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Why do pure hearted people suffer the most?

What is the reason kind hearted individuals have to suffer the most despite of being kind and good to everyone?

By muzaina_articles Published 29 days ago 2 min read
100% truth

Let's start with the intro....KIND HEARTED PEOPLE!

Who are they? How is a kind hearted person like? A kind hearted person is one who has a heart of diamond...rare individuals for sure! oops..i better say that they are rare diamonds

Kindness is a magic right? Spread this magic everywhere!!!!!!!!

A pure soul is a soul who is pure to everyone. We live in a world where no one thinks good for anyone. Everyone talks to you for a purpose. They need something from you and once they get it, they leave you. Yes, this is the reality of this world. It's a bitter truth but it's truth.


Kind hearted people are definitely different people. They are gold. I would love to compare them to gold or diamond coz they are precious and rare! Ahhh, how much a person loves to be distinct from everyone and kind hearted people are definitely different from everyone! Here are some attributes of a kind hearted person:

  • A person who spreads kindness and love.
  • A person who prioritizes others over himself/herself
  • A person who has a soft heart
  • A person who does not keep hatred in their heart
  • A person who works for betterment of others
  • A person who does not use others for their personal benefit
  • A person who does not treat others like a tissue paper

What does treating like a tissue paper mean?

Treating like a tissue paper means use and throw. A kind hearted person never does this heinous act. He will never use you like a tissue paper for his personal gains and then throw you into the dustbin once he has used you! Remember this:/

Why do Kind Hearted People Suffer the Most?

Let's head towards the main topic now

The reason kind hearted people suffer the most is because they are numerically less in majority as compared to heartless people. Heartless and unkind people outnumber kind hearted individuals and treat the kind hearted people opposite to the traits of kind hearted people mentioned above. Kind hearted people aren't only warm hearted but really really sensitive too. They break easily and they expect easily. As said by an author: "To be sensitive is to be alive and aware in a world that is often harsh and indifferent.'' (Anonymous)

Yes, the world is harsh. World is brutal. People break you. That's why they say not to be too attached to someone that you suffer when they leave you. I feel like this is the problem. Kind hearted people get attached too easily that they have to suffer when someone leave's them because : ''Attachments leads to suffering''(Unknown)

My Advice to Warm Hearted Diamonds

You diamond people reading my article, i have an advice for you all! Donot ever ever change yourself. Though you suffer, but you are precious. But there are some things you need to change! Don't show people that you get hurt by their acts otherwise they'll laugh on you and never let anyone see your weaknesses, otherwise they will exploit them. Stay Loyal Stay Kind Stay Precious!

xxxxLoads Of Lovexxxx

To All The Pure Hearted People Out There:


-Hope you like my article and relate to it. I would love to hear your reviews! Bye Bye

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  • saadia naeem28 days ago

    You are putting in efforts..😊

  • Hey! Muzaina here. Guys kindly read my article and give me some honest reviews. I am a beginner and this is my first article. Pls be ya:) I poured out my feelings in this article

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