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Rooster's Millions

A Pitch Your Pilot Challenge Entry

By Dana StewartPublished 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 6 min read
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Title: Rooster's Millions

The vibe: The Beverly Hillbillies meets Married with Children and The Jefferson's

Tag line: Rags to riches isn't always the dream life


Rooster’s Millions is a hilarious sitcom that follows the adventures of a middle-class family that tries to infiltrate the New York socialite scene. After a lottery ticket purchased by mistake wins the Mega Millions jackpot, The Reynolds' family faces controversary within their humble neighborhood. Determined to be able to enjoy their newfound wealth, family patriarch, 'Rooster" decides to move the family to the epicenter of luxury, the rich people playground of New York City. Leaving their working class struggles behind in the small Kentucky town, The Reynolds' discover that there's no such thing as blending in and that being rich adds a whole new set of problems to everyday life.

Together, the Reynolds' family faces the challenges of adjusting to their new luxurious city life while staying true to their values and to each other. Rooster’s Millions is a delightful sitcom that combines humor, lots of heart, and relatable situations as the family learns many lessons that remind them that true wealth lies in the love and connections they share with each other.

The Main Characters:

The Dad: Robert ‘Rooster’ Reynolds, middle-aged, blue-collar background. This down to earth family man struggles with balance after becoming an overnight millionaire winning the lottery. This newly retired auto mechanic takes it upon himself to fix assorted problems in the family's new luxury penthouse while supervising his children's upscale hobbies. Despite his newfound wealth, he tries to maintain his humble roots and stay connected with his working-class background. However, his attempts to merge his past with his present often lead to misunderstandings. He's constantly trying to balance the extravagant desires of his family with his grounded perspectives, and this leads to comedic clashes and life lessons.

The Mom: Irene Reynolds, middle aged, loving pragmatic wife, new interior designer. Initially excited to embrace opportunities, Irene finds that interior design isn't as fulfilling as she thought and that designing for the rich can be physically draining. Much to her client's horrors Irene is determined to launch her 'rural' inspired collection, and she always has some cockamamie design implemented in her design scheme. From chicken leg lamps to sofas made entirely of hay bales, Irene navigates the challenges of adapting to a new career while keeping her family's best interests at heart. Her wit and resourcefulness often save the day when things go awry.

The daughter: Zoe Reynolds, the next movie star, 17 going on 30. Zoe embraced the move to the big city with open arms as logistically it made sense as she could audition for roles and pursue acting classes. Zoe struggles with ditching her southern accent. She dives headfirst into the fashion, music and social scene, often dragging her parents along for the ride. Zoe's desire to fit in with the 'it' crowd leads to awkward encounters and plenty of humorous reactions from Dad as he meets Zoe's new friends.

The son: Robert Jr, 15, nicknamed Buck for his elusive hunting expeditions that yielded no kills, is the rebel in the family. Buck didn't want to leave Kentucky and vows to return as soon as he is of age. Buck thinks the only good thing about NYC is the street cart vendors and food trucks, of which Buck is often seen munching on pretzels and hot dogs. Buck is out spoken with his innocent perspective and this leads him to unexpected adventures and heartwarming moments as he navigates his new environment.

The Pilot Synopsis: 'Moving On Up - Thanks to the Co-Op Board'

The series opener immerses viewers in the Reynolds' grand arrival in New York City, showcasing their jaw-dropping penthouse with its panoramic views of Central Park and the iconic skyline. As the family explores their luxurious new surroundings, they encounter the eccentric residents of the building:

Mickey Dulane a high-powered CEO, in a snoozer economy had no choice but to approve the Reynolds' purchase through the coop board, much to the other resident's dismay.

Rico, a famous graffiti artist from Brazil that is obsessed with the family's rags to riches story.

Miss Whitmore, a snob and an enigmatic socialite who is mortified with the Reynolds' rags to riches story and that they are living in her building, in more expensive real estate than herself.

Despite the initial awe, the Reynolds’ face numerous challenges as they strive to find their footing in society. Rooster tries to keep his family grounded. Irene grapples with the pressures of maintaining appearances while she designs the new penthouse furnishings. Zoe enrolls in an esteemed acting studio where she encounters fierce competition and romantic interests. Buck finds it difficult to make friends, but he does find donuts from a street vendor. The pilot opener ends with the family sitting in the vast living room on Irene's designer hay bale sofa in the darkness of a citywide blackout. Rooster laughs and tells everyone that they 'are not in Kentucky anymore.'

Series Highlights:

Episode 2: 'What this Penthouse Needs is a Dog' - Rooster is livid that Irene and Zoe adopt a cute little Yorkie that absolutely loves to jump into Rooster's lap whenever he gets a chance. Rooster thinks taking the dog outside to 'do his business' will be difficult, since they live on the fortieth floor, but Zoe introduces a fake grass pee pad that they can keep on the terrace. Irene embarks on a design plan to remodel Miss Whitmore's formal dining room - where Irene suggests a cattle motif wallpaper and cowhide area rug. Miss Whitmore fires Irene mid job. Buck meets a girl at the donut shop and asks her on a date. Rooster names the dog Duck, which irritates his son Buck. Irene jokes that they need a cat named Goose.

Episode 3: 'If it ain't broke, Let Rooster fix it' - Rooster is used to being busy and being newly retired he has a lot of time on his hands. He proceeds to rewire the Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom, and in the process floods Rico's apartment below. Zoe gets a national TV commercial but it's a Public Service Announcement to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The hay bale sofa has to be removed because Duck the dog has an allergic reaction to hay. Buck introduces his new girlfriend, an Asian girl named Ing to the family. Rooster pays for the repairs to Rico's place and Irene offers to design Rico's apartment.

Episode 4: 'Buck, Duck, Ing - where did they go?' Irene and Rico collaborate on his living room design, he loves the 'rural intensity' of her designs. Meanwhile, Buck and Ing have run away together and Duck goes missing. Rooster locates his son at Grand Central with a tracker app he put on his teenager's phone and convinces Buck to come back to the penthouse. Zoe finds Duck hiding in the ottoman of the new living room furniture.

Episode 5: 'You can take the lottery winner out of Kentucky but' The Reynolds' old neighbors, Steven and Holly Winters visit the Reynolds in NYC. Steven is jealous of Rooster's lifestyle. Irene hosts a party to celebrate Zoe's first TV commercial. Rico and Miss Whitmore also attend. They all watch as Zoe itches and scratches her private parts for the PSA. Miss Whitmore, seated beside Zoe, is disgusted. Rooster is embarrassed as Steven makes fun of what his family has become. Rooster asks Steven and Holly to leave.

Each episode of Rooster's Millions explores the challenges of creating a family dynamic with relatable flawed characters that overcome the daily obstacles of trying new things in new places without losing their love of one another.


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  • C. H. Richard9 months ago

    This should have placed. I love these episodes and the character development you put in here. Hilarious- I could definitely picture Zoe and Buck being complete opposite siblings! Excellent entry! 😄❤️😄❤️

  • Gina C.10 months ago

    This is such a fun idea, Dana! 🤩 I would definitely watch this - I love the premise of combining two very different lifestyles 😅 I also love the names you chose for this - Buck, Duck, Ing, Rooster, Rico - this would be so entertaining!

  • Jennifer David10 months ago

    Rico is already my favorite character

  • I really like the premise I loved watching the Beverly Hillbillies and Married with Children growing up. I think the characters are spot on could make a really funny sitcom especially hay sticking to the clothes of their rich neighbors when they sit on that hay bale couch 😂

  • Alex H Mittelman 10 months ago

    Great work and humorous! I love pretzels too!

  • J. S. Wade10 months ago

    This is fun! Film it, put it in the can, and launch it. 😁

  • I like Buck because he loves food, lol! I also like the fact that the dog's name is Duck. It reminded me of the dog in Gossip Girl that was named Monkey. I would totally watch this show!

  • Jazmin Fernandez10 months ago

    Beautiful storytelling! I love this ❣️✨👏🏼

  • Naveedkk 10 months ago

    fantastic writing! ❤💙💙❤

  • Babs Iverson10 months ago

    Fantastic and humorous show!!! Loving it!!!❤️❤️💕

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