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A Chronicle of Cats

And Their Misadventures I've Witnessed

By Hannah E. AaronPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
A Chronicle of Cats
Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

You have arrived at a funny-cats compilation. I've been around cats ever since I was little. I've accumulated stories and scars. I actually caught cat scratch fever when I was in the first or second grade because a kitten decided I deserved to be scratched up since I wanted to keep it from getting close to a road. But what can you do?

So, first, have you seen the video of a rather large cat almost falling off a bridge or dock into water? If not, here it is.

I have witnessed something similar when I was fishing with my boyfriend on the dock at his pond, only with not such a water-free ending. His family's cats had wandered down with us. Banes (pronounced Bay-knees) was laying on his side, letting me pet him. He did the cat-roll thing and, not realizing he was on the edge of the dock, flopped right into the water. He quickly climbed back out, his tail drenched and drooping, leaving little splatters all over the dock and a line of water trailing after him in his walk of shame. He was very unhappy.

My boyfriend and I did not respect Banes's dignity. We laughed.

Speaking of rather large cats, though, I need to address a beast of old (born 2015).

The beast of old in question as a kitten.

He was once a ferocious and prolific tomcat, struck down in his prime by a vet, the need for my family to not have more kittens around the house, and for him to stop territorially marking EVERYTHING: Loki.

Loki is now an overweight lap cat. He is, usually, a very good boy.

Loki in repose.

But, Loki was not alone in adding to the cat population centered around our house. He, and the other not-our-tomcats in the neighborhood, had an accomplice.

This is Mama Cat.

Mama Cat did not appreciate my attempts at taking her picture.

She was not our cat. She suddenly spawned at our house and then continued spawning more cats. She decided to move her kittens into our basement (twice, with two separate litters).

She also had very quirky babies.

Mama Cat’s first litter with us nursing.

Some of her babies were and are pretty friendly.

This kitten of hers was and is not.

One of Mama Cat’s kittens bemoaning my adoration for her.

This kitten is now a cat (fixed, like Mama Cat is as well as her other grown female kitten, Ragamuffin). She still has not decided whether or not she likes attention.

Ragamuffin, on the other hand, does like attention. She’s a fairly skittish cat around strangers, but when she’s comfortable, she loves pets.

She begs for them.

Dissatisfaction embodied.

And if one paw does not get her the attention she wants (and deserves, of course) then this happens.

Don’t think I can’t see that claw peeking out. Do I feel slightly threatened? Well...😅

The other thing about Ragamuffin: she is very territorial.

This was a problem for Dear.

Dear, using his in-house privileges.

Dear, like Mama Cat, was not our cat. He wandered up and we started feeding him. When he first came to us last year, we felt so sorry for him. He had part of his ear missing and all the other cats would run him off.

Ragamuffin was one of the worst offenders.

Because he was beleaguered by the other cats (and because he’s so stinkin’ cute), I gave Dear privileges the other cats do not have.

Dear gets to come inside the house every once in a while.

Only, he now thinks whenever a door opens he has been invited in.

I cracked the door open to see what he would do and this happened.

He’s grown up while he has been with my family. He had the cutest red armpits that have since disappeared.

But he’s also grown bold.

Dear’s play-battle stance??? Ragamuffin on the defense.

I’ve seen the other cats swat at Dear and chase him. Last week, however, he was hyped up and apparently feeling brave. In completely open yard, he flattened himself and turned his sights on Ragamuffin (who was innocent, for once, just playing with a clump of grass).

Boom. He charged at her.

She did not appreciate the joke. Her tail fluffed up so much.

Ragamuffin, disgruntled. Dear, befuddled by his own actions.

Thankfully, she was merciful and did not show Dear her wrath.

This time, at least.

She is, after all, a moody cat like her fellows around our house.

Their services for my family’s laughs are deeply appreciated and rewarded by my grandmother fixing them breakfast, lunch, and dinner (dry cat food topped with shredded turkey or chicken wet cat food because they snub their noses at pate and fish). Hopefully, they’ve brought a little silliness and charm to your day too!


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Hannah E. Aaron

Hello! I'm mostly a writer of fiction and poetry that tend to involve nature, family, and the idea of growth at the moment. Otherwise, I'm a reader, crafter, and full-time procrastinator!

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  • Jay Kantor6 months ago

    Dear Hannah - I'm so glad that I've discovered you through our mutual recent offerings in the new 'Humor' section *I've subscribed to you with pleasure; your presentations are lovely. I've written a short on behalf of  - Pet Haven Minnesota - "Rescue" that has brought them so many 'Re-Home' Pet adoptions; a nice feeling with a silly (3) minute story - The lovely and so dedicated Director is such a 'Cat' person - I like 'LoKi' my cat is 'LoGo' - I'm so glad the young writers are jumping over to the Senior Demographics; as we are to yours - similar stories - just different recipes. If you have a moment please see my comment on the new Leaderboard. - With Respect - Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community -

  • A. Lenae6 months ago

    I read this with my cats pawing at my face and arms for more immediate pets. This was so delightful; you expressed your love for cats and for these specific balls of cozy weirdness in such a charming way, all very easygoing and intentional. And when I got to the picture where you show Mama cat's babies, it definitely made me giggle. Thanks for sharing this sunshiney piece!

  • I love how you chronicled all these cats, and love that you all take care of them and they reward you with silliness. Excellent pictures too! These are some funny guys!

  • Ian Read6 months ago

    I absolutely love this. I have two dips***s of my own (two black cats) and it is always the best when they get up to their mischief.

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