Your Only Way Out of Love Addiction

by Anna Kozina 7 months ago in advice


Your Only Way Out of Love Addiction

Your only way out of love addiction ... Imagine. You are drawn to someone. You start dating. You devote more of your time to the person. You communicate, exchange thoughts and emotions, you form a couple, you help each other develop and learn. You feel great, you are so full of energy that you think you can conquer the world. The way your body works is it releases energy whenever you find something exciting or interesting, and you can use this energy to boost your “resources.” Love serves as a source of inspiration.

Then, something goes wrong, and there is an imbalance. You lack attention, and get annoyed quickly and hold grudges against the loved one. Gradually, relationship begins to crumble, that’s where love addiction starts. It is a real thing. You find yourself unhappy, but the thought of losing your “half” is unbearable.

If you at some point feel that way, you have several options: fall out of love, find balance or fall into addiction. The latter is the saddest way, as eventually, it will cause your ego to break. Although, it is quite difficult to destroy a healthy ego, a strong addiction is technically capable of it. Thus, with a stable ego, it’s almost impossible to fall a victim of addiction. And here is the thing with love addiction: step by step you give up everything except for your loved one. You feel like you no longer have the energy for anything else. You are not willing to waste time on anything else, your hobbies and interests are pointless, while separation anxiety, makes you stressed.

When thinking about someone takes all of your time, you have to break this vicious circle.

I have been there. Fighting it requires some effort and a bit of willpower. Ready?

The only way to get out is to accept that it is still vital to invest time into routine matters and unpleasant new acquaintances. When you force yourself to do something, you are wasting energy. When you are interested, you receive energy. When down or depressed, you have to spend energy. But if you don’t make some effort now, it won’t change in the future. It is necessary to invest in the future to receive compensation. Your body wants to follow inertia. It’s lazy by nature. Therefore, to avoid addiction, there must be many alternative sources of energy: hobbies, friends, interests, which should NEVER be given up. No matter how much time you would like to spend with your partner, make an effort to go out there and follow your routine. Don’t trade the gym for a date. These activities should never be abandoned. The moment you feel you LACK LOVE and ATTENTION, focus on self-development. This will not only strengthen your ego, but also increase proactiveness in a relationship.

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