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Why do they hurt us?

by Yolanda Lonie 2 years ago in love
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Growing from the pain.

Why do they hurt us?
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Why do people hurt the people they claim to care about? Why is it so easy to throw someone they claim to care about to the side when things get hard? How is it so easy to walk away, and act like they never knew this person they said they cared about? How is it so easy to make up lies about someone they used to care about so others look at this person differently? Why in the process of growing tired of someone is it the goal to destroy the person before they say they are officially done with them? The answers to these I do not know. I wish there was a way for all of us to know the answers we seek after this happens. But then again do we really want to know why that person was that cruel, that evil to us? Do we really want to know how they found it that easy to hurt another person? How we missed this about them? How we never saw it in this person? I only know the aftermath of what these actions can do to someone. These actions and so many more like them destroy a person. These actions rip a person apart on the inside like a pack of wild dogs in a feeding frenzy.

The ones who are left to pick up the pieces of their broken selves in the aftermath really do not know how strong they are. To be able to function even half way in this world after being broken and to not let that brokenness overtake you. Well that shows so much strength, it shows a great deal of power that we do not even know we possess that the time. We doubt ourselves during this healing process. because we can not see past the grief and pain we are feeling. It is a beautiful thing to see and a amazing thing to live and grow through to be able to take those pieces that are left and fit them back together into the person you really are. The person they wanted to destroy because they saw this in you and were scared of it so they had to hurt it. They had to set out to try and make it where you would never realize your true potential, your higher purpose in this crazy world. Be it your lover, friend, or parents when someone is intimidated by what they can see you becoming they set out to make sure you never become that by totally destroying you.

There will be bad days on this path. It will not be easy in anyway but it is so worth it. It is very true when they say only the strong survive. Oh but my beloved soul when you complete your path, when your healing is complete it is the best feeling in the world. When you grow into a new person after healing. You grow to be stronger then before and in that moment the one who broke you will actually fear you. Because they then know they did not succeed in destroying you totally. Yes they knocked you down for a second, a blip in time. But you did not stay down you pulled yourself back up. Showed them that they just hurt you but in the end you won. And to be able to look back at the one who caused you the pain and let them realize they did not ruin you. That my beloved soul is your victory that they can not ever take away from you.


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Yolanda Lonie

I have always been a reader and a closet writer. Both have been a passion of mine since I could read even the smallest word.

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