When to Walk Away!

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How to Know When to Walk Away from Someone

When to Walk Away!

Some people ask the million dollar question. How do you know when it is time to walk away from a relationship? Be it a friendship or a significant other. The answer is never simple because it is different for everyone, but there are a few signs that remain no matter what the circumstances are.


The first is if there is no longer good communication. Without communication, no relationship is going to last. Communication is key in any relationship. If you don't have it then both parties in the relationship will be miserable and will more than likely fight constantly, then one or even both could cheat in order to find some sort of happiness.


The second sign is lack of trust. If there isn't trust then there isn't a relationship. Trust is the core of a relationship and without it, it's like human brain without function. It just doesn't work. Lack of trust will cause anxiety about everything, even little things that you know you shouldn't be worried about but you do anyway. After the anxiety hits so does depression. The thought of life without them in it may seem unbearable, but you also can't trust them so you are at a crossroads as to what to do.

If You Start Hating the Person You've Become

The third sign is if you become someone that you hate! If you get up one day and you look in the mirror at your reflection and you can't stand the person staring back at you, because you have changed in the worst way all to please a man or woman. It is time to walk away because if you can't stand the person you have become then its wrong. A relationship is supposed to make you grow and love the person you have grown to be. You are never supposed to hate the person you become because then it takes away from your happiness and your happiness comes before anyone else's!

Neglect/Lack of Effort

The fourth sign is neglect. Neglect can be multiple things such as a lack of emotional support, lack of effort, and lack of attention. Lack of emotional support is a serious thing that can happen in a relationship, be it on purpose or on accident. It happens all the time. Lack of effort is also a big thing in relationships even if it is just the small things that stop happening in the relationship. It's the small things that keep the relationship interesting and happy. Lack of attention usually happens when one person in the party is focused on something outside the relationship more than they are their partner. Without these components in the relationship why bother being in it?. It's like you're single anyways, or at the very least friends. No emotional support, no effort, and no attention its like living with a friend who has no significant reason to do all these things.

Experiencing Verbal/Physical Abuse

If you experience verbal, physical, or emotional abuse you should leave the relationship! No person should have to deal with abuse of any form because there is a person out there who will worship the ground you walk on and not make your life a living hell. Find that person, you deserve that person!

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