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in her room

By AlbinPublished 2 months ago 4 min read



Chief kept thinking about the touching story his wife just told him about Angel. He decided to change his mind and go for another Virgin hunt.

Then he paused...

He began to ask himself again!!!

What about other virgin girls that he has been killing?

Does he even know their story?

Or the pains their people pass through?

After all Angel is a bãstârd and doesn't even have a father. No one will morn her death or look for her dead body. He just have to kill her no need going for hunting when he has meat already.

Chief Obilor has made his decision and killing Angel was his new plan. He will do that by 12am in his secret room.



Angel turned around and it was her mother Chidimma calling her..

Mummy.... !!

Angel shouted running to hug her but she couldn't. She just passed through.

Angel fell and broke down in tears .

Mummy why?

Why mummy?

Why did you leave me in this wicked world all alone?

No relative, no father just me at this tender age without even warning me..

Mummy is not fair Angel kept crying rivers which doesn't seem to have an end.

Angel my Baby , Mummy is so sorry

This world is a mystery.. I just want you to be always prayerful , remember all I have thought you and keep being strong for me.

I am not strong Mummy , I am not. You're all I want now. Come back to me mummy Angel kept bêgging.

Please mummy please...

Chidimma disappeared. Angel shouted as she couldn't keep it in anymore.

She woke up and it was all a dream. She has completely abandoned God and stopped praying ever since he allowed her mum die.

But she has to pray as her mum instructed her in the dream. The time was 11:37pm.

Angel started praying with tears in her eyes asking God to forgive her and help her direct her path . She was still kneeling, praying and crying when she slept off.

Chief Obilor woke up by exactly 12am, it was time for him to called forth Angel in his mirror to stab her.

He called her name myriad number of times but Angel didn't appear in his mirror. That was the very first time something like that is happening.

What is so special about Angel which made her not to appear Chief Obilor thought. He wanted to go to the guest room to check up on her. But on a second thought he decided to wait till the next day.

The next morning Chief Obilor knocked on Angel's door, she opened and greeted him.

Good morning Sir....

Good morning Angel..

Why are your eyes swollen? Did you cry again? Chief Obilor asked Angel who nodded her head a bit.

Maybe it's because of her tears that made her not to appear in the mirror Chief Obilor thought.

Stop crying every night okay? You're safe here with us Chief Obilor said to her while patting her on the shoulders and left.

Chief Obilor sort for the presence of his master and narrated what happened when he tried calling Angel to his magic mirror yesterday which has never failed him before.

His master told him that a power is covering Angel and she can't be harmed spiritually. The only way to harm her is through the physical.

He told Chief Obilor to buy Angel clothes and enchant them. Immediately she wears any of them, she will die in her sleep.

Chief Obilor was happy , he has gotten a solution.

He went to the boutique and bought expensive dresses and clothes and charmed them all.


Mummy I am the one that got the Answer before David , Jasmine Chief Obilor's daughter said and started dancing.

Lolo was helping her children do their home work with Angel when they turned it into a debate house. They were all learning together.

Lolo noticed that Angel is an intelligent girl, she promised telling her husband to send her to school as soon as the next term for school starts.

Car horns were heard outside.

Daddy is back, Daddy is back David shouted as he went running out to go welcome his father.

Chief Obilor came inside with two sacks of clothes and smiling at his wife who came to greet him.


who has these she asked trying to look inside the sack. While David tried to snatch the bag from his Dad. Stop it Chief Obilor said to David looking mean.

He extended his hands towards Angel and told her to take it. They are all yours he said with a smile, go ahead and try them out now.

Angel took the clothes from Chief Obilor thanked him and ran towards her room to go try them out ..

Your reactions for next 👇🏽👇🏽



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