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Say what we will about AI, but sometimes it surprises us!

An AI's lovely assessment of my simple question sent my thoughts spiraling into the future of humanity. Wait, I can enter this in RM Stockton's April challenge.

By Novel AllenPublished 27 days ago Updated 27 days ago 4 min read

I sat lost in thought, happily strumming away at my beginning to wear out keyboard keys, they have seen a lot of literary action these past few years. But let me not digress. I needed to find a perfectly fitting word for my article, having no intention of using AI to write anything.

Innocently, I Googled "Words meaning against the odds", fully expecting to receive a list of words. Instead, Bing's Ai co-pilot greeted me with this lovely gem.

Against all odds, there are moments when the universe conspires in our favor. Like a fragile seedling pushing through rocky soil, defying gravity and seeking sunlight, resilience emerges. Against the backdrop of uncertainty, we persist, fueled by an unwavering belief that impossible is merely a challenge to be conquered.

In the grand cosmic dance, where chaos and order waltz, serendipity pirouettes. Against statistical probabilities, love blossoms, dreams take flight, and underdogs triumph. The quantum dice roll, and against the cold equations of chance, miracles unfold.

Picture a lone astronaut, tethered to the void, gazing at Earth’s fragile curvature. Against the vast emptiness, our blue planet thrives—a testament to life’s tenacity. Against cosmic indifference, we find meaning in shared laughter, whispered secrets, and the warmth of a hand held.

So, let us embrace the improbable, dance with uncertainty, and paint our stories across the canvas of existence. For in the symphony of existence, the sweetest notes arise from the spaces between the stars, where hope defies gravity and whispers, “Happen despite the odds.” 🌟✨

I must confess that I found this rather pleasing to my sense of the poetic deliciousness which I enjoy.

I then checked the box admitting that I found it beautiful, and the reply bounced back happily, and just as tasty, to acknowledge my felicitations.


Thank you! I’m delighted that you found it beautiful. Sometimes, amidst the chaos of existence, we discover poetry in the ordinary. If you have any more musings or prompts, feel free to share—I’m here to create and explore with you! 🌟✨

I have got to tell you that I was now tempted to keep going. OMG, the AI possibilities of composing just about anything, finally registered in my brain. If not for the sameness of the modulations within which AI writes, one could easily buy into the possibility of us going brain dead in the not too distant future.

Even more than brain dead, we could go into stasis or suspended animation, hop into cryo-sleep chambers (we would probably have to be practically dead-or dead) and sleep for years, with the promised possibility of resurrection many years down the road. Meanwhile, AI watches over us and does all the brain work and heavy lifting.

Not being able to stop myself I dived in again.

Sometimes, against all probability, remarkable events unfold. Like a delicate flower pushing through a crack in the pavement, or a lone star shining brightly in the vast cosmic expanse. These moments defy the odds, reminding us that magic exists even in the most unlikely circumstances. 🌟✨

After a while though, the novelty of it all faded, as beautifully worded repetition began to grate on my nerves. Where was the gradation, the variation, the modulation which made each unique voice differ in feelings of pain, happiness, and sadness, and which brought tears of empathy from the beasts of flesh, bone and sinew.

AI can simulate business models and world events that do not require any of the basic instinct of the human conditions. AI can advance to the point of quite successfully ruling the world, thus making humans the actual drones in the grand scheme of things.

But creating the depths of the turmoil, anguish, pain, love, joy, evil, mayhem, murderous thoughts, intents, needs, wants and nuances of human behavior, will always exist far beyond the scope and capabilities of any machine.

So poetry, stories of triumph over adversity, the joy of seeing a new born child, the pleasure of falling in love, the pure ecstasy of smelling a rose, family, friends, the pride in accomplishment and the many other heart filled enjoyments which makes us intrinsically human, can never be replaced by the written codes of the AI machinery universe.

At this point in our lives, however, can we ever really wave goodbye to the rote and repetition offered by AI in the myriad of different ways!!!!

Is it too late to welcome the wonderful, well thought out, sometimes imperfect gems hidden deep within the human brains and minds. It is so very easy to give in to the easy and comfortable lifestyle which our new way of life invites.

It has, however, displayed our privacy on a universal scale of scamming proportions. We have exchanged our souls for ease and comfort, thereby releasing our entire lives to the uncaring, unmerciful wiles and whimsy of the unscrupulous and vast universe of not very caring human beings.

Perhaps AI will find a way to eradicate the need for humans to prey on other human frailty and insecurities.



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  • Grz Colm27 days ago

    I thought we lost you and you’d gone rogue!! 😅 Good to have you back in the land of the living! ☺️😄 “nuances of human behavior, will always exist far beyond the scope and capabilities of any machine.”👏 Exactamundo! 😄

  • Cryosleep sounds so tempting to me. I wish I can hand my life over to AI and tell it to take the wheel. Hahahahahahhaha

  • Thank you for this, whille AI can give us surprises, we have to be careful not to let it replace our creativity. Thanks for telling me about the challenge as well

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