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In this article, you'll get to know how to deal with one-sided friendship and signs that your friendship is one-sided!

By muzaina_articles Published about a month ago 3 min read
The feelings that hurts the most:(

Let's first start with the main thing

Definition of One Sided Efforts:

One sided efforts are when one person makes more effort to nurture the relationship as compared to the other person like investing more energy, time and striving hard to keep the relationship healthy. As quoted: ''A one- sided relationship is all about sacrifices; one person making all of them and the other none"(Anonymous)

One Sided Efforts In a Friendship:

But our main focus in this article will be on the topic "One Sided Efforts In A Friendship"

I have genuinely always experienced this problem of one-sided efforts in a friendship and I want to pour my heart out in this article.

One Sided Efforts (in a friendship) mean when in a friendship one person is working hard to maintain the relation because they value it, while the other person is indifferent and isn't concerned if the friendship continues or ends. This feeling can be very discomforting at times when you love a person by heart and he/she doesn't pay heed to you.

"Friendship is supposed to be a two- way street, but when only one side is putting in the effort, it becomes a dead end.''

Why did you even befriend me if you intended to keep it one-sided?:(

Your life stories don't matter

Signs Of A One-Sided Friendship:

There are multiple signs of a One-Sided Friendship, I am gonna point out a few:

  • They speak ill of you behind your back, while you praise them behind their back
  • They insult you in front of everyone, on the other hand, you don't disclose their flaws to others.
  • They don't respect your opinion.

You give your opinion, you express your POV to them but they just don't care. You are like a nobody to them. They will just tell you to shut up(yes, it happens)

  • You share your secrets with them but they don't. They don't share their innermost feelings with you much.
  • They disappear during your hardships and are not there to support you.
  • They will never appreciate you. They will point out flaws in you.
  • They will use your weaknesses against you.
  • For Instance: You cry a lot( your weakness). A toxic friend will always use this weakness against you now. He'll make you cry more and more. They are using their weakness against you.
  • How To Deal With A One-Sided Friendship?

    Now, if you're reading this article, you are definitely going through the pain of one-sided efforts, right?? Lemme help you out by unleashing some steps I personally took to come out of a toxic or one-sided friendship:)

    • Be brave.

    Leaving a friend, you are so attached to, is really arduous. Sensitive people like me cannot take this big step, but the fact is, that you have to take this big step. Be courageous! You got this!!!!

    • Do not doubt yourself

    I had an experience where I started doubting myself. ''What if I am wrong?'' But no, I thought about it. I could not find myself wrong. I am putting in so much effort to save this friendship, how could I be possibly wrong?

    • Try talking to your friend and see

    Sometimes many problems can be solved through negotiations. Share your concerns with your friend. Who knows, they might realize their mistake, and everything could be fine. Don't rush, make sure to talk to your friend!

    • Focus on Yourself

    Indulge yourself in activities that don't leave you much time to dwell on it.

    My Opinion:

    Lastly, I would say that a good friendship is one where efforts come from both sides. Both friends value each other because:

    ''In a genuine friendship, both sides share laughter, tears, and everything in between''(Anonymous)


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