Will She Say, I Do Two?

by Asherah Way 6 months ago in dating

Two is company, three is even more company.

Will She Say, I Do Two?

The ex will be coming for dinner. Well, two weeks worth of dinners to be more precise. She was a past lover of my husband and as you may, or may not know from previous posts, I am involved in a polygamous type relationship.

She has become a friend. A lovely, beautiful, intelligent, spiritual woman. My husband and I wish for her to stay longer, perhaps a decade of dinners. But as with anyone, she has a life somewhere else that will be waiting for her while she is away.

Sidenote: I have taken a bit of a hiatus since my last post. One more baby, another homebirth story, a move closer in to the city, a reunion with my family, and a single strand of gray hair later, here I am. I felt this was an appropriate topic to share for my resurgence.

I would like to advocate for a moment this type of relationship. Being a stay at home mother with two children and only a slight sense of how I would like to create an impact on this world with my words, feminine energy will surely be appreciated and necessary for me at this time.

This idea of non-jealousy with your husband may be difficult for some woman to grasp, emotionally especially. But I look at it like this; I am selfish enough take the assistance of a woman that will help tend to the home, the children and also bring new, reviving energy to my husband, and myself. I am looking forward to the company, actually. A friend to accompany me to a fabulous NYC Vegan restaurant and later on stop by a local bookstore, while sipping on our tea or coffee.

See, at first it seems threatening. Perhaps not feeling like you are not good enough because of the brilliance of another woman. I admit that I have felt that and I shame no other woman for feeling the same.

However, if you and your husband have created a strong bond, another woman is simply there to serve positivity and prosperity for you, the family and the household. And as she is doing such it is your responsibility to offer her the same.

It is known that woman need other woman around for support. THIS is how you can get it in an evolutionary way, not just a weekend gossip session with glasses of wine and romantic comedies. This is about building resources, economics, finances, and wealth, along with having mentors to guide you in your personal development.

I will leave here for now. This is just a nugget of an idea of a very wild and interesting lifestyle, at least in this western culture is it so mind boggling.

I will say though that I still hold certain qualms, as stated in my previous posts. But, is that not life? With positive feelings, there awaits negativity. With love, comes war. The pendulum merely swings as far to left as it down to the right.

So with the aspects I love about this type of relationship, there are aspects that I am, at the very least, feeling wishy washy about, to put it so eloquently.

On the upside, I am so grateful for outlets like this, that allow me the freedom to express my life with others.

I appreciate you all for reading and supporting.

Do not be shy to show some extended support to my page, as I am working to create a life in which writing, blogging, and vlogging will become my full time job, along with being a stay at home mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Love and respect to you all.

Keep staying Beautiful.

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