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Angel your best!

By AlbinPublished 2 months ago 3 min read



Angel never knew her father. When ever she goes to school, kids her mate always made fun of her, calling her a bâstâ*d.

She has always asked her mother who her father is, But anytime she talks about it, Chidimma her mother gets upset with her and cries at times when ever she insists so she decided to let it be.

Chidimma tries her best to put food on their table. Angel only knew her Uncle Chidi as he was the only family that visits them occasionally. Her grandparents were no more.

It was a Saturday, Angel has done her morning chores and went to see her favorite series on the television. Chidimma told her she was going to the distant market to get things for the week as usual since she normally don't have time during the week because of work.

Angel bid her goodbye and continued with the series that she was already engrössed in.

Hours later Angel got fämished and remembered her mother. She checked her time, it was 4pm. Normally her mother leaves by 8am and comes back by 1pm . It's already three hours late and she's not yet back.

She called her myriad number of times but her mum didn't pick.

Angel got worried, she waited till around 4:30pm, a call came into her phone. It was her mother she picked the call a bit relieved.

Angel : Hello Mummy what happened you scared me!!

Strânger: Hello !!

Angel : Hello , Yes who is this? And why are you calling with my mum's phone? Where is my mum?

Stranger: We are afraid your mum was involved in a ghastly car accident. She is in a critical condition. Rush down to home care hospital.

Angel hung up the phone and rushed down to the said hospital, wearing one slippers on one leg and another slippers on the other. She really hopes her mother is okay.

Getting to the hospital, she was directed to where her mother was. Angel broke down in tears. The car caught fire with Chidimma inside, part of her body was bûrnt. She rushed to hold her mother who was still unconscious and the nurses drew her back in order not to contaminate Chidimma's wôunds.

Angel couldn't hold back her tears, why will God allow her mother get involved in such an accident. How will she manage?

The doctor called Angel and asked her if she has anyone capable of paying so that full treatment can start on Chidimma.

But who does she know? Who will she run to?

Just then she remembered her uncle Chidi who visits them once in a while. She dialed his number but it never went through. She called and called but the number was not reachable.

Angel rushed back to the doctor with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Please sir , start treating my mother, we will pay you later ,she is all I have. You can take me as your servant but please treat my mother Angel begged continuously now holding the doctor on his coat.

He removed her hands and walked out.

Angel ran out and started going to people her mother knew but everyone had an excuse not to be of help.

She went into the streets bêgging anyone she sees along the road but no one gave her listening ears. The ones who wanted to help her insisted on sleeping with her first. But that was not what she bargained for.

The world was really wicked Angel thought, why will men even those old enough to be her father want to have cârnäl knowledge of a little girl like her before being of help.?

Angel ran back to go meet her mother, on getting there, she was being covered with a white cloth.

Why are you covering my mother Angel asked the nurse.

We are sorry we lost her...

Your mum is dêäd. Those words rang like a bell into the ears of Angel..

Angel fell down crying...

Mummy who do you want me to go to?

Who else do I have?

Mummy come back to life...

I love you alot mummy..

I won't ask disturb you about my Daddy anymore.

Please mummy open your eyes..

You can't do this to me...

Angel kept on wailing and the nurses tried holding her together as she cried out a river.The nurses couldn't hold back their tears too.

To be continued...


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