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When You Don’t Have a Clear Purpose

by Arya Sharma 11 months ago in advice

Don't take life too seriously. You're not going to get out of here alive. "- Freddie Hubbard

When You Don’t Have a Clear Purpose
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I'm always lucky in my life and in my career. I think that was my first mistake.

Over the past six years, he worked for an advertising agency in Los Angeles.

It was a job to your e-mail first, you have to monitor the morning before you get out of bed. The work that you said on the phone at the dinner table. It is an experience of the work in which your boss is calling you to a funeral, to send out a press release. Frequent visits, special events, and a lot of spare time. Not one minute of free time.

The problem is that the job has been the center of my life. As I was driving home from work, at your bed each and every day.

I retired from my job in the seven months since then. The fact is, I am not only retired from my job, and moved out of my apartment in Los Angeles, and went on board a one-way flight from Puerto Rico in a few weeks.

I met a man who really opened my eyes to what I think is that, in contrast to the way he made me realize that I should be trying to find in life is that I'm going, I'm happy.

I just realized that this job does not give me the life I wanted to live. My hair was falling out because of stress, I had a migraine on a weekly basis. My doctor said, that, in order for things to change.

My first week in Puerto Rico and in the garden was. I was lying on a beach, learning to scuba dive and to play as a teenager. I took these a waterfall, saw a pina colada, and was in love with. However, I soon began to down it. I began to feel ill at ease.

I knew what was going on. I am with you, my job, and I will be with you, and 90% of it is all I have known are here in my life. There was a big hole inside of me right now. I didn't know how much I enjoyed working out, my enthusiasm was, and who I was as a person.

In my experience, has never given me the time to think of such a thing. Now, I have no work to fill up my time, and I was full of ideas. 'm soon going to lead to over-analysis, which in turn leads to anxiety.

Every day I have to yatsın, with a lump in my stomach. What should I do? What happens if I'm happy today. What is my career? What's going to happen in my life in Puerto Rico?

I don't have to worry about having a new relationship, that they have failed. My friend was in love with me because of my independence, and my rights, and my passion-all of which, he observed, from my experience. Now, when the work was over, I felt like I had lost all of those features, and that he would stop loving me."

I just realized that the "I" in my life. It defined me. I still have all of those features, and so much more. I put my head of these thoughts, the worries of not having been there.

People who dream of living on a tropical island. To see the ocean every morning when you wake up. Within walking distance of the beaches there is not a single person who is in the ground. So, why don't I just get myself a lot of anxiety and stress when I'm in the garden?

I couldn't stop to worry about that, there was really no hope of walking again.


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