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Why Ignoring a Guy Works So Well & What Goes Wrong When You Do It

What Wrongs When You Ignore a Guy & Why It Works So Well

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 11 min read

Guys often present themselves as though they don't require our presence. However, give it a shot and observe what occurs. It is a great method to win him over and keep him, but for it to work, you must master the art of effectively ignoring men.

The best rewards are frequently obtained by doing the most difficult things. Sometimes getting under a guy's skin rather than through his gut is the best strategy for making him fall head over heels in love.

The easiest approach to stimulate a guy's interest and make him clamor for your attention may be to ignore him!

If you want to know why ignoring a guy drives them crazy and makes them want to pursue you more, you need to read this first – Why do men like a chase and how to use it in your favor. Once you read it, you’ll know exactly why men are hardwired to chase, and also the exact way to do it so he pursues you without losing interest or giving up.

Why does ignoring a guy work so well?

It’s all very well and good learning how to ignore a guy, but you need to know why it works before you do anything. If you don’t know why something works, you’re not going to use it to the best of your ability!

You see, guys are predictable creatures. If you chase them, they run. Too needy? They pull away. If you aren’t a challenge, you aren’t as attractive. Perhaps for instinctual reasons, guys love the thrill of the hunt.

If you don’t make yourself hunt-able, then you aren’t all that alluring. If you ignore him, it drives him crazy. Here are a few other reasons why learning how to ignore a guy works so well.

1. You awaken the "hunter" within him

Men are the true "hunters," after all. Nothing makes them happier than chasing after something they want but can't get or catch.

He will want you even more if you ignore him and make him feel as though he can't have you. Unbelievable, we know. The thing he wants most, though, is typically the thing he cannot have.

2. Ignore him if he craves power

Guys like to feel powerful and successful. If you are something unconquerable, it will be all he seeks. If you ignore a guy, he feels powerless to win you over.

Wanting to be in control, it literally drives him nuts that no matter how hard he tries, you just really don’t care enough to acknowledge him. If you worry that he will give up and quit, think again. Ignoring him only makes him work harder.

3. It makes him think you are something special *because you are!*

Usually, when girls like a guy, they can’t do enough to get their attention. The girls flirt, they hang on a guy’s every word, and make him feel super special about himself.

If you want a guy used to girls falling all over themselves to capture his eye, you must set yourself apart from the rest by being what all the other girls aren’t.

Ignoring him confuses him to no end. The girls he doesn’t want, can’t seem to tear themselves away, and the one that he does, doesn’t want anything to do with him. It makes him think there is something special that you alone possess. It makes him have to have you.

4. He becomes desperate for your attention.

Just let's be truthful. Men want to be noticed and admired. He has to work extra hard to attract your attention if you act as like you couldn't give a damn about him.

He grows more obsessed the more you are unavailable to him. Making a guy wait to have sex with you is equivalent to ignoring him. He will want attention even more if you deny him from getting it.

5. It teaches him not to mess with you

If you’re in a relationship with a guy who either doesn’t give you enough attention or he has a wandering eye, show him what it feels like for someone to discount his feelings or make him feel less than.

The only way to tame a guy who seemingly can’t be bothered with your relationship is to show him the sting of what it feels like when you dump his ass. Shutting him out and ignoring him altogether makes him think twice about what you really mean to him.

And, it also teaches him that if he can’t get his shit together and start treating you right, you have no problem walking away and saying goodbye. To hold onto him, make him believe he is disposable, and, also, you are not.

6. Ignore him to keep the peace

Sometimes, you must ignore a guy to keep him in line. There are many men out there who like to push their girlfriend’s buttons, especially when they look for a little drama.

Are you with a guy who cyclically does things that make you want to jump out of your skin? The only way to deal with it is just to ignore the behavior. Just like with little kids, if you cease to acknowledge their bad behaviors, eventually they stop acting out.

If a guy learns he no longer gets a rise out of you because you learn to ignore him, likely, he stops doing whatever it is that drives you crazy. And maybe, just maybe, you find some peace in your relationship.

What most girls do incorrectly when they ignore a guy

Ignore a guy for one of two reasons. First of all, you don't like the guy and want to make it plain that you are not at all interested in him. You also want him to cease making advances toward you. If so, read this guide on how to ignore a guy and get him to leave you alone.

And the second scenario, girls ignore a guy because they assume it will make them fall harder for them. Of course, this is true to a large extent. But there’s a right way to do this.

Most girls assume you need to completely ignore a guy, and he’ll magically fall harder. No, it doesn’t work that way. What you need to do is let him know for sure that you are interested in him. BUT at the same time, you need to reject his advances or turn down his dates.

Do this, and it WILL make him fall harder for you. Why should you do this? Because it lets the guy know that you are interested in him, but would date him or go out with him only when he makes a real effort to woo you and pursue you.

How come it's so difficult to ignore a guy who ignores you?

Sometimes guys will start ignoring you and play their own games. Double disobedience equals double trouble! How about the why first, then the how? Why do we harm ourselves like this?

Well, one reason might be that we want to tell ourselves we aren’t playing games. When a guy ignores you, you might tell yourself you like him even more, so you don’t want to wait as long as he did to answer.

But in reality, you don’t want to wait because you’re needy and want attention! Not necessarily, for sure, but that’s what guys and their game playing tend to do to the female mind.

Even though in the back of my mind, you know you deserve better, you’ll probably still fall into that trap. You let yourself become connected to a guy that ignores you. But there is a way to ignore a guy that ignores you, or to just ignore a guy in general for a spot of your own tactical playing.

How to dismiss a man

On to the how now. When a guy is ignoring you or needs a nudge in the correct way, how do you ignore him? Yes, it requires a lot of restraint, but we assure you that it is possible.

All you have to do is follow these instructions and have the belief that you deserve a man who won't play games with you. In little time at all, you will understand how to ignore a guy!

1. Stay active

When you are preoccupied, you do not consider who is or is not ignoring you or the annoying guy. It's not about acting as if you care less; it's about genuinely caring less.

Work on your interests, read a book, prepare a new dish, run errands, clean the house, or anything. The more you accomplish, the less you'll consider reaching out to him.

2. Speak to another person.

Contact a friend if you are finished with your to-do list. Vent about guys that avoid you or engage in irrelevant conversation.

Talking to someone else will also help you to forget about him. He will be confused as to what you are doing and why you haven't called him as a result of your actions.

3. Be more demanding.

Although this isn't quite ignoring him, it can break the cycle of never obtaining what you want for the rest of time. Tell him your feelings.

Whether he is ignoring you after dating for weeks or chatting online for a few days, tell him you won’t put up with being ignored or being treated in a way that’s substandard to what you deserve.

4. Leave your phone alone

We know it can be difficult in this day and age to step away from your phone. You probably go through withdrawals if you forget to take it into the bathroom with you. But ditching your phone for a while is not only healthy for the rest of your mind but guarantees you’ll ignore the life out of him!

No phone means no texting, DMing, or calling. Leave your phone upstairs on silent while you’re having dinner, reading, or watching TV. It’ll drive him crazy in no time.

5. Make him a little jealous

You need to proceed with caution with this one but it may work. While you’re ignoring him, you could flirt a little online with another guy, via your social media.

Yes, this is game playing, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

You must convey that there isn't anything going on between you while keeping it vague. Although it seems hard, it's not. Just a little flirting will do. sufficient to cast suspicion. When he sees that, he will become furious!

6. Disable him on social networks

You may be able to ignore a person for hours without thinking about him, but then his photo appears on Snapchat or Instagram and suddenly you are missing him.

You can mute him instead of physically blocking him out of your mind, though. He won't be aware that you aren't seeing his posts in this way, and he won't suddenly appear in your feed and interfere with your mission.

7. Disable notifications.

Texting follows the same rules. When it's convenient for them, guys frequently initiate contact just to end the conversation once it picks up. They are playing a game, but you are the one in charge here.

So, to help yourself avoid answering right away, turn off notifications for your conversation. This way if he texts you, you’ll see it next time you reach for your phone, but won’t be notified right away. This way you’re ignoring him without even realizing it.

8. Concentrate on you

Put your attention on you rather than him and what he is doing—or rather, not doing. Unwind, treat yourself to a spa night, and indulge in some chocolate. You ought to love yourself.

Ironically, by increasing your self-confidence, you're also increasing your attractiveness to him. It benefits both parties.

9. Get the word out there.

Have a fantastic day going out with the gals. Not only will spending time with your closest friends keep you occupied and lift your spirits, but you'll also make him crazy by blogging about it on social media.

He will want to spend time with you if you can convince him that you can have a wonderful time with friends.

10. Remember that he’s missing out

We know it feels like you are missing out on a great conversation with a great guy while you’re ignoring him, but he needs to be taught this lesson.

He is the one missing out on your charm, sense of humor, and amazing conversation skills. When he finally figures it out, he’ll cherish you even more.

It can be difficult to ignore a guy, but it works!

One of the most effective ways to get a guy's attention, maintain it, or stop his negative behavior is to ignore him. Try ignoring him despite the fact that guys typically act as if they couldn't care less whether ladies are nearby. You'll discover that he needs you far more than he lets on.

If you want to get a guy's attention who has the option of choosing any women he wants, be the one who refuses to give it to him. Ironically, that only increases his desire for you.

Be the thing he can't seem to catch by ignoring a guy since the thing most males want most is the thing they can't have. But keep in mind, if you want him to pursue you, play hard to get while still being available, and neglect him in the appropriate ways!


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