Garden of Eden scenario has been a bit of a public relations nightmare. Prohibited Fruit? Eve is tempted? Yes, indeed, I am aware of the tale. Have you, however, ever heard me out? Not at all? Lucifer is going to spill the tea, which has been sweetened with forbidden berries, so fasten your fig leaves.

The apple, first things first? Bland. The hype was insane, really. With a single bite, Eve, god bless her heart, pretended to have found fire. News flash: we already had fire. When the whole apple incident occurred, we were grilling some amazing angel wings.

Now that we're talking about Eve, let's discuss the original influencer. Magnificent? Indeed. But credulous? Whoa, man. She's just chewing at the bit (pun intended) for a taste of this talking snake (talk about an antiquated marketing tactic), me offering her this whole spiel about knowledge and enlightenment. Never even inquired about the type of apple!

"Knowledge is forbidden?" She clutches the fruit as if it were the newest, limited-edition purse, gasping. "All right, that's resolved. I had to have it!" It was honestly like trying to get a baby to resist a shiny toy that you are holding out.

Now, some people prefer to portray me as this cunning antagonist. But let's not sugarcoat this. In the center of paradise, The Almighty placed a huge, bright "Do Not Eat" sign on a tree. It wasn't really nuanced. Not to be forgotten is Adam. Where had he been all this time? Like always, he was probably dozing off under a fig tree.

Speaking of ignorance, it seems that being expelled from Eden was meant to be a severe penalty. Again, shocking news: Earth wasn't all that horrible after all. There will be lots of intriguing critters to keep things lively, but no micromanaging angels telling you what to wear (fig leaves become uncomfortable, trust me). And rent is free! Can you even begin to picture Eden's real estate prices? It makes sense why they were so tense about a small piece of fruit.

I did learn a useful lesson from the entire ordeal, though: FOMO (fear of missing out) can be really powerful. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if I had simply marketed the apple as the "latest health craze among the celestial beings." However, I was forced to accept the entire "forbidden knowledge" narrative. Folks, this is marketing 101. My own epic failure.

To be clear, I don't particularly regret anything. Of course, there is the entire issue of eternal damnation, which is unfortunate. But hey, at least I have a fierce tan and a devoted fan base (cue the underworld's air horns).

Thus, keep in mind that there's always more to a story than meets the eye the next time you hear the one about the serpent and the apple. And perhaps, just possibly, balance your daily dosage of online indignation with a healthy dose of skepticism. Who knows what sort of marketing spin you're actually getting, after all?

I have a date with a six-headed hydra, so pardon me now. It seems that eight hydras out of ten would rather have a humorous mate. You get the idea.

Disclaimer: This is a humorous take on a biblical story. It is not intended to be a factual representation of religious events or beliefs. Please enjoy this content in the spirit of lighthearted parody.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Hahahahahahahaha this was both brilliant and hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Richard WeberWritten by Richard Weber

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