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Why is Wokeness attacked by Right Wing Media

What is Wokeness and is it bad for the U.S.?

By Anna cruzPublished 7 months ago 14 min read
Why is Wokeness attacked by Right Wing Media
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Why is wokeness being attacked by the extreme right-wing media as evil.

The extreme right-wing media has been waging a culture war that includes banning books in schools, changing school curriculums to whitewash American history in their unfair treatment of minorities throughout history, and limiting woman’s rights to autonomy over their own bodies.

Extreme Right Wing Ideology

In their zeal to push extreme right-wing ideology, there is a trend to deny actual history from being taught in schools. The right wing state legislatures are limiting actual history being taught and relating it to wokeness. The definition of wokeness is the quality of being alert to being concerned about social justice and discrimination. The extreme right has accused school boards and colleges of pushing a liberal agenda and including wokeness to make white students feel bad about their role in American history. There is no evidence to suggest that teaching actual history about the dark events in American history would affect white students psychologically, it is just an excuse for the far right to push propaganda.

Wokeness as the bogeyman

Wokeness is not a bad liberal agenda it simply allows the hidden truths and facts about history to be included into whitewashed history currently taught in schools. If we don’t allow for the true history to be taught, it will likely repeat the mistakes and unfair actions of the past. An example; The 1619 project which was a collection of stories, poems and narratives about slavery in America and its impact on our current structural society. Congress presented legislation to prevent the 1619 project from being taught in schools and universities. Trump established the 1776 Commission as President “to discredit the 1619 Project by reinforcing the exceptional nature of our country to put forth a patriotic narrative” according to The Commission was terminated by President Joe Biden.

Diverting Americans Attention

The Conservative extreme right wing in America want to divert Americans attention away from their bad policies and legislation by creating a culture war against Wokeness. Somehow, making wokeness out as being bad for the country because it brings out the events of the past that have been unjust and currently affects our American society. It is undeniable that Racism exists in America and this is brought about by the history of slavery. Slavery was abolished 158 years ago, so the average African American is two or three generations separate from the era of slavery. Slavery existed for more than 400 years in America, more than twice the length of time that African Americans have officially lived in freedom.

American society has an indelible link to systemic racism due to past abuses of African Americans.

Wokeness as liberal agenda not history

Wokeness is not designed to make the White Americans in America feel bad about themselves in history. It is simply telling of the historic injustices an ethnic group has suffered through, in hopes of addressing and changing systemic racism in current America. The most recent controversy is the Florida Board of education’s proposed curriculum addressing Black history and slavery. Some of the material includes false narrative that Slavery was beneficial to African Americans because they learned a skill that they could use later in life to benefit themselves. The minimization of the horrors of Slavery and relegating it to a jobs program is unbelievable. African Americans were tortured, raped, abused and separated from family for centuries over money. How could a Christian nation in the 1600s allow this atrocity happen especially when they knew it was morally wrong. The legalization of owning a another human being was wrong and unjust. It violated the US Constitution because it said all men are created equal.

This is the exact preamble of the US Constitution by the national archives,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

It didn’t say all white men, it said all men are created equal. The hypocrisy.

America was the great social experiment of our forefathers, they created a place where immigrants from all walks of life can enjoy freedoms not allowed in other countries. The US Constitution allows for freedom of religion, freedom of free speech, and freedom to bear arms.

Lately, in the culture wars our liberties are under attack by far right extremists returning to a 19th century oligarchy, and autocrat society where the rich become richer with their pro corporate tax cuts, and the poor and middle class remain in the same positions with no chance of advancement due to oppressive taxes and low wages.

Wokeness truth as unpatriotic

Wokeness is not only activism it is a understanding of how our American society was truly formed, it is not unpatriotic to explain to the public how we got here. The issues of imperialism, racism and unjustice are not unique to the US, there are many countries in Europe with similar experiences. It is only in the US, that we refuse to look at ourselves as a society that has flaws and continues to embrace our dark history. We attack wokeness as some liberal mind bending, indoctrination of our youth, when in reality the right wing wants to promote lies and propaganda to make our youth less aware of the current unjust system. To keep the population down by ethnic class and social class and the same norms in place with no changes. Is it unpatriotic to advocate for change in gun laws nationwide when there are so many mass shootings on a daily occurrence in the US. Many people are losing their lives everyday because of right wing politicians in the Congress and Senate awash in gun lobbyists money backing their campaigns making laws to protect the NRA from lawsuits and their profits.

Wokeness associated with the left

The right wing extremists want to project Wokeness as a lawless movement promoted by the left because of the 2020 protests that were nationwide after the murders of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, and many other high profile murders by the police. There were calls to defund the police, the right wing media ran stories taking the literal word of defunding as meaning that the left wanted to abolish the police and cut their funding. In reality, the protesters weren’t asking to cut funding to police instead they wanted reforms to the police departments. The word defund was not the right word to use because it created an immense backlash among the public who thought that it was promoting lawlessness. The right wing media is good at messaging and creating misinformation among the public. There are many Americans who only listen to this right wing extreme agenda being propagated through cable news outlets and social media. In this alternative fact based news bubble many Americans believe in these fake news content that otherize us and pit us against each other. In America, civil discourse has gone a stray because politicians who have an agenda continue to use inflammatory language to incite their base with anger and hate towards people that have a different political viewpoint. There is no longer the respect of individual right to expression and free thought. We can agree to disagree without offending each other for our ideas and viewpoints.

Wokeness accused of violent protests

Some of the protests turned violent due to a few protestors who may have had a different agenda than peaceful protesting. The most part protesters were peaceful. Many protesters were met with riot police forces and water canons like at the Washington DC protest where Trump ordered the protesters to be removed for a bible photo op in front of an old DC church.

Protests that were led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and other groups did produce 2 billion dollars in damages across several cities during the protests of 2020 but the right wing media reported that these groups suffered no consequences which is not true. Many protesters were jailed and arrested on the day of the protest. The treatment for violent protesters resulted rightfully so in arrests for their actions, unlike the January 6, white mob that attacked the Capitol. These rioters were arrested months later and were treated differentially compared to minority groups who protest.

Some protesters in NY arrested during George Floyd protests in 2020 won a 13 million dollar settlement against the state due to excessive force by the police according to Notice the vast difference in treatment these two very different group of protesters experienced simply because of who they were. If Black Lives Matter had stormed the Capitol, do you think some of those protesters would be alive today? Seriously doubt it. Unlike the white, older protesters at the Capitol who were treated with kid gloves despite attacking the Capitol police and making threats against politicians in the building.

Wokeness accused of not promoting values

The culture wars have affected some corporations that have been accused of not promoting family values simply by voicing their First amendment right to opposition to recent legislation that discriminates against Gay and Lgbtq people in some states. Right wing extreme legislatures mainly in the South and in the Midwest have passed laws against Transgender and Gay people. Companies like Disney, Bud Light are being accused of being Woke and promoting anti family values.

The Supreme Court recently passed a law that allows businesses to openly discriminate against Gay and Lgbtq clients based on religious grounds. This law was based on a hypothetical case not even a real client was part of the case which makes the Court’s ruling questionable among the public.

The Supreme Court has lost its credibility and is seen as political activists changing laws that they do not agree with and not on the merits of the case. Elections have consequences and these are the times we live in now.

Where woman no longer have rights over their own bodies, and as a society we are heading towards the fictional country of Gilead, in the handmaids tale by Margaret Atwood. This book is banned in Brevard county Florida, by the way among many other classics. These are the few examples of Culture wars used to turn back rights and norms that were accepted for decades. We live in a world where our parents and grandparents had more rights than our children will have in the future. It’s ironic, that the party of law and order, freedom of individual rights have worked so hard to undo the progress passed in the 1960s. There is no national voting rights act anymore, in 2013 the Supreme Court limited the federal government role in state elections. In Shelby County vs. Holder, in a 5-4 vote. The court struck down a formula at the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that required certain states and localities with history of discrimination against minority voters to get changes cleared by federal government before going into effect.

Wokeness in summary

Wokeness is a threat to Right Wing ideology because its an alertness to the injustice and past evils in our History. The right wing extremists paint a misleading and fictional picture of Wokeness in our society by stating that Americans who express their views as anti- American, anti-family, and non-religious and lawless. The right wing extremists turn Americans against each other with these culture wars because its a way to distract from their horrible laws and policies that actually hurt working class Americans. They are good at messaging and misinformation driving and fueling anger and hatred towards political opponents and their voters.

A few years ago, during the Afghanistan withdrawal where there was a chaotic method in which the troops left the country. It was controversial and not the best way to leave a country in turmoil, but the date of withdrawal had been negotiated by President Trump and the Taliban did not agree to change the date withdrawal. Due to time constraints there was a lack of planning which led to many deaths including 13 American soldiers and thousands of afghans.

A diner owner in Florida in 2021, posted a sign telling restaurant clients that voted for Biden to not come into her restaurant. It made national news, because she politicized dining. The owner of the diner promoted the idea of intolerance, partisanship and right-wing extremism as a Latina business owner. It made her get publicity for her diner, it could've been her real agenda, but it showed the normalizing of intolerance in our political discourse. It was cool to ostracize Biden supporters in deep red Florida, personally I wouldn’t visit her intolerant business. I believe in American values such as freedom of expression, liberty of views. These extremists that demand patriotism from the intolerant leftist Wokeness crowd are often the least tolerant of other political views.

Another example of using culture wars to otherize Americans is using the music video of Jason Aldean’s Small town. This video promotes an ignorant stereotypical view of large urban centers against small towns. Aldeans lyrics demostrate a viewpoint by many in rural America, who believe urban centers as being anti-religion, antiwork, liberal bastion of ideals of sanctuary cities that promote lawlessness. This is the viewpoint many in rural America have due to the alternative fact network based out of NYC by the way. New Yorkers go to work like everyone, they go to church like everyone and they look after their neighbors like everyone. I remember being in NYC during 9/11 terrorist attack. I was on 23rd and Lexington avenue that day. I was trying to find a way out of the city because they suspended train and bus service in the city. Many people were stranded and even walked for miles to reach the outer boroughs. I remember the kindness of fellow New Yorkers offering their cellphones to people who didn’t have phones to call their loved ones to tell them that they were okay. A nice lady lent me her cell phone so I called my parents and sister at home that day. It burns me up when the extreme right wing generalizes all people into one group to fit their narrative. They accuse the big cities as being liberal elites that are unpatriotic and immoral. These are just the many stereotypes of urban dwellers simply because the cities have a diverse community. Somehow, small towns are better than large cities when in reality, they have some of the same issues regarding to drug addiction. There is a fentanyl crisis in small town America that is not being reported on the alternative fact network. It doesn’t make either community better than the other, both have their issues that need addressing by the local government.

America is diverse with different people from all walks of life that come and live here for a better opportunity.

Wokeness is important to make sure that factual history be taught and information not be banned in schools, museums, and libraries. Some banned books in some counties in Florida are classic books that have been around for decades, for example: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The Bluest eye by Toni Morrison, Slaughterhouse five by Kurt Vonnegut, just to name a few according to the

Wokeness is the truth against alternative news facts and it is the protection of our Democracy which is fragile and in danger by the extreme right wing Maga agenda. These right wing politicians and conspiring media outlets have an agenda to bring back discriminatory laws to subjugate the growing minority population coming to America. These laws being placed are rulings against woman, minorities and gay people around the country. The majority of Americans do not agree with these extreme laws and viewpoints. Wokeness is a movement to bring awareness to facts and not fake news. It is not a form of indoctrination as it has been reported misleadingly in the media. We have to safeguard our Democracy because there is a world wide trend of countries and their leaders turning into autocracies. A recent example is Netanyahu’s power grab in Israel by limiting the Supreme Court’s ability to rule against or overturn right wing laws passed in their Congress.

Another autocrat and ally is the President of Türkiye, he has been there for years. It is a global trend of countries turning against Democracy, the US is no exception.

Wokeness is important to fight the tide of growing anti-Democratic agenda. We can lose our Democracy easily if we don’t fight against this trend.


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