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When Suspicions Rise

by Amy McGuffey about a year ago in breakups
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When one gets left standing alone at the altar

When Suspicions Rise
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

It is always a wonderful and blissful feeling when you form your first crush on a boy and you want so badly to walk up to him and say hello but every time you try you get the butterflies fluttering in your tummy, your hands get all sweaty, your heart starts pounding, your mind starts racing with thoughts like " what if he does not like me? Or what would he say if I tried to talk to him, you start to shake a little and your legs suddenly feel like they have turned to jelly and one glimpse at him just takes your breath away and the embarrassment you feel when he catches you looking in his direction or right at him. Then from there it feels like an eternity when you finally do build up the courage to go up to him and say hi and it about knocks the wind out of you when he responds to you by saying hi back and it is so cute when it catches you so off guard that when you try to say more to him you cannot help but to stutter a little from being so nervous. You cannot help but to wonder how is he able to stay so calm right now? Is he not nervous at all like you are? Well, that is how it began for Lizzy and Brad. See Lizzy was new in town and Brad was a native born and raised, they just so happen to bump into each other briefly one Monday morning when Lizzy was running late for work and Brad had nowhere specific, he had to be he was just out for a stroll taking in the warm spring sunshine and the mildly warm temperature. Lizzy was in such a rush as she was running down the sidewalk and Brad was off in his mind somewhere not watching where he was walking, they were both on a path headed for a collision. Suddenly it happened they walked right into one another knocking them both to the ground without thinking or even looking up yet they both blurted out " Hey watch where you are going!" Right about that time they both happened to look up and their eyes locked, and for a moment it was as if time just stopped. He gave Lizzy his trademark half devilish smile and she gave him a nervous grin as they both stood up brushing themselves off, they quickly said pardon me and hurried off to get back to what they were doing. At first Lizzy did not give it much more thought afterwards, Brad just brushed it off and kept going. But as the hours ticked away Lizzy caught herself thinking about this increasingly. As the day went on it became the only thing she could think about and it almost upset her to do so. She kept thinking to herself " why can I not let this go? Why can I not move on and think of other things?" Well, another day passed and another and another and no sign of Brad. Until one day Lizzy was out checking her mail and grabbing her Sunday newspaper when she happened to look up and there stood Brad blocking the sunshine from her eyes. All at once Lizzy looked up and said, "oh Brad, what a surprise what brings you to this neck of the woods?" Brad looks down at Lizzy still crouched down grabbing her newspaper and he replies, " oh you know I was bored and decided to take a little walk." The he goes on to say, " I do not live far from you at all." Lizzy stood up and said, " well then maybe I'll see more of you then." and Brad replies, " maybe so " and they both turn and walk away. Well then later maybe just a couple of hours went by and Lizzy was out watering her flowers when she happens to notice just 3 houses down from her there sat Brad on his porch. Lizzy confused and dumbfounded standing there with her mouth wide open thinks to herself, " you mean all this time I've been seeing him in the area and saying hello and he just lives 3 houses down?" She could not help but to chuckle a bit because that would only make sense because in her mind what guy was going to go out his way to make sure he pops up in some girl's neighborhood for no reason without living somewhere near that area? Well the minutes turned into hours, the days into weeks and it seemed as though Lizzy and Brad had really took a shining to each other as now they were talking increasingly, he would stop by from time to time to have a glass of Lizzy's famous sweet iced tea, and Lizzy would often stroll by Brad's place to drop off some freshly baked cookies or some leftovers from the dinner she cooked that night and before they knew it Brad was asking Lizzy out on their first date. Naturally, Lizzy accepted his invitation. Surprisingly, the evening of their date as Lizzy was getting all gussied up and ready to go one would think that Lizzy would be a downright ball of nerves. After all this was their very first date but to her dismay, she was shockingly calm, cool, and collected, it almost felt natural with all the time they had been spending together already. It was finally time to go, and Brad was on time in fact he was right on the dot. Impressive she thought to herself as she was walking towards the door to let him in. She opened the door and there stood Brad all decked out and looking snappy, she took one look at him and said " well my! You clean up awful nice." Brad looks at her and says, " Likewise you do not look too bad yourself." They gave each other a smile and headed out for their evening of fun. First stop they made was to the towns finest Italian restaurant which Lizzy had hear had the best made from scratch authentic Italian cuisine in town, then it was off to a show in the park. When the show was over and they both headed home Lizzy could not help but to think what a wonderful evening this was, and Brad was so sweet and charming she wanted to see him again. And so, she did. The weeks turned into months and right before their very eyes before either one knew it; they were in a full-blown relationship. This was not the first go round for either one of them and neither one was getting any younger, he was tired of the single life and was ready to settle down and she was too, so they decided to take their relationship to the next level and Brad ended up selling his house and moving in with Lizzy. So far so good things were really going great. Then about 6 months into their new arrangement Lizzy and Brad were sitting at the breakfast table eating their usual breakfast and sipping on their coffee taking turns reading the comics section of the newspaper when out of nowhere Brad gets down on one knee in front of Lizzy and taps lightly at the paper she was reading. Lizzy drops the paper and sees Brad in front of her on one knee holding a small blue velvet box in his hand, Brad starts off by saying to Lizzy " Lizzy you are the light at the end of my tunnel. When I met you, I never could have thought that we would ever be here together as we are right now. You came into my life and saved me from myself. You have really brightened up my world. You have been a true blessing in my life, and I could not thank you enough. Would you make me the happiest man alive and be the light at the end of my tunnel for the rest of my life? Lizzy will you marry me?" And just then a tear went rolling down Brad's face as he sat there on one knee and nervously waited for Lizzy's answer, when without a thought Lizzy smiled and began to cry and softly, she said yes! Then all the sudden they both just took a deep breath crying and laughing at the same time they wrapped their arms around each other and just embraced each other. Suddenly Lizzy jumps up and says " oh my gosh! I Gotta call my mother! She is going to be so delighted when she hears the news! Brad jumps up and says yes mine too! So, they both grab their cell phones and begin to call everyone they knew and could think of to spread their exciting news! Brad and Lizzy are getting married. There was so much to do, so much that needed to be done before their big day. Lizzy needed a dress and Brad a tuxedo, then there was the choosing of the Chapple and minister, then there was the cake, the food, the caterers, the music band, the song for their first dance as spouses, the invitations, the seating arrangements at the reception, the total number of guests. the center pieces for all the tables, the tablecloths and dinnerware and cups or glasses, the guest book for all who attended to sign, who was going to be the flower carrier, the ring bearer, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the colors and theme of the wedding, and the type of flowers. Out of all the hustle and bustle of all the preparations just when they thought they had it all planned down to the very last detail Lizzy finally realized they had forgot something, the most important detail of all. They forgot to set a date. When would it be? Brad thought Valentine's day, the most romantic day of the year, Lizzy thought that to be too original, everybody wants to get married on Valentine's day. It was not long before they both produced a day that pleased them both. They decided to get married on the same day that they very first bumped into each other on the street that led them to this moment only 3 years later. As time drew nearer and nearer and tension began to rise Lizzy began to see a change in Brad. But it was not the change she wanted to see. Brad started being distant towards Lizzy, he started to withdrawal and isolate more, he became less involved in the final stages of preparing for the one day that was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives, he became less and less emotionally involved in fact it was as though he was not involved at all anymore. Leaving Lizzy to wonder if this was what he still wanted to do. Well now here it is their big day is finally here and all the worries and suspicions that had been spiraling through Lizzy's head she tried desperately to bury away and not think about as she was at the church in her designated dressing room with her mom buzzing like a bee all around her helping Lizzy with her last final changes like her hair and makeup and getting Lizzy into her dress. When finally, there was a knock at her door, and it was the minister telling her that it was time. Everyone was all there and had been seated and it was time to get married. But there was this sinking feeling in the pit of Lizzy's tummy that kept telling her that something just was not right, that something was about to go horribly wrong. And as her mother ushers her into the Chapple and the bridesmaids are carrying her train of her dress, the doors to the Chapple come swinging open and just then Lizzy looks up only to see that she was the only one standing at the altar. Brad was missing. No one has seemed to know where he was if he had even come to the church and no one had even seen him yet come to think of it. Lizzy just thought to herself " this could not possibly be happening. There is just no way that Brad had just abandoned Lizzy and left her standing there at the altar alone! Lizzy was in total shock as she stood there crying trying so hard not to ruin her makeup looking around just hoping he would come running through those doors any minute now. She tried hard as she could to stay calm, but people were starting to talk, and you could hear the whispers from everybody in the audience. Finally, Lizzy could not hold back any longer, she grabbed up the sides of her dress and with a fountain of tears running down her face she took off running out of the Chapple and back into her dressing area with her mother following closely behind her. It was obvious that there was not going to be a wedding that day so the minister excused all the guests and told them they could go back home now. Lizzy was finally able to move on and get passed this tragic moment in her life and she was able to put it all behind her and get back to normal, but it was not easy for her in fact it took quite a while and many months of seeing a therapist to get passed it all, but she did. To this day no one knows what happened that day or what went wrong or more importantly what happened to Brad and they never will but for Lizzy she has since moved on and found her the perfect man, has been married for 4 years now, has 3 stunningly beautiful daughters and yes you guessed it they are identical triplets, she has the career she has always dreamed of and life could not have turned out any better. It really is true when one door closes another one opens. It is truly one of life's miracles.


About the author

Amy McGuffey

I have a healthy imagination, a eventful reality, and a very creative mind, I'm here to put it to good use and share my stories with the world, I hope you enjoy my content. Some is real and some is not either way enjoy.

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